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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, Picked this up as part of a barn find a few months back and the old owner threw it in for free, I have started by stripping and cleaning, unfortunately it was full of rodent waste, not a great time of it tbh. It was rather rough but all seems to have cleaned up okay, search for parts is tough, any tips or advice welcome. P.S - Sorry for the crap images
  2. Hi guys - it's been a while since I posted a build thread, and this isn't much of one, but I added a showroom entry showing some of the little oddities about the early/Mk1 Hornet kits. As most of you know even the vintage kits were produced over a number of years, with revisions to parts and instructions along the way. One of the most famous is that of the Mk1 Hotshot with the 3-hole (weak) bumper. Well the differences with the Mk1 Hornet are subtler but they are definitely noticeable when it comes time to do the MSC bits. Have a look! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134409&id=39840
  3. SOLD tg10 mk1 tamiya nsx raybrig nitro. comes with box and radio controller. it ran twice, and you can see the condition under the chassis. i will ship worldwide at buyers expense. i could trade with a vintage tamiya hornet (58045) but NIB, and i will throw the extra cash if someone has one and is interested 155 euro excluding shipping (from Cyprus - Europe)
  4. For a while it has been nagging at me every time I walk into the garage and see my shelves of vintage shelfers the fact that two of them aren't completely vintage originals. Specifically the Hornet and Frog. The Frog is all original, but has a re-re body + decals. But the Hornet I built before I developed my collection enough to really divide between runners and shelfers and it's mostly re-re including the body - it even has a 2.4ghz Rx and an ESC fitted. Which means it's basically a runner, and that's where it lives now. I'll build a re-re Frog to use the current "shelfer" Frog shell and locate an original Frog body set at some point when I find the right deal to jump on. Well, on the Hornet front the "right deal to jump on" popped up a couple weeks ago on eBay as a partially built vintage original Hornet kit, which had only been barely started being built and was complete - in other words perfect for a vintage build, without having to sacrifice an intact NIB kit or pay the premium for one. What I didn't realize at the time is that this particular Hornet kit was an Mk1! I didn't really even think about it until reading through Hibernaculum's excellent resource on telling the differences between the different vintage makes and the differences with the re-re. But I was curious so I had a look and lo and behold I got my hands on a complete Mk1 Hornet kit that I intended to build anyway for $100 + 14.50 postage. And... as a bonus it came with a brand new in box hump battery, which alone was worth the majority of the price paid for the lot and didn't need so I sold it and was snatched up quickly for a good price ($55) by our own Yonez, PLUS the Hornet came with a 1980 Tamiya Guide Book! In other words, the Mk1 Hornet kit was essentially free. Not a bad deal! My guess is that when whoever was building it many years ago got to the part with the bare wires on the motor they closed it up and that was it. Here is a pic from the listing... and below it are my pics of the kit, battery and guidebook. Here are my pics noting the Mk1 tells, as described by Hibernaculum's website: It's interesting that the body shell and wing have nothing at all embossed in the plastic. The lexan also feels especially thick/strong to me... Here's the bonus NIB hump pack battery: and last but not least the 1980 Tamiya Guidebook!
  5. As per title. I'm searching for the front bumper of the early Hot Shot. This bumper was thin and soft with 3 holes in the middle. Searching a new spare part for my shelf queen. Many thanks Max
  6. Hi everyone! I'm very new to this site so just introducing myself really. I've always been a MASSIVE fan of Tamiya. I used to dream about getting one in the 80's but as we were poor as s**t, it only finally happened with a Monster beetle for xmas in '89. After that I got a Avante 2001, and a Manta Ray. Some years ago though my wife got me a mini cooper racing M03 chassis as my other love/obsession is classic mini's. With that in mind you can imagine my Homer type drool over the Mini Cooper Nitro Tg-10. Well I've wanted one for so many years now but the cost and availability is, well not fair! Now I was recently looking at one in Australia Ebay. It was brand new and never used with no box. New unpainted shell etc. Couldn't afford that. So ended up buying this!!! I paid £88 for it. It has a nosram .15 engine in that apparently hasn't been run in yet but I'm taking all that with a pinch of salt. Anyway, more pics: And my M03: So, I'm gonna start by getting the radio gear going. I've a Futaba Receiver (which is all it needs) so if thats a success then I'll try and get the engine going and work up from there. I suppose I would have loved the brand new cooper but I actually want to use it and that would have just ended up a shell queen me thinks. Maybe one day I'll hve both!!! Wish me luck! I'll be needing all your helps! Adam
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