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Found 8 results

  1. Morning guys and girls. As many are aware Tamiya never made a buggy based on the TB-01 Chassis, they did how ever make a truggy based on it (but i wasnt aware of that before i decided to undertake this project). Plan. Take my TB01, add some wide arms, taller shock tower on the rear, throw on some suspension and see what happens. Whilst trying to use only Tamiya parts. The actual outcome. 1st job. Find a set of suspension arms that will fit. After some advice from XVPilot on arm widths, i decided the cheapest option was to go for TL-01B arms. But rather than buy just the arms. I bought a complete doner vehicle and stripped it for all the bits. Pics will follow and ill update throughout the day.
  2. Higrades


    Optima Mid survived 30+ years. What are my options?
  3. My dream is a Super Levant for bashing around. But today it's a rare and less affordable rc. So I want made a custom version with original parts only. I have already a TT02T, but I want something more capable. The original Levant is more affordable, but it lack a slipper clutch (essential item for a pleasant off road). I have considered the DF03, but I'm not a big fan of this chassis. 2wd is not enough appealing... Suggestions? So it seems that the only way is to buy the levant and transfer all the stuff in the SL chassis and rebuild from scratch the slipper clutch. For motorizing I want try to swap motor and esc fron the Levant with my tblm10,5T (with proper gearing) Tips?
  4. I picked up this Bear Hawk chassis today. Looks like it has had a hard life but under all that dirt and grime it's not too bad. It will get a full strip, thorough clean and a fine tooth comb inspection. If parts are ok and not cracked or threads not striped then they will stay, but it does have a broken nose so those parts will be replaced and the usual strengthening braces will be added. A new body set and wheels & tyres are already on the way with a new set of shocks at the top of the list of things to get. Not sure what the body and wing is from and I don't care either as they are not staying. It's not a restoration project, as it's not getting rebuilt to box stock, it's a rebuild project I looking forward to sinking my teeth into.
  5. Hi All, 1st off ... Thanks for the help with sorting the steering servo problem out for me (see other thread). Secondly, Here are a couple of photo's of my New (Secondhand) Toy, the midnight Pumpkin. I was in the middle of sorting out the steering servo when these photo's were taken, so thats why the front wheels are pointing inwards. I'm going to be changing the shocks over soon and getting some body mounts ... I only have the 2 rear ones on it at the moment because I got it with them missing, along with 1 front spring and bottom mount for the corresponding front shock. I have used a spring and mount from a Tamyia Street Fighter (I think that's what it's called) Nitro RC Car, just to get it up and running. I'm going to be painting it soon ... any suggestions on colour schemes? I've got my 'air brush' out and now I've just need to decide on what colour/s to use. Also I'm hoping to fit some LED lights into it soon as well ... Maybe even some 'Neon' type lights underneath as well. If all goes well with this build, I'm looking into getting some shells and building my own chassis for them. I would love to get a 'Ford 150 Ranger' shell ... I had the original one in the 1980's and my Dad gave it away when I moved out and I've wanted one ever since ... the chassis on that was knackered, so I made my own up and it worked great ... I just wish I had taken some photo's of it. Cheers, Aaron.
  6. For some of you this sight might be familiar already from oOple, but being a Tamiya based project, I really yhink I should post this here as well I present to you, the TRF201 FF: oOple Development/Build Thread Specs/Features List: - TRF201 Gearbox (with Ball Differential and Slipper Clutch). - DB01 Front Uprights+Caster Blocks. - TRF HL Aeration Dampers. - Double Wishbone Front Suspension with Inboard Dampers. - Trailing Arm Rear Suspension (2 Degrees Toe-In, -2 Degrees Camber each side). - Developed for use with a Low Profile Steering Servo and 'Shorty' (=95mm long) LiPo Stick Pack. - Compatible with modern Pin-Type Rear Wheels on the whole car. - BRCA, EFRA and BNK Legal to run in 2WD Dlass. - Approx. 284mm Wheelbase, 250mm Width. Existing/Production parts in the design: - TRF201 Gearbox. - TRF HL (TRF201) Aeration Dampers. - TRF201 Steering Arms+Servo Saver. - DB01+TRF201 Suspension Blocks on the front suspension. - DB01/DF03 Hybrid Universal Shafts (DF03 70mm dogbone, DB01 rear axle). - TRF201 45mm Titanium Turnbuckles (for camber links). - TRF Adjusters on the whole car. - DB01/TRF Rear Wheel Axles (for the rear wheels). - 4x Pin-Type Rear Wheels.
  7. G'day all, My Super Hornet Project is nearing completion, in which I have repaired the three damaged bodies (Millaput is the best) and also obtained decals for the Super Hornet and also Hornet as a runner body. Super Hornet Decals are rare as hens teeth, therefore their was no way they were going to be put on a runner. Below is a photo of my runner body and car ready to run. It has been good fun bringing an old classic back to life. My showroom has the project photos. Enjoy. Iplan (Jeffro).
  8. Hi Guys, here i´m back ....i´ve posted my project a few month ago on my Tamiyaclub-Showroom ... till i got the following Mail .... Unfortunately, your recent entry to Tamiyaclub.com has been removed by a moderator who, after careful consideration has decided it was in breach of the club rules. Your subscription fee allows you to use this area of the site but with the restriction all entries must comply to the rules you agreed to when signing up for the club. In this instance your entry... - Realistic Cockpit - Display Chassis - Part III - Please use the forums for updates to these CAD drawings, not the showrooms Thanks Sorry for that ... i really wouldn´t anger anyone neither brake any rules....i just wanted to share my interresting project with other TC-Members. But after a time of beiing offended i´m back here to keep you all guys up to date......and now on the FORUM. Waiting for your appreciated comments. Many thanks to all. RCFUZZY BMW M3 - Realistic Cockpit - Display Chassis - Part I This is my Prototype of a Realistic Cockpit for my BMW M3 Schnitzer. It was always a wish to build this, if i had time space It will be for my Display-Chassis (Shelf-Queen). to be continued .......but only if you are interrested
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