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Found 39 results

  1. Happy to pay AUD$40, posted to Melbourne, Australia. This is US$28, €24, NZD$43, CAD$37, £22. I'm feeling impatient, and this is about 30% more than it would have cost if I could be bothered to wait for any of the HK stores to have it back in stock.
  2. I need this Tree Believe it's P Parts.. Its number is listed same as the Monster Beetle Original Red. There is no special number being a Black Edition. (9115431) New Only please if you know of any or one's for-sale. I'm Building a ground up Black Edition MB My next project I have.. Black MB Bodyshell Black Edition Decals Black Edition Chassis Black Edition Box & Black Edition Manual Driver Tree includes nose Glass set Standard 540 Motor Rest is Re Re Monster Beetle 2015 kit stuff il buy as i go along.. This is a 3-6 months Shelf Queen Build Thanks in advance DM if you have Part Needed Please.. I have Purchased The Standard Re Re P parts tree in Red and will prime & paint the nose Black if needs be , but would rather the Black part to start with. Blitzer Beetle Tree Purchased for the other Black parts so its really just the Nose i'm needing .. There is a company in the USA that has the set of parts but he won't split them!! There must be a set somewhere surely ???
  3. I’ve made a school boy error and tried to restore 4 identical chassis at once - Avante ‘88, Vanquish (x2) and a 2001. I now can’t find two rear drive shafts and can’t remember if all 4 eBay purchases came complete with them. Anyone got 2 x original Avante / Egress or Vanquish rear dog bone drive shafts to sell? They don’t have to be originals, but I don’t think any re-re kit came with these of the same length. I’d be happy if so! Thanks!
  4. Hoping to find the Wing bracket (part B2) for the Hotshot. And if anyone has the original front drive shafts. Thx!
  5. Need 2 specific parts for the terra scorcher (Or thunder shot), the standard front chassis part from the A parts tree (I don’t want to buy the whole tree really) for the clod Buster (or super clod Buster), the bottom chassis plate / servo holder (again I don’t want to buy the whole tree really) thanks JJ
  6. I’m in Bristol, U.K. I’m after a Clod Buster to restore to be a shelf queen doesnt have to be complete as long as it’s not just a chassis shell not important but would like it with box PM me if you have one or know of one thanks JJ
  7. As title - i’m looking for an original Blackfoot shell, must be in good condition. Decals aren't important. Last time i was looking for one it came all the way from Australia so i’m not expecting much luck. I’m also looking for two Kind Blackfoot shells for a madcap idea i have. I’d take a Blackfoot Xtreme at a push but would rather the King. Again, must be in good condition and decals aren't important.
  8. I’m looking for a Delta shell, any condition will be considered. As long as the front end from the middle of the bonnet forward isn't split it’s good to me. I don't want to go out and but a brand new one to chop up if someone has an old basher they don’t use any more. Anyone got anything suitable?
  9. A long shot i know, but does anyone have a spare spoiler & mirrors parts tree for a Rally Legends Delta S4? I bought what was supposed to be a complete shell but i was let down and only sent the body and decals. Can anyone help?
  10. Continuing on the theme of sorting out all my decals i just remembered that I have a 911 Turbo shell on a rwd chassis - effectively making a 911 GT2 (i've scratch-built a custom rear wing to resemble the GT2's). Anyway, as it's a Turbo shell the badges for it all say Turbo. I know Tamiya made a few GT2 shells, does anyone have a spare rear badge i can use?
  11. i'm really only needing the rear lights but would take a full set if they're available. Does anyone have any or know if they can still be bought brand new?
  12. As title - looking for a new and unpainted 240z shell to suit an m-chassis. It doean’t have to be HPI if anyone knows of any others that are 225mm wheelbase. I was watching a new one on eBay but they sold out by the time i was ready to pull the trigger.
  13. Looking for an M02-M or a chassis that comes with the spacer to extend it. Wheels, body and electrics not improtant.
  14. I may actually have a full set of these somewhere in the loft but i haven't had a chance to look for them and have a horrible feeling that i never got round to getting a set. Does anyone have a full set of 4, ideally brand new and unused?
  15. As title, i’m looking for any spare Jerry cans you have, WW / WW2 or anything else for that matter. Condition not important as these things are meant to take a beating! 😂
  16. Looking to buy a complete m05 mk1 Golf Kamei kit. There’s plenty available online for a decent price but thought someone on here might have one that they never built up and want to sell. I’d rather buy from inside the family if possible.
  17. Hi, Does anyone have a standard TA03F chassis with battery stay they’d like to sell? I picked up a cheap TA03F a few weeks back, but it’s had a chunk of the chassis cut away to allow a hard case battery to be fitted. Not looking to make this mint, just useable! TIA
  18. Hi, i am looking for a Tamiya Hotshot 2 rear suspension shock tower/mount, part D6 in kit 58062-HotShot2. I think it's the same of part A3 in kit 58066-SuperSabre. New, used, 3d printed or even 3d model for printing by myself. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi, guys, I am looking for a small part from the 1992-on Tamiya M42 Duster AAC tank. I am building a studio scale spacecraft from the TV show Space Precinct and they 'kitbashed' from this kit. If any of you have this kit at a decent price and/or can supply me with the part I would be very grateful.
  20. Hey Guys! I have a very large collection of original vintage Tamils rc cars! I am looking for a Tamiya Top Force Evolution to add to my collection!!! If anyone has one and wants to sell then please contact me👍 Medleyexcavations@hotmail.com
  21. WANTED I desperately need the chassis parts for the Rover Mini Cooper 58149 M01, they are on the 'A' parts tree Can anybody help me Thanks all Regards
  22. Hello all, I have nearly finished restoring an old hotshot and am after the following if anybody can help - one rear driveshaft One red wheel "hex" Pair rear wheels set of 4 tyres Body and wing Battery tray Y piece. Used is preferable as the car is used but not totally trashed. Dont want to put re-re bits on it. Thanks in advance !
  23. Hi everyone, I'm after a HPI Mazda Miata/MX5 #7205 Body for my Tamiya M07. Open to anything, Sam
  24. After the deal I had done fell through, I am still looking for a Super Blackfoot if you have one for sale
  25. I've built a simple rear mount for a spare tire for my Pajero, but since Tamiya only supplies 4 wheels and tires with their kits (how dare they!) I am now one short. Does anyone here have a Pajero MTW tire + wheel left over from an upgrade or something, and is willing to share? Many thanks. (This is one of the front wheels posing for the shot. Note the gangsta-lean of the car.)
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