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Found 4 results

  1. Good morning ladies and chaps, after several years in offline, I am connected again and I will load the jobs I have done on some latest kits into this Forum. Let get started with my JDM Willys Wheeler. I did not do a perfect paint job, so don't look too closely. Actually some paint blurr kind of resembles rust bladders of the meanwhile aged car. This is what i did: Chassis: 4WD Tub chassis (non Tamiya) shortened to fit Custom offset 2,2 inch alloy rims (40mm rear, 26mm front) 12mm offset spacers to achieve "stance" look Kyosho Super Ten Slicks Alloy hopup dampers Electrics: Flysky Noble NB4 + Radio system Brushless motor (Castle creations) Brushless ESC (Hobbywing) Quick brushless servo 5300mAh 2S shorty lipo pack ESSone sound module with engine sound and turbo blowoff whistle Light kit including reverse and license plate light lights Power connection chassis - body with magnetic quick connector Interior: Tamiya Rally interior with original Willis head Driver head rotating in synch with front tires Shotgun rider head from an action figure Self made roll bar (quick one, too low, will be replaced) Body: Body fender lips widened to host tires Custom rear diffusor to hide battery Rear spoiler from Tamiya RX7 bodykit Air brushed with Createx Aluminium fine base, Createx Candy O² Poison Green, 2k Automotive clear Stickers from another kit Hidden body mounts Hope you like it!
  2. Hello people of Tamiyaclub! A while ago I began to gather parts for a Tamiya Hilux and made an account on here to get help and share the build. Unfortunately, there seemed to to be some kind of server bug at the time, and I was unable to log in to my forum account. It probably resolved itself ages ago, but I ended up forgetting about it. Anyway, I am now here and I thought I should share my build. This is how the car looked after the first 3-or-so batches of parts, the first time it was assembled: Chassis: This is how it looks now: I have had it running, but solely to test the mechanicals. I had to replace the counter gear with the only one available; a brass one. It has no chamfer on the end like the stocker so it does struggle to shift into third while moving, something I need to fix so it doesn't damage the tubular rack that slides over the counter gear. Here's some of the body parts after a little sanding before I repaint them (going with box art red, so don't need to strip it all off. Or do I?) As you can see, I did end up buying a new cab with a grille as I couldn't find a grille anywhere. Naturally, as soon as I did so a grille became available . But hey, now I've got another cab. There's a few scuffs and scratches that need filling, and both cab and grille were damaged when I got them, one of the fender lugs and upper mounting post were broken on the grille, and the corresponding mounting post on the shell was also broken. A dab of superglue later and they were good as new: Should really have got some picture prior to gluing them, but the thought slipped my mind. A common problem that I need to rectify with the addition of a little styrene. One of the rings around the holes on the back of the cab back has broken off, and needs replacing too. Monsieur Tamiya has a light limb related ailment. Nothing a little plastic cement can't fix. Reproduction decals I got on Fleabay. Quality isn't great, but they'll do once placed. I currently have a new radio box and lid on their way to me, which shall allow me to properly mount the body. The old one along with the blue cab will probably be sold off in a job lot of leftover parts once I'm done. I don't think you can see in any of the pictures, but the window glass I bought has a crack in it. Not sure if I should replace it or try and fix it with glue lots of scratch remover and plastic polish. A list of the parts I'm currently in need of: -Rear bumper -Front radio box mounting bracket (Why does no-one ever seem to sell these?) -Third servo saver horn post thing that goes through the radio box -Motor cover -Switch cover -Roof lights -Another headline bucket and lens, and another indicator lens and bucket. The grille I bought had one of each. -A new hub - one of mine is stripped out, meaning the front left wheel is always in freewheel mode. -Bed rails (Trying to haggle myself some on eBay right now) -Transistorized speed controller -Rear-view mirror -Period electronics. Might not manage this one, vintage 3 channel radios are hard to find nowadays. And now we have question time! With regards to painting, what should I do? just paint over the existing stuff after it's been sanded a little? Strip it all off or go from there? Use primer? I have almost zero experience of painting hard bodies. I do have an old Blackfoot shell to practice on though. Also, what paint should I use for box art? The manual says X-7 Red, but that's a brush paint and I'd much rather have the superior finish from one of the rattle cans. The closest I have found is TS-8 Italian Red, is that the same colour or do I need to use non-Tamiya paints to get the right colour? One more thing; what should I use for filling in the deeper scratches? Tamiya do various putties and fillers, but I'm not sure what I ought to use. This build is going to be a little slow, as being only 16 and in full time education with little room for a job, I have a very low income. All of which is getting spent on this, naturally. