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Found 10 results

  1. The Porsche Museum is restoring one of the 1986 Paris Dakar 959s. The restoration is being documented filmed for the Porsche Youtube channel. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=*******RwcRWf6w&list=PLKduzfEGbn-GhAogpxhCFzsLpCzjt7Sun&ab_channel=Porsche
  2. Hello, Looking for the Porsche 959 - "C" Parts I've spent the last 2 years purchasing all the various parts to build the car I once had as a teenager. The last parts I need to complete the model are the C Parts - Item # 9005215. If anyone has one for sale I would be interested in talking with you. My contact information is: Larry Karr LKarr@karrgraphics.com
  3. HI. My names Roy, 65 years old i'm into full size motorcycles as my hobby builds.. I know we are all guardians in many ways for our mechanical gold dust. Well, i thought i'd dust off my rc car that i had new years ago, and give it a thrashing again as it tries to attack my ankles in the car park.. Turns out that it may be a collectable and deserves a lot of love..Here are a couple of pics of her. I'm sure she is standard apart from the tyres as i don't remember ever having her apart and changing other bits..I do have the body although its a tad naff. I've dusted her off, but she does need a good clean..enjoy.
  4. Not for me but from what I heave read the 959 seems to be a holy grail for some, so just thought this may appeal to some. https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/tamiya-avante-2001-and-tamiya-porsche-959-for-sale/1281831626
  5. Hi guys looking for the 2 rear piston rods in the shocks for a Porsche 959 if anybody has any they want to sell please let me know. cheers
  6. hi guys im looking for some good useable tyres for my 959 not botherd if there slicks or rally tyres if you have anything please let me know. cheers
  7. This was originally bought as a kit from Beattie's toy and model shop around 1992. I'm after about £120 + p&p. It's missing the following things: 2 x servos 1 receiver 1 x rear right spring I don't have the box or the manual any more. Body-wise it's missing the following (I know I have them somewhere but I spent two nights looking for them and now I've given up): The vac-formed cockpit moulding plus drivers' heads The headlight assembly (silver surrounds and lightbulbs) Left-hand wing mirror The broken part is the wishbone coming off the top of the suspension column, on the rear right side. I do, however, have the upright bit coming off the top of the turret (the silver rod and collar bit you see in one of the pix). As you can see it's a bit dirty, and I reckon the oil in the dampers dried up long ago. Always thought they were an odd design... It had relatively little use, despite its condition. I ran it perhaps 6 or 7 times and I pinched the servos for another kit, after which it stayed in a box. Oh yeah, and there's a small packet of suspension bits left over from when I replaced a broken wishbone. If anyone wants to see a different picture let me know what and I'll take the shot and post it here.
  8. I'm a big fan of the Tamiya Porsche 959 but I love it even more when it's smaller than Tamiya one, so let's shrink the sucker :-) Starting with a Xray m18, make it shorter with new carbon chassis plate (wheelbase 140mm).Adding ***** 959 body and nicely printed decals.
  9. Hi all, I recently purchased some bearings from Ebay to ball race a restoration I'm doing, and I would like to share the negative experience, to help protect others. The ebay listing stated ... Seller = pflhobbyboy - Fit To TAMIYA PORSCHE 959 CELICA Gr.B RC Car - 2x6x3mm x6pc - 5x8x2.5mm x16pc The 16 large ones fit fine but the gear box won't go back together properly with the small ones in. I managed to strip another chassis I recently purchased and found that these small ones are actually 2.5mm thick/wide, not 3mm. - 2x6x2.5mm x6pc = correct I contacted the seller but in very poor English they say the fault is mine. I tried to ask them to remove the false statement about fitting 2x Tamiya cars but they are not interested. I search other sellers and 2 are selling bearing kits with the wrong size, 3mm, and 2 are selling the kits with the right size, 2.5mm. I can't open an ebay case because its over 45 days old, 35 of those in shipping. Be careful fellow TC members !
  10. I know the best way to gauge a predicable selling price is usually to look at completed or near completed ebay auctions. But sometimes there arent any completed/current listings to accurately assess value so I'm gonna ask this question to you. And please dont tell me its worth, "whatever someone will pay". This inquiry is only meant to draw on our collective expertise in the area. so lets hear your "estimates" Porsche 959 new built chassis orig rally tires, look new orig body, never cut, painted, all accessories including drivers Rothman's decals unused Technigold motor original kit box, not sure if it has original instructions never or gently run what do you think is a fair selling price for this? Thanks - George
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