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Found 9 results

  1. Hello - not so long time first time vintage and Re-re fan... Does anyone know if the NIP windshield for the Re-re Bruiser kit is a match/the same as for the Re-re Moutain Rider kit? I acquired a Bruiser kit, but am selling a Mountain Rider kit NIB and just noticed a crack in the packaged windshield tree, and was wondering if they are interchangeable from a collector perspective? I don't want to false advertise and can't find a NIP replacement Mountain Rider windshield tree at all... Thanks for anyone looking/reading and interested in responding!
  2. Hi everyone, I’m expecting delivery of my MR anytime soon and wondered if there’s any mods I should look at whilst in build. Also wondering what would be the best speed controller for it. I’d normally use the std Tamiya one that comes in the kit but this one doesn’t have one. Many thanks in advance.
  3. there are two display stands for tamiya bruiser: deluxe version https://www.ebay.com/itm/Deluxe-stand-for-TAMIYA-Bruiser-and-Mountaineer-with-Box-Art-TOYOTA-4x4-PICKUP/140326080044 econ version https://www.ebay.com/itm/202665361729 i bought both it is to point out that the econ version doesn’t fit rere bruiser well. the two ends of its rear portion are too far apart. let’s compare it with the deluxe version let’s closely examine this end with the other end keeping inline the two ends of rear portion of econ version are too far apart so the rear portion cannot hold the truck well. it is very easy for the rear end of the truck to slip aside and fall. the deluxe version holds the truck firmly.
  4. - not yet finished; - this truck is not intended to run, just for display; - the tamiya 3ch transmitter doesn't suit well because the 3rd channel travels too much; - the planetary gear thing is very difficult to install. the screws are small. the holes are tight.
  5. Hi, looking for a Bruiser / Mountain Rider rolling chassis (with wheels/tires). No electronics/motor needed! It can be used condition, but must be complete and in working order. Must be located somewhere in EUR (I'm in Germany) due to shipping costs. thanks
  6. hi i am new to this forum and i bought a re re Tamiya bruiser recently. the build is fun and i would like to share some pics and thoughts. let's start grease, grease, grease, .. the most difficult part of the build. you need to align not only the positions but also the orientations properly.. the main shape emerged.. shocks.. the gearbox is not so difficult to assemble as i imagined before.. slipper clutch.. insert a paper to adjust motor position. old school method.. the mechanical parts finished.. i didn't cut the shift servo saver as i run 1st and 2nd gear only.. i am not good at painting so i leave it unpainted.. go outside to have a ride.. thanks for watching..
  7. Hi, I guess I am not so rational but here it is : .
  8. Was fortunate enough to get the "ok" to pick up a Mountain Rider for my birthday. In an attempt to minimize costs (and keep the peace on the homefront), I'd like to use one of the Tamiya ESCs I have laying around, rather than pick up a new unit. I have a TEU-104BK, which the manual specifically states cannot be used. Can someone help explain why this won't work? I also have a TLBE-02S -- any chance this will work? The truck will be a light runner, so springing for a Tekin FXR (seems to be a popular recommendation) is likely overkill. I'm a bit new to this ESC business, as I hopped from MSCs to Nitro, and then dropped out of the hobby for a bit. Thanks!
  9. My Hilux is done. It's mostly stock, except for the 12mm Hex Conversion from RC4WD, the wheels and tyres, stickers, which I made myself, and the front bumper, for which I used a high lift jack on the stock bumper mounts, which are dyed black. Also added lights and a TLU-01 and TLU-02. Took the TLU-02 back out because the indicators started annoying me really badly. I can't seem to copy/paste into this editor, so rather than re-type a wall of text and images, you can read more about the build at https://www.wittenburg.co.uk/entry.aspx?id=51d49de6-e0f3-4054-acf6-325f668040b5 The thing I'm hoping to still do to it are a custom back bumper - something inoffensive but cool, and to either widen the front track, or narrow the rear. While I haven't found much useful information online, it seems widening the front is more realistic, because the rear is constrained by the chassis width. Has anyone done this to a 2012 Bruiser or the 2014 Mountain Rider?
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