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Found 17 results

  1. Like most I love the SRB and refuse to accept that it is challenged to handle well in turns or speeds. With the RChannel suspension, the handling is night and day better.. and softening the suspension helps a bunch with keeping it planted. I am able to do full speed turns with the solid axle on asphalt and it will not flip over!!! So next up was pushing for more speed. Couple of years ago, I managed to get a Novak 13.5 brushless in there, top speed was so so. A few weeks ago, I dropped in a viper 10.5. Well that pushed it to the limit, had to be gentle on throttle. Nonetheless I took the SRB to the beach along with my sons outlaw rampage. I managed 5 minutes of runs on the soft sand before it started to glitch.. sensor wires had picked up moisture, so game over for dad. So I thought, either I have to go back to a brushed motor or pick up a sealed sensorless brushless. My sons Rampage had a 13T team brood black can. It looks like a mabuchi but it’s black, has bearing and internal fan (crawler style). It has some kick. So I ordered one and dropped it in the SRB. It had decent speed but nowhere near the 13.5 brushless. So I got to thinking about gear ratios. What if I could switch to 48 p or 64 p and drop the gear ratio. Easy enough task as the SRB output shaft uses a cross pin, so just would need to fine the right bore spur holder. I had a spare XV01, so I checked that, hole was a small, would have to be drilled out. So I grabbed my phone and searched eBay for Sand Scorcher gear ratio. Low and behold there was a Thorpe spur gear older and asking price wasn’t obscene ($16).. So I picked that up. Well it arrived today so I started tinkering. I didn’t have enough 48p gear, so I switched to 64p. Pinion wise the biggest you can use is a 42t (64p) which clears the upper and lower screw holes for gear cover. Spur to match would have to be about an 84t, which I didn’t have. I did have an 88, so I used that one mated it with 36t. Mesh was perfect. FDR dropped from 6.5 for the (20/65) to 4.88! Placed gear cover back on and the gears cleared it perfectly. Took it out for a spin.. now we’re talking.. had very good speed. Drove it hard for a bit and temped the motor.. 140°F.. so not bad! Hmmm 🤔 what to do now
  2. Since this seems to come up every once in a while, I thought I would write this all down in one spot for the sake of posterity. SRB (Special Racing Buggy) wheels can be placed into (3) groups: 1. Rough Rider/Buggy Champ. 2. Super Champ/Fighting Buggy/Sand Scorcher. 3. Ford Ranger XLT/Brat. The RR/BC wheels are 1.7”, 5 spoke, and silver. The Fast Attack Vehicle uses the same but molded in brown. All of these sets use the square block style road/sand tires. The SC/FB/SS wheels are 1.5”, 5 spoke, and white. These are also used on the Grasshopper, Hornet, and Frog. All of these sets use the same ribbed sand tire on the front. On the rear, the SS and GH use sand paddles, and the SC/FB, Frog, and Hornet use the spiked off road tires. The XLT/Brat wheels are 1.7”, 8 spoke (thanks @mtbkym01), and white. The front wheel on these sets are the same width as the rear so all four wheels use the same square block tire as the rear of the RR/BC. There are some variations to these such as the Jun Watanabe Hornet (black wheels) and the Brat blue edition (black wheels). If anyone else would like to info or corrections, please do so! Also, this might be a good place to list 3rd party manufacturers that made wheels or tires for these cars or in this size range.
  3. So my SRB runner was built with a sport tuned motor. I burned the first motor years ago.. so when I replaced it, it went with the smaller spur pinion option. Today, my son was running it in the yard on grass.. after first pack I noticed it was warm.. a few minutes into second pack and car stopped. Motor was definitely hot and smelled crispy! Now a few years have passed between burnt motors but I recalled the old one stopped because one of the brushes had detached. So I looked in armature window and yep, same issue. So I’m now considering other motors options. I modded. Gear box years back to accept a standard brushed can and I’ve seen @Shodog 13t HW EZrun combo. im wondering if there are any other options?
  4. In the market for a Sand Scorcher, Super Champ, Buggy Champ or any of the SRB cars. Project is ok. Re-Re is ok.
  5. I would like to find a Sand Scorcher or Fighting Buggy. Re-Re is fine, or vintage project is fine also. Will consider other SRB chassis I would prefer trade with somebody looking for an original Wild Willy M38.
  6. Hi all, Ive decided I cannot put if off any longer, I need a SRB in my life... so, in your opinion which would make the better runner - re re Buggy Champ or Fighting Buggy? Both seem to have their pros and cons, having great difficulty in trying to make up my mind, I've watched countless videos! Looking to use on the beach and in the dunes and before any one say's....; no sadly I cannot afford to get both Cheers
  7. I am finally in a position to purchase a Fighting Buggy Re re 84389 / 47304. I thought I had sourced one but disappointingly have been let down by incorrect website stock status. I appreciate they are becoming more difficult to find now, but please let me know if you have a know of one for sale. Sensible prices only, box condition not important as will be built. I am located in UK, will consider Europe / Asia also. Many thanks!
