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Found 32 results

  1. So I'm on my first-ever Tamiya RC build (Lunch Box), and I've done all my research about how to properly primer and paint using TS spray-can paints (washing and sanding first, heating up the can, etc), and then today I begin the primer process (Tamiya-brand white fine surface primer for plastic), starting with this kit's stock deep-dish wheels...but none of the spray goes beyond the outter-most lips of the rim! Being sure to keep about 8 inches distance, and using light dusting strokes, I tried all sorts of angles (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, top-down), and some of the spray does hit the insides of the wheels for about 1-2 centimeter down, but absolutely no primer is hitting the very backs of the wheels' interior (where the holes are). It seems that the only way I could possibly get spray primer/paint in that deep is to hold the can's nozzle directly inside the wheel and blast it - which of course would cause it to become very thick and muck up. I've read that dye is an option (but since these wheels come yellow, and I want to color them TS-22 light-green, it might not work well), or I guess I could paint by hand with a brush. But I'd really love to hear and learn from anyone who has successfully spray-painted (airbrush not an option) their Lunchy wheels (or Midnight Pumpkin, since they seem to be the exact same wheels). PHOTOS ATTACHED Thanks!!! (I'm new here, please be gentle ;)
  2. Tamiya Lancia Delta Body Set - 51401 *INCREDIBLE ULTIMATE SUPER BUNDLE*. Includes: Tamiya - 51401 Lancia Delta Body Parts Set 1/10 (Without Fitting Holes) Tamiya - 54491 Rally Car Cockpit Set Tamiya - 54139 Touring Car Body Accessories Parts Set Tamiya - 445250 Lancia Delta integrale Tyres x4 Tamiya - 53220 26mm Super Slick Tyres (car was destined to be a tarmac stage version). Tamiya - 53156 HARD Inner Sponge set for Tyres Tamiya - 58654 Lancia 037 Sticker set. For extra detail Lancia / Martini Stickers. THERES MORE! Knight Custom 3D parts (made by Shapeways) for Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale: - Roll Cage - Turbo Vents for Front Wheels - Front Skidplate - Front & Read Red Mudguards - Front & Read lighting sets for LED Lights - Front Grill AND EVEN MORE! Also included: - 1/10 scale detailed windscreen Wipers - 1/12 scale Carbon Fibre Decal for Wing Mirrors & Front Turbo Vents -1/10 scale Tyre Decals LASTLY: - A unique set of solid plastic 1/10 Italian number plates, to complete the build!
  3. Looking for these wheels or any chrome/aluminum 2.2 wheels. I already have the RPM wheels that are available in the internet Thanks
  4. Hi all, Been happily buzzing around with bone stock stuff but having attended a few full-sized Autocross events and loved them, I can't help but notice the similarity between these cars and the Grasshopper/Hopper2 and Hornet. Most Autocross cars run replica Fuchs alloy wheels, however... so I'm wondering whether a set of Tamiya Fuchs could be used on on a Grasshopper without major surgery? I guess rally block tyres would be the best option to retain some kind of capability! Here's what I mean by the looks... All and any guidance gratefully received!
  5. The threaded part of the re-re rear axles is remarkably shorter compared to the original ones. (Original is on the right, re-re on the left) Not an issue using the kit wheels but as I'm building the re-re specifically for speed runs ( I don't want to put this kind of stress on my original) I want to use wheels with 12mm hexes. I used the aluminium 2015 Frog hex adapter for this on my original without any issues but on the re-re it seems not enough thread is left on the axle poking through the wheel to reach the locking part of the lock nuts 😪 Has anyone of you guys ran into this issue and how did you solve it?
  6. Hello everyone, I'm very new to Tamiya and RC cars in general, so am looking for any advice. I've recently built my very first RC tamiya car (Monster Beetle) and what a beast it is! I just love how it can go on all types of terrain, especially on grass, without a hitch. Overall very happy with it! My grandad recently got one after seeing mine and choose the Grasshooper, however both him and I are very new to the RC car scene and didn't realise how much it struggles with grass. As that is the primarily terrain he will be driving on, I was trying to find ways of helping his grasshopper out. All I could think is he needs bigger wheels in general, so attempted to put my monster beetle wheels on his... the rear wheels managed to get on ok, but the fronts kept on scraping the 'arm' (not sure if correct terminology) and wouldn't spin around at all. So I'm just asking if he would need bigger wheels, what size of wheels he would need and/or something else? Thank you!
