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Found 17 results

  1. Back in 2012, the world was a different place. For starters, I did not have a Tamiya Striker - until late in the year: Apparently, I had a hankering for something very different, and the Striker was unlike many things before or since. The "sharp wind-cheating Formula 1-style body" [- Tamiya promotional video] and the desire to "hit the trail and strike out the competition" [- also the Tamiya promotional video] led me to acquire one. It was put together during my time in post-secondary school, which meant minimal effort to get it going. The only chassis modification I made at the time was adding the Team CRP front chassis brace and bumper set for the Futaba FX-10. Stickers, different tires, and a painted helmet were all I needed to "enjoy" the Striker experience. I ran that car for two years, after which its run time became sporadic (I even half-heartedly listed it for sale in 2016), to be resurrected in 2021. For all that time, the car retained its controversial front swing-axle suspension. Accompanied by a heavily rear-biased weight distribution and pure friction dampers, the understeer was very tangible. Initially, I accepted it as part of driving a Tamiya Striker, but over time, the intrigue of a double-wishbone conversion at the front end lingered. The time finally arrived when I pushed the Striker a bit too hard and broke both front suspension arms: My wallet made the decision for me to finally abandon the stock front suspension setup: not only were front suspension arms scarce, but they were expensive! It was cheaper to attempt modifications than to shell out for NOS parts, and so the trials of customization and testing commenced. The first iteration used Grasshopper II parts: Citing similarities between the Striker and Grasshopper II, I came to learn that about the only front-end components those two models had in common were wheels and tires. I did manage to make it functional, if not entirely useful... And so begins the modification of a humble Tamiya Striker!
  2. 1x Sonic Fighter manual 5/10 quality 1x Futaba FX10 manual 6/10 quality PayPal gift please, please make an offer plus shipping. £10 each?
  3. Wanted to buy Sonic Fighter or Striker Body / Shell. And will post to the United States. Pic below for your reference but if you have one I know you know what these look like:
  4. Hi, I'm looking for an original Striker manual. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. While reading the inspiring threads by kontemax and jason1145 a slightly used Striker came up on ebay and I had to bag it. "In need of a little love" it said in the description. Loved the home made skid guard. And the inventive way of holding the tyres on the wheels! As almost all the black plastic was badly scratched I opted to replace most of it and was lucky to find some very cheap replacements I stripped and cleaned everything, all the while searching for futher spares. Then the fever gripped me and I ended up with another 1 1/2 Strikers in bits... ...and another one... Yes, that IS a brushless motor! Finally the amazing €23 Sonic fighter So far I'm just about finished with the first one... ... pics to follow!
  6. Dear Colleagues, i am quite new here and this is my first post. After 20 years out of RC cars a project with my small son brought me back to Tamiya 🤗. It is great to find this old vintage cars in the net and retrofit them. 💪🏻 Ok our latest project: The Striker This is the actual state now we start disassembling. Cu the next days :-) Jochen
  7. Hi, I'm after a chassis for a striker restoration if anyone can help? Thanks
  8. Hi Im looking for a new original speed control for a Striker, the one that was in the kit im building obviously isnt the original one as the wiring for resistor and motor is too short, and also it is brown instead of black. Dont really know what to look for either, since i dont know what the part number is as a sparepart. I got a NIB 5182 speed controller, but its not enough that it will fit, must be the exact same as the original, if anyone knows the part number on this sparepart it will help me a lot. Is there a list over all mechanical speed regulators Tamiya has made? And what kits they originally came in, not the first time im wondering about this. Cheers
  9. Selling Sonic Fighter F-parts i found in a Striker kit. 15 GBP, ask for shipping.
  10. Hard times are happening around here, so regretfully I am listing the following models for sale: - Tamiya Striker (58061) - Tamiya Lancia Rally (58040) [sorted] - Tamiya Buggy Champ 2009 (58441) - Tamiya Avante Black Special (84270) [sold] All four are in complete, used, working condition. The Striker is near-box-art (except for front cockpit screen and driver torso). It has been fitted with alloy rear wheel hubs, a modified Team CRP front chassis brace, and ball bearings all around (sealed types at the front wheels). The car shows signs of wear and use, with some tattered decals - it was definitely a runner, and will be cleaned before shipping. Many of the spares from my other TamiyaClub sale listing will be included in the sale of this car. Looking for $225 CAD, shipped worldwide. [Lancia Rally sorted] The Buggy Champ is finished in dark-green with box-art decals. It is fitted with the hop-up ball differential, an aluminium chassis, a homemade switch cover, and a set of Tamtech GB-01 aeration dampers all around. Of the four, this car is in the most-used state, and could benefit from a restoration. Looking for $200 CAD, shipped worldwide. [Avante Black Special sold] These cars are being sold with their electronics; upon request they can be removed at a discount. I am listening to offers and will negotiate via PM. These cars are located in Canada. I have PayPal; payment a gift preferred. Thank you for reading. Edit: Note that I will be absent from May 11th - 28th, so communications will be sparse during that time, and shipments delayed until the 29th.