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hello, iv been lurking for a while and seeing others great resto jobs i thought id start to share mine. i owned an original brat many many years ago along with a couple of others but as i got older these got sold and I hadn't thought about RC cars since.... until christmas when my neice & nephews were playing with some cheap little things which sparked something inside me. i started looking at re re brats & blackfoot, then thought maybe i could put a brat body on a blackfoot chassis, after some googling i found out there used to be a creature called a mud blaster & knew that i had to find one. Original intention was buy it & let the kids use it..! short ebay trip later and a runner was delivered but in fairly poor condition so first job was find original instructions for it and completely strip it down, catalogue whats good/ bad or missing then clean the lot. As it turns out everything was present with just some minor replacements required, however by now iv re-discovered model shops & started reading forum posts so obviously a big shopping list had been drawn up & my wallet started emptying. Im now utterly addicted to restoring/ upgrading the car & there is 0 chance the kids are getting to use it. over next few posts ill document whats been done & how its looking. Iv also just bought 2 more old, fairly complete ORV chassis from feebay which ill be turning into a usable mudblaster & maybe a beetle. Graham
  4. Well here we are nearly a week in to my RC experience and thanks to the very kind members on this forum I've got a reasonable idea of where I'm heading. Now's the time to put theory into practice - and look! My very first Tamiya parts arrived today - £6 inc. post well spent, I'd have said: So what it the plan of attack, I hear nobody ask. Well basically, I'm hoping to run a rally car or two in the woods around where I live. There are two commons with mainly sandy earth where we walk the dog and a couple of fairly deep, dark woods with richer soil and narrow pathways closer to home that are also dog walking favourites. All of these routes are going to put a premium on off-road ability but from watching a lot of Youtube videos it looks like a touring car chassis with a decent rally setup would be able to deal with all but the most churned-up earth and exposed tree roots. This thread is starting with a restoration - a secondhand TL-01 that looked used but not overly abused on the Bay. It's clean but lacking radio and batteries while the body (1997 Impreza 22B, Colin McRae) looks like it is in need of some TLC. Exposure to sunlight means that the yellow has almost completely faded to white on the 555 logos, there are a few scuffs and rubs on it and there are a whole bunch of extra stickers that have been slapped on it over the years. Hopefully it can be made presentable again but, if not, it's not the end of the world. Among the other parcels headed this way are a brand new body set for the 1990 Toyota Celica GT-Four that was a bargain from China and a 1993 Toyota Celica GT-Four body from GooneyBird that's a manageable restoration job. The new wheels above are to go with the 1990 car, and there's a used set of five-spoke wheels heading in this direction to go with the 1993 car. I've also got some brand new rally block tyres coming from Dirt-540. First job will be to get the TL-01 running and to see how it fares in standard trim on rally blocks. After that it will be clear which upgrades are needed - I'm expecting it to be CVA oil dampers and ball bearings. If the TL-01 isn't up to the job then I'll put it on some smoother rubber or possibly drift tyres and use it as a car park cruiser before trying out the mods I've seen for the TT-01/02 or venturing into DF-03ra or XV-01 territory. I'm very much looking forward to having at least one rally car to report on building and testing this winter, and if all goes well perhaps might look at a retro buggy for our camping weekends on the coast next summer. To be continued when the rest of the parts arrive...
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