  7. I am nearly finished on my Frog build and am checking everything over before I add the ESC and battery for a quick indoor test. Not sure what the technical term is, but the amount of free spin you should have in the rear wheels on the Frog has me questioning if I have assembled the gearbox correctly. I have chosen the "speed" gear ratio if this makes a difference. So, if I hand spin the wheels (no power connected, motor in place), they have no free play in them - the wheels move in opposite directions as expected, but they don't spin. I am comparing the amount of free spin in my rear Hornet wheels, which if you spin them by hand, just keep spinning nicely on their own (no power, motor in place). Is this correct? Free hand spin on Hornet wheels last at least 20 seconds, same force used to hand spin Frog wheels lasts not even 1 second, if at all. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Hi guys I'm hoping that there's someone that can help me out. Basically, I've just purchased a 2013 Egress. Although I'll be doing some off-roading, I'll also be looking to run it on tarmac (street roads). Therefore, I'm looking to purchase an additional set of wheels/tyres. However, being new to the hobby, I'm having difficulty finding which wheel/tire combo will be compatible. Is there anyone that can suggest a decent wheel/tyre combo? I did come across these (https://www.modelsport.co.uk/absima-wheel-set-buggy-5-spoke-street-rear-white-1-10-2-pcs-/rc-car-products/373365) but I'm not sure if a) they are compatible and b) if they are any good. If there's anyone that can help out then that would be fully appreciated. Best regards Rod
  9. I often find myself disappointed by the selection of wheels available for touring and drift cars. Things are better than they were, but one of the best brands for choice and availability was HPI, but unfortunately the brand seems to be in continual trouble and AFAIK its future is still in question. There are now some great new manufacturers on the market but it can be a lottery getting the right wheel at the right time and the right price. What could be better than wheels on demand? It was @CarterTG's thread on wheel printing that encouraged me to buy the Elegoo Mars in the first place. If he can get a successful wheel print, then so can I, right? This thread will document my progress from prototype to finish or failure, and point out any issues along the way so anyone working along with their own resin printer will be able to learn from what I've done. So, with my future as a wheel designer laid out before me, where do I begin? First - with an idea. Ultimately I want to have a range of wheels in a range of offsets, so I began by designing a rim and hub based off a standard Tamiya wheel. 26mm wide, with inner and outer beads and a 1mm wall thickness. The hub is oversized but that allows me to subtract from it later to make unique face patterns on later designs. Offset is a standard-ish +3mm, that is the back of the hex is 3mm towards the outside of the rim from the centre. This seems to be about right for a Tamiya wheel. Actually the measurements I took from a standard wheel weren't absolutely the same, but the wheel was used and my caliper is cheap so I wasn't expecting 100% accuracy. More to follow after I grab a coffee...
  11. Quite some time ago now, when I started collecting parts for the War Rig, my tire order got messed up and I ended up with 12 free rock crawler tires. I thought it was time to do something with them and initially had the thought of using them for a 6x6 truck, with dual wheels on the rear of the truck (Using up 10 tires). So I made up 10 wheels, using a very similar design to those I made for the War Rig, with slightly adjusted wheel dimensions to accommodate the slightly smaller tires. Half way through this process I thought about having a generic set of double wheels I could fit to any 'standard' Tamiya axle. So I started off with a wheel that would fit the tire onto a Tamiya vehicle: Then made some hubs to fit the wheels to. These have 12 holes, 6 with threads for ease of screwing the wheels on, and 6 plain holes should I want to put bolts through the hub and use nuts to secure the wheel to the hub for a more realistic look: As I didn't fancy machining 12mm hex slots into the back of each hub, I just drilled and machined them to fit the standard axle and pin arrangement used on most Tamiyas, effectively incorporating the 12mm hex into the hub. This left me with a hub that can have wheels attached on the deep or shallow side: Shallow side outward for standard track Deep side outward for wide track (Only 2 of the 6 retaining bolts are fitted): That's not all however, but fitting the wheels narrow side outboard, I can then add a wheel spacer I designed and then add another wheel: I've just used the Hi-Lift here as a test bed to try the fit, I also had a Mad Bull I wanted to test drive them on. As the Mad Bull uses splined shafts for the hexes, I had to make 2 hubs with 12mm internal hex slots to fit over the Mad Bull 12mm hexes, however the fit came out ok. The fit came out pretty well, it was certainly noticeable however that there was more weight at the rear of the car. Running it (Silver can and 3S LiPo) the grip was excellent, far better than standard Mad Bull tires (I put this down to softer compound and 2 narrower tires v 1 wide one). It was also noticeable that the tires actually squealed under wheel spin and skidding, which was quite entertaining. The downside however was that the tires kept partially coming off the wheels, this could be sorted by glueing them on but I don't really want to do that. So for the time being they have put to one side to wait the right project to put them on, I'm still thinking about possibly a 6x6 crawler / trail runner with dual wheels on the rear, or maybe all round.
  12. I sell 1 pair of original Tamiya Tires -Item-No. 53048 (OP-48, OP48) 1 pair of Front Tiress for the Tamiya Madcap, Bear Hawk.... NIB, New and not used. Brand New. Please see at my trades
  13. Hi everyone, For sale is my Tamiya BMW Z3 M Roadster body shell and wheel set. It has a 239mm wheelbase (MChassis) and is now a very rare body set and wheels. The body is in used condition and the paint is flaking off. However, there don't appear to be any splits and the decals seem to be in great condition, so perhaps it could be re-painted! The wheels seem like new, there is lots of tread left and the rims are in nice condition. I'm after £25 + postage (ONO) Thanks, Sam.
  14. Evening, I recently bought an FF01 rolling chassis from Italy. It arrived sporting these rims. Anyone seen a set before because I'm sure I haven't. They're alloy three spokes without a centre hex but with the slot built in. I have no idea what the writing in permenant marker denotes.