  8. See listings for details: http://www.ebay.com/sch/waynethebrain/m.html FYI if anyone here wants / needs / could use the Clod MSC I'd accept $30 for it... just make the offer and let me know who u are in the note.
  9. Lots of unused CRP, Thorp and JG part for the Tamiya SRB-chassis (and some other models) for sale. Most parts are without the original packaging, but were never installed and are basically in "as new" condition. Some scuff marks and similar "shelf wear" possible due to high age. Will of course send pics on request so you know the exact condition of what you get! - Aluminum roll-cages - Aluminum rear cages - Aluminum roof and front rollbar for single seater buggy bodies (ie. Rough Rider). (Requires the use of aluminum roll-cage) - Aluminum nerf bars for stock SRB chassis. - Aluminum nerf bars for SRB's with butterfly chassis - Coilovers for original shocks - Coilovers for red 1/8 Kyosho shocks - Rebuild kits for original dampers - Front stabilizers for original SRB front suspension - Front stabilizers for widened SRB front suspension - Rear stabilizers for CRP roll Cage. - Rear damper brackets for mounting 1/8 dampers on CRP roll cage - Extensions for front damper tower - Butterfly chassises - Chassis lowering plates - Ball diffs - Gold anodized aluminum outer wheels for Holiday Buggy tires - Silver anodized aluminum outer wheels for Holiday Buggy tires - Steering kits - Servo mounts - Wide and hardened tubes for front suspension (Gold anodized, but possibly also some silver anodized) - Hardened tubes for stock front suspension (Gold anodized) - Hardened steel rear wheel shafts with aluminum hubs for mounting Holiday Buggy wheels - Kydex bumpers for wider front suspension - Alternative Ratio 48dp spur gears with hubs. - And more. Send me a PM if interested in any of the listed items or if you're searching for CRP, Thorp or JG parts not listed. (don't have much of anything else than parts for the SRB-chassis though!)
  10. I have most parts required to assemble roughly 120 SRB-chassises from original release used parts. (Typical fragile/quick wearing parts of course in (much) smaller quantities). From early to late production SRB's, including Super Champ. All defective parts have of course been discarded. Consider selling some parts as I have realized that life is too short to ever need them all. Send me a PM if interested in specific parts. Will send photos.
  11. Nice Vintage Super Champ New In Box looking for a new home! Check out the pictures and ask any questions. Everything is i great condition! Looking for $899.... if local you can pick up. I am in New Jersey. I will ship to USA for free, out of country we will have to figure out costs.
  12. As much as it annoys me when I read a post that starts with "Testing the water with this one, not sure if I want to sell it"... that's what I'm doing here. I'm listening to interest and good offers out there. I could do with raising cash to fund other purchases I want to make. This is the rarest SRB hop there is, in my opinion, and it has never been mounted to a chassis. Converts the SRB chassis into 4WD. Link to pics in my showroom http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=124947&sid=13490 Make me an offer Thanks
  13. Hi, I am trying to source a body post for my Sand Scorcher so I can use the Super Champ servo saver as detailed here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=58289 I found that a TC member made some a while back but he doesn't have any more. Anyone know of alternative source or even something else that fits?
  14. This is probably a HUGE shot in the dark, but I am looking to add some vintage buggies to my ever-growing Tamiya collection. Looking for the following: Vintage Hotshot - Prefer NIB, or a used, complete version with the original box Vintage Supershot - Prefer NIB, or a used, complete version with the original box Vintage Super Champ - Just looking for a good version, any condition will be considered Vintage Bigwig - Prefer NIB, or a used, complete version with the original box Finally, this is a crazy one, but I am looking for an original Monogram Lightning, silver edition. These came out in 1984, I received one for Christmas that year. Loved that car, but I drove it into the ground. Seen a few in bad condition, really looking for one NIB, or in really good condition. Here's my ebay name, so you can check my feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=rare-77-442 Thanks in advance. Brad
  15. Hi everybody, After watching some videos and looking at loads of great pictures of SRB's splashing about in salt water I was wondering if this causes any problems. It looks spectacular but I don't want to wreck the car doing it. Do you use plastic or brass bushings rather than bearings so they don't rust? Will the torsion bars seize up? Does it have to be a full strip and rebuild after each run? What do you use to clean them off? Any information and tips on what I can do to prevent any problems would be much appreciated. Thanks Marcus
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