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Found 3 results

  1. So I have bought on the end of 2019 a M05 chassis I have built here to M05ver2 spec. the pictures dont work any more... I am using a different hosting service now. anywas... that build above originally was a M05 Fiat 500 kit that got split to parts and I bought the chassis so cheap, I also bought the m05ver2 chassis parts and converted it to a m05ver2... that means I have a almost normal M05 in spares. this is it, the M05ver2 now on a M02 chassis, the m05ver2 has a Nissan Silvia S14 body So here it goes, after the m05ver2 was finished, I bought a parts lot on ebay as it had the original Tamiya steering its for the M05ver2 and normal M05 Yeah racing motor mount with big heat sink... I have also left over speed gears and RA uprughts... thats a direction I am going.. Also carbon reinforced front and rear lower suspension arms. a few pictures of the process by now: Chassis by now: on the Inside I am using the first gear next to the pinion, from 3 racing in 35T, with a 20T pinion mounted. Yeah racing motor mount aluminium for the stock M05 with oversized heatsink. so I dont forget I put up the other day a topic I am looking for a servo buckle for the m05, and some c, d and b chassis parts... I remebered I have the buckle somewhere as my M05ver2 has the hop up blue one. So lets fit the servo in with a blue alu horn as I dont have the correct 25T horn for this kind of servo. I decided to install this caron reinforced arms onto this M05, my M05ver2 dont needs them as it has the ver2 arms set. nice and stiff these are RA uprights and C hubs same as in the rear. The shocks are Tamiya OIL dampers, but the seem like a older model like a FF01 or so? on order I have Jaz riders flat diff cups, and