  15. Hello there, I'm looking for Avante 2001 Wheels. You may contact me in WA +6289603100886 (Indonesia) or by PM on this forum. I Hope you can give me best offers. Best Regards
  16. What you see here is a brand-new set of Lancia Rally wheels, which fit the original ORV-based model (58040). They are still attached to their sprues and have never been opened. These wheels will fit either the classic Michelin TRX-style rally tires that were stock to the Lancia Rally, or the Advan HF-style tires that were recently reintroduced by the Honda City Turbo. I am looking for 160 GBP (approximately $280 CAD at time of writing), which will include shipping, for these wheels, which will ship from Canada. I am open to offers and trades, so feel free to enquire. Upon request, I can pair these with a brand-new set of Advan HF-style tires from the Honda City Turbo's re-release, but note that their outer tire diameter is slightly smaller than the stock Lancia Rally tires'. Pictures ensue: And of course, if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them via PM. Thanks for reading!
  17. I am selling two sets of Tamiya rally block tires along with a set of generic 26mm wheels and shaped inserts. The tires came from a XV-01 kit and were never used. I have no clue what brand the wheels and inserts are since the came as part of a package deal, but they were also never used. I am asking for 20€ for all items. It is also possible to buy single items. The prices are as following: 1 pair of tires = 8€ 1 pair of wheels = 4€ 1 pair of inserts = free with the purchase of any other item Shipping is free within EU.
  18. Does any know if it is possible to fit 26mm tyres on to 24mm wheel rims? Many thanks in advance
  19. I'd love some recommendations for set of street tires that will fit the vintage Hornet/grasshopper/etc. I've heard the Brat tires could work but the wheels don't look like they will fit the axles. I bought a set of 1.6 slicks but they inside diameter is too big and do not grip the wheel at all. Suggestions?
  20. I'm currently upgrading a Tamiya Lunchbox and have bought some Tamiya chrome wheels. I've noticed that on the wheels themselves are indente whith small circles (as if to be like real wheels). I thought about drilling through these wheels to get a 'pepperpot-effect'. Has anyone ever tried this? I experimented on a stock yellow wheel with a cordless drill and although it went well it left burrs on the back of the wheel, a Dremel sander attachment got rid of this but I really need a wire spoke brush of tiny proportions! Any thoughts please?
  21. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331919950933 Vintage Tamiya Bigwig Hotshot Sand Scorcher Clodbuster NIB Wheels 50293 50121 NIP Bigwig Moon Craft Wheels P/N 5293 50293 For Models: Bigwig (58057) NIB Sand Scorcher Front Wheel + Tire Set P/N 5121 50121 For Models: Sand Scorcher (58016), Frog (58041), Hornet (58045), Grasshopper (58043) NIP Hotshot / Supershot Gold Plated Wheels P/N 266 50266 For Models: Hotshot (58047), Supershot (58054) NIP Grasshopper II (Super G) Front Day Glow Wheel Set (Yellow) P/N 49022 For Models: Grasshopper II Super G (49501), Grasshopper II Super G (92018), Grasshopper II (58074), Fox (58051), Wild One (58050) NIP Super Hornet Front Day Glow Wheel Set (Orange) P/N 0445495 For Models: Super Hornet (58124), Grasshopper II (58074), Fox (58051), Wild One (58050) NOS Original White Clod Buster Wheels P/N 0555026 For Models: Clod Buster (58065), Bullhead (58089) Price dropped to $120. $20 more than the last set of Moon Crafts alone that sold on ebay went for...
  22. I am selling two sets of classic tamiya Piaa Accord VTEC wheels and Celica GT-Four racing radial tires 50724 and 50419. Both wheels and tires are 26mm and the wheels have +2mm offset and use 12mm hexes. Wheels also include wheel nuts. Tires come without inserts. I am missing the label for the second set of wheels. Nice combo for rally and drift applications.These wheels are not aceton friendly.I am asking for 30€ for everything but items can be also sold seperately for 7€ for a single tire set and 8€ for the single wheels set. I am also willing to take offers. These need to go! Might consider trading these for a set of HPI 26mm wheels or a set of x-pattern tires. Shipping is free for Europe.
  23. As above really. Unsure of the brand. Tyres have lots of life left in them. Ive never ran them. They came on a tamiya i bought. They are unglued. No foams. Sold as seen £10 posted.
  24. Hi guys - for a while and over a few different threads I've been working on various aspects of a Blackfoot 3 runner for my 5yo son Oliver. It's got the dual motor conversion and have gone with the classic look for it and I think it's come out great. Especially when it's running around outside it really looks quite a bit like the original Blackfoot. To add to the vintage charm I wanted to figure out how to mount vintage wheels onto it. There were some challenges that I detail in this showroom entry I just posted for it: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=128320 Go check it out, and I'll post up the pics below as well. If it weren't for the stability benefits as a runner for a 5yo of the extra wide stance I'd definitely use the Amarok suspension conversion which I think would really make the result look great. However, as it is I think it still looks good and it dang near impossible to roll.
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