  11. I have seen the future of my Striker, and it does not involve: - stock front suspension arms (parts F2, F3) - a stock front bumper - 2 rear wings (part C13) - 2 sets of plastic parts for the stock rear friction dampers (parts C4, C9, C16, C18) - accessories for the Team CRP shock upgrade (includes optional front springs and rear damper collars) - 2 sets of rear springs (one pair from Team CRP upgrade pack, one pair stock) - rear wing stays/rear shock mounts (parts A3, A4) - a rear bumper (part C6) - a pinion gear cover/inspection cap (part C12) - a pair of stock dogbone half-shafts (part E2) - a mechanical speed control mount (part B5) - a set of upper body mount posts (parts C2, C3, C5) Hence, I am listing them for sale, and listening to offers. They are in clean, used condition, with no structural deficiencies. A number of C-sprue parts are in new, never-used condition, including (but not limited to) the inspection cap (C12), rear bumper (C6), and one front bumper. These parts are based in Canada; as such, package/lot deals are welcome. PayPal is preferred. Pictures of the parts in question follow. Upon request, more detailed pictures can be made available on any and/or all parts, and questions can be answered. Remember that a number of these parts can be fitted to the closely-related Sonic Fighter! Thanks for reading! Edit: Note that I will be absent from May 11th - 28th, so communications will be sparse during that time, and shipments delayed until the 29th.
  12. Hi folks, recently I bought a new "Striker" sticker sheet so I decided that the moment is arrived. So I did take out the car from the storage boxes to complete the restoring work. With bad surprise I did see that the restoring work is not so good as I remembered and my quality standards are now increased up with the time. The car is very far to perfection. One of the problems is the dust that is now fixed to the paint and should need the polish to go away. The top shell white is more yellow to the lower chassis. Due the epoxy resin that covered all the top shell it has many damages. One of them is a sort of subsidence on the bonnet nose probably caused by some chemical reaction with ABS. The other problem is the driver cockpit that is very very rough because I didn't be able to clean well the surface, specially between the arms. Another aspect is the protrusion near the right arm that I never liked (it is needed to get clearance for the MSC). At the end there are a couple of rounded corners on the sides of the top shell. They are due the files and sandpaper I used to clean the body from the resin. The lower chassis was broken in the front end near the damper tower. This is frequent and I already repaired it but not so well. Now the chassis nose goes slightly up and both parts now don't fit perfectly. I will break it again and I will make a new better surgery. To finish the bad job I used gray rough primer that is not so advisable with white fine paint. This was my first attempt to restore an ABS body and the car was in really terrible condition, all covered with a sort of hard epoxy resin, hard like steel. Sometimes I don't understand what happen in the people's brains. Now all parts are new, added a "Sonic Fighter" higher front damper stay that allows four oil shocks all around. The wheels are my GH2 one and are mounted here just for the pictures. The car will have its own originals. I found this car in the rubbish and I want make it a shelf queen. To be honest I also have a spare decal sheet and spare NIP top and lower shells but this is a challenge for me. It will needs many time imho. Stay tuned. Max
  13. Hi guys - I've got a couple auctions ending the next couple of days for: a super-nice new-built Futaba FX10 w/ New Body, Box, Manual http://www.ebay.com/itm/331958110943 a super-rare NIB FX10 Body Set http://www.ebay.com/itm/331958122649
  14. Hi everyone, quick question... I have a brand new striker gear bag but its missing the differential spur gear (the part that the 3 small bevel gears go into) Apart from the sonic fighter and falcon, is there any models which share the exact same part? There are plenty of hornet, wild willy and lunchbox gear bags about, could I used just this part from these sets????? Thanks!
  15. These are Marui Hunter ... ahem... Falcon/Striker front tires for under $10 (obo) if anyone needs a pair. Only one left: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-MARUI-Pair-of-OFF-ROADER-Dune-Buggy-Front-Tires-Brand-New-Never-Used-/371400449157
  16. Selling these super cheap b/c I need a quick few $. Lowest prices you'll ever find for these! Bigwig ($30): http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIP-Vintage-Tamiya-Bigwig-Decals-9495069-X9926-58057-NEW-SEALED-MINT-CONDITION-/331719531589 Striker ($30): http://www.ebay.com/itm/331719534721 All gone!
  17. Hey fellas, I'm in dire need of new counter gears for my fox. I think there could be a few models that share the counter gear with the Gox, but are not listed as such because the differential is unique to the Fox. So I'm hoping that between all the members at TC we can compare a few counter gears and find a gear we can use. The counter gears which I've come across which look as if they could work are these: Wild One/FAV Striker Hot Shot/Super Shot/Boomerang I have. Boomerang which I'll be tearing down soon, so I will compare that gear. If some one could compare or at least measure the others that would be great. Thanks in advance!
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