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Found 5 results

  1. The Lunchbox and Midnight Pumpkin are both much loved Tamiya RCs, sharing the same chassis they are pretty iconic cars with a ton of nice mods available for them. There is a lot of great information about these mods all over the web but nowhere (that I've come across) is there one neat and tidy resource for people to refer to. Well after chatting with TC Forum user 'skip665' we've decided to develop one great thread on TamiyaClub that has all of this information in it. I intend to keep all the information at the top of the thread, updating it as people post info along the way. The aim is to list, detail and generally point people in the right direction of all the great 'easy to do' mods on these cars. I'm going to try and steer clear of advanced stuff (put your CNC machines away guys) as I want these to be accessible to the average hobbyist. First of all, let me thank the following companies who have agreed for me to use their images and link to their products (i'll keep adding to the list as I hear back from more companies). I'll also refrain from posting images of products where I don't have direct permission from the owners of said images. In these cases I'll substitute with 'real life' images of TC members cars who have given me permission to use their images. Miniature Manufacturing - Producer of Alloy Upgrades (make sure you email them when placing an order as they're having issues with their site at present) Team CRP - The only place to buy the legendary FX10 Front arm Kits RCbearings.co.uk - Supplier of pretty much any RC Bearing you could want JunFac.com - More Alloy goodness! Index 1. Body 2. Chassis/Drivetrain 3. Front Suspension 4. Rear Suspension 5. Motor 6. Steering 1. Body Lunchbox Alloy Body Mounts Available here: Lunchbox Alloy Body Mounts Pumpkin Alloy Body Mounts Available here: Pumpkin Alloy Body Mounts 2. Chassis/Drivetrain Full bearing kit Available here: Full Bearing Kit Alloy Rear Wheel Hub Mounts (Pair) Available here: Alloy Rear Wheel Hub Mounts (Pair) 2.2" Foam Tyre Inserts Available here: Foam Tyre Inserts 3. Front Suspension Alloy front suspension mounts (for standard shocks) Available Here: Alloy front suspension mounts (for standard shocks) Oil Filled Shock Absorbers Most popular ones are Ansmann 75mm or 85mm (or a combination of the two) but most oil shocks will be fine 'AWAITING IMAGE' Available here: Oil Filled Shock Absorbers CRP FX-10 Front Suspension Arms Available here: CRP FX-10 Front Suspension Arms Also recommended is the Hardware Kit Available here: Hardware Kit 4. Rear Suspension Alloy Rear Suspension Mounts (for standard shocks) Available here: Alloy Rear Suspension Mounts (for standard shocks) 3rd or 5th Shock mod (Depending on what you prefer to call it) Best thing I can do here is link to these YouTube videos http://youtu.be/m2qK6gGu2Kc http://youtu.be/OOpkNXROwyw Junfac Adjustable Alloy Rear Shock Mounts Available here: Junfac Adjustable Alloy Rear Shock Mounts 5. Motor Lunchbox Alloy Motor Heatsink Available here: Lunchbox Alloy Motor Heatsink Midnight Pumpkin Alloy Motor Heatsink Available here: Midnight Pumpkin Alloy Motor Heatsink 6. Steering Junfac Alloy Steering Knuckles Available here: Junfac Alloy Steering Knuckles Centred Steering Servo 'AWAITING IMAGE' 'AWAITING INSTRUCTIONS'
  2. This is the begining of something I've been planning for a while. The idea is to start with one kit, A rally Beetle, and see how many different cars I can produce from the one chassis. Wheels and tyres can be changed as well as mounting posts but other than that not a lot. OOps forgot yes different body spacers.L/M/S none. I have the beetle along with a WW body set and a Pumpkin set to start with.The beetle is going to use a set of "Herbie" stickers I bought a while ago, so a nice easy white paint job!!! The only problems I have is the wheels and the colour? The kit wheels are not right at all. Herbie had banded standard vw wheels. Sometimes with hub caps sometimes without.The tamiya VW wheels would be good but too narrow., and banding them too much aggro. Any suggestions. The colour is another issue. In some pictures he looks very off white? (Apparently its called VW pearlweiss) He also has a sun roof!!!!!
  3. Well I looked these out of the shed and after a quick looks decided the easiest to get running properly again was the Pumpkin. Tires had perished and after watching EBay saw a used set including rims - picked up for £16 posted. When they arrived the rims in great condition and 3 of the 4 tires really good the last tire the tire is not seating perfectly on rim.....have to see if it stays on or not. Had a look and the Neo Scorcher that got me the Tamiya pug again had a box that its brushless motor & speed controller had come in, inside was a Torque tuned Tamiya motor and what I assume was the ESP from the Neo Scorcher...... So as a new tool box arrived I spend the afternoon gutting lots of old storage boxes with a few bits in each and tidying into the new parts boxs, here are a few pics of my afternoons work. I did NO cleaning, I am about bashing and having fun, get it to run and then I MAY....tidy it up a bit. Anyways got the motor and ESP tested then when ahead and stripped out the old MECH Speed controller, servo, resistor and on/off switch. fitted new ones and then it was outside for a test run. Body mounts are all broken, rears are ok but fronts need a bit of fine tuning to get to work. I have also noted the Thundershot is in need of a few bits..... Tires for Either original rims OR for Boomerang rims New tub chassie As you can see I have modded it by making my own front suspension towers but the front gearbox mount on left (right as you look at photo) is missing from the tub....bummer. On a brighter point all the mechanical s seem smooth. Gearbox's are all sweet as well, body needs some work but reckon its repairable. Boomerang is half way home as its with my mates mum to give to my mum.....I have bough loads of parts of Ebay in the expectation it will need them. Amongst the parts I have bought are some Bigwig parts as well including 2 tub chassis one new and one used but in good condition. SO if anyone out there needs a BigWig chassis let me know.
  4. Selling this off as it was sitting on shelf collecting dust. Good condition, small scratches where body pins sit, missing spotlights. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222597165697?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. For Sale Both new and unused 1x white lunchbox / pumpkin bumper £8 inc uk shipping 1x black lunchbox / pumpkin bumper £6 inc uk shipping Or both £12 Paypal gift please
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