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Found 9 results

  1. The Mod I'm talking about is - Soldering a Jumper Wire and one of three different SMD Resistors, on the underside of the PCB, just right of the micro-controller, is a ground test pin marked "G" (which isn't always visible, but it's between the two TINY SMD Resistors on the Circuit Board already. Illustrated here.... Closer look.... An even better look (Board flipped upside down)... NOT MY IDEA!!! Lane Boys RC came up with this nearly 5 Years ago. πŸ˜‰ (those plucky Brits again with their extremely clever RC Electronics Hacks!!) 😜 At the end of the Wire being Soldered to the "G" Ground Pad - you Solder in between one of three SMD Resistors..... To get a cut-off voltage of 6V, you can add a 33 kOhm resistor in parallel. Some people don't like to discharge their batteries all the way down to 6V; by using a 27 kOhm resistor in parallel to the existing 10 kOhm resistor they can achieve a cut-off voltage of 6.3V. Even Safer, by using a 22 kOhm resistor in parallel to the existing 10 kOhm resistor they can achieve a cut-off voltage of 6.6V!! 😲😳 Apparently this WORKS. Fortunately for MOST of you who MIGHT be confused at this point, there IS a pretty descriptive Blog Page WITH a Video that's a much bigger help! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘ I'M GOING TO TRY IT!! Nothing much to lose... http://laneboysrc.blogspot.com/2015/08/tamiya-tble-02s-mod-for-lipo-cut-off.html
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first post so please be patient :-) I have ventured into the realm of RC cars and I am very excited to get my first car running. I built a DT-03 racing fighter. The car is complete and I now want to pair my remote with the TBLE-02s ESC. Somehow it’s not working. Here is what I did: - I unplugged the motor (it’s the standard silver can brushed motor) - the ESC is configured to brushed mode, LED blinks green - I turn on the sender - I hold the SET button - I turn on the ESC - ESC goes into blink sequence green - orange - red - I let go of the SET button when red and expect the ESC to go into high point / throttle setup mode and blink red To indicate this. This is not happening and I cannot continue the high point / throttle setup. I know the sender is connected to the receiver and ESC as I can steer (front wheels move accordingly). Does anybody have a tip of what to try next? Is there a way to do a hard reset of the TBLE-02s? Kind regards Harald
  3. Purchased the Spektrum STX3 to use with my Terra Scorcher which comes with the TBLE-02S ESC The TBLE-02S procedure states to set the throttle reverse switch to the reverse position which already I find confusing. However, I did that and then went through the steps and they work as described. The odd part is as follows. Regardless of the position of the throttle switch, normal or reverse, the motor runs opposite of your throttle position. i.e. pull back goes backwards, push forward applies brake and then goes forward. I checked with the meter and the blue is always negative. My present solution is just to reverse the wires from the motor to the esc. Again, if I try the high point set up procedures with the throttle reverse switch in the normal mode the step to apply full brake and depress the set button does not complete the process. i.e. the red light continues to double flash. Double checked my work, put on new glasses and it all works exactly as it should. Apologies to all.
  4. Hello everybody, I'm kind of a newbie to Tamiya and electric R/C, but 2 months ago I bought an M05 Chassis and upgraded it a bit. A couple of days ago I also bought a TT-02SR Chassis and thought it would be fun to equip it with a brushless motor. I already got a Tamiya Speed controller (TBL02S) with the M-chassis which is compatible with brushed and brushless motor. I bought myself the Carson 11.5T Dragster Pro, which is specially designed for the TBL02S (according the details). I attached all the wires as said in the manual, but it is not working. The LED on the speed controller keeps blinking. When I pull out the sensorcable and try again, it gives a short motorsound, and then imidiately turns off. I hope anyone has an idea of what could be going on here? I would appreciate the help!
  5. Hi all, I wonder if someone can help with a completely baffling electric problem? I have just bought a Mad Bull for my son and we are on the electrics stage and it is not working as expected, I get steering but no throttle. I am pretty sure that it is the ESC that's the issue. The setup is as follows: Core RC - radio and receiver - new Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC - used in a previous car where it worked fine Tamiya Torque Tuned motor - used in a previous car where it worked fine Absima servo - new 3300mAh Ni-MH battery I have tried the following: The above setup with a new silver can motor - this didn't work The above setup with a LiPo battery - this didn't work The above setup but with a Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 ESC - this worked fine Put the above receiver in my GF-01 - this worked fine The Torque Tuned motor in another car - this worked fine At this point, I was certain it was the ESC so I tried another Tamiya TBLE - 02S ESC (brand new) - this also didn't work (steering but no throttle). With both ESCs, when I turn the radio on and then the ESC power switch, I get one green flash and when I squeeze the throttle I get the green light coming on until maximum throttle where it turns off. This all agrees with the manual. At this point I am completely stumped and have no idea what to do next other than buying another Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 ESC. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  6. I have a standard TBLE 02s ESC in a Monster Beetle which works perfectly when the transmitter (an FS-GT3C) is on. However, if I turn the Monster Beetle on before the transmitter, then the car zooms off at full speed. I haven't encountered this with three other TBLE 02s's I have in other cars. I have just been through the manual to see if changing any of the setup options (high point setup, low voltage protection, reverse set up) make a difference, but with no luck. It's a standard 540 motor, and the TBLE is set to brushed mode. I have moved the receiver (an FS-GR3E) antenna away from the motor wires and separated the servo and motor wires, which were previously zip-tied together in places, but that has made no difference either. I've already once turned the car on before the transmitter and had it zoom off with no immediate way of stopping it, and sooner or later it's going to result in a crash. Does anyone know what could be causing the problem and whether it's possible to fix it?
  7. Hey guys - Markbt73 has infected me a bit with enjoying the performance of the Novak Edge/Ballistic setup I now have in my DF-02 runner. Being a relative n00b to brushless I have no intrinsic sense as to whether I'd see similar performance by picking up one of Tamiya's entry-level BL motors and using it with a TBLE-02S I have just sitting NIP in a bin. To be honest I've been pretty underwhelmed by Tamiya's ESC's other than the TEU-101BK and TEU-302BK. All the others have hard-wired limited reverse capability and I can't seem to see any performance improvement between them (am I missing something?). Lucky for me, people think that the 101BK is 'less good' than the 102-105BK, so I regularly buy them whenever I can for anything under $20 NIP. So - basically, I'm skeptical that the TBLE-02S is even worth bothering with brushed or brushless. Except if I go and buy a $60-70 Tamiya BL motor (I'd only go for a matching motor - I like things that match) then I'd be wasting a lot of $ and still seeing lackluster performance. BUT maybe I'm wrong...! Has anyone tried one of these combos and have good things to say about it? Particularly relative to other BL systems you've used?
  8. Afternoon all, For xmas my kids got a Grasshopper kit, its all built but now we are having issue with the receiver/speed controller, i've configured the ESC for a brushed motor but i am unable to get it to connect to the receiver. I've tried binding it but im not getting the red LED (im a complete novice when it comes to this) and now at a loss Many Thanks Steve http:// upload photoes
  9. will a TRU-08 work together with a TBLE-02S or is it time to upgrade my Reciver
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