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Found 4 results

  1. Letting go of this NIB TT-Gear Desert Gator to fund other projects. This one was actually pretty hard to find when I was collecting up all the TT-Gear buggies! Only one harder to find was the TT-Gear Hotshot, which is basically a unicorn. BUT this one is a cool find if you're into TT-Gear, and would make a great runner. It was first in line for me if I decided to run one of my NIB Tamtechs. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331738054109
  2. Brushless Tamiya TT-Gear Hotshot GB-03 Alloy Upgrades RTR w/ Bonus Chassis 56711 Extremely Rare / Hard to Find 4WD TT-Gear 1:16 Hotshot Loaded with upgrades and hop-ups - too many to list (see pics)! Comes with extremely rare NIP GB-03 Chassis parts + other NIP parts (see pics)! Powered by a Castle Creations Mamba Brushless System (ESC + motor) Comes RTR with Tamiya Expec Transmitter/Receiver Set, Mamba BL ESC/motor, new NiMH battery (w/ adapter) Comes with 3 Full Sets of Wheels+Tires:1) Gold Hotshot/Fox-style (installed); 2) White Hotshot/Fox-style (original); 3) Silver Buggy Champ (GB-02) Onroad Wheels+Tires w/ Foam Inserts Includes Everything Pictured + More Extra Bonus Parts Essentially, this is a Brushless TT-Gear Supershot w/ the Full HP Suspension Upgrade, etc Free U.S. Shipping At-Cost International Shipping http://www.ebay.com/itm/331718087702
  3. Hello, I'm a newbie so please excuse any general ignorance with the following queries! I wanted to buy a Tamiya Tamtech car, ideally The Hornet, but I see I have way missed the boat on these and that prices are pretty crazy. The cheapest Tamtech car I can find here in the uk is The Wild Boar so I'm wondering if I could buy it and modify the parts so that I could stick a Hornet body on. Has anyone tried this? Would I just need to change the front and rear shock towers and fit an extra body mount (as well as altering the body, bumpers, wheels obvIously). My other option, which may be easier, is to buy the desert gator and swap the body but currently I'd have to import one so may work out more expensive. How easy are parts to get for these tamtech cars - upgraded dampers etc? Finally, I saw on the Tamiya blog in April that a couple of the upcoming releases were new Tamtech Frog and Hotshot models (2.4GhZ versions). Has anyone heard anything else about this? I don't want to go to all the expense of importing and maybe modifying an existing tamtech to find that Tamiya releases a load of new ones at a fraction of the cost! Any advice much appreciated!
  4. I just bought a sport tuned motor to upgrade my Tamtech Frog. I'm a complete newbie and when I ordered the motor I read that it also required pinion gears 40502 - 40505 (sizes 12T to 18T). I ordered all 4 pinion gears but now they've arrived the instructions seem to show the fitting of only one gear! Are these different sizes that you can switch between to achieve different speeds or what exactly? Do I actually need all four or should I have chosen a specific size based on preference (and saved myself about £15 in the process!)? Any advice much appreciated, thank you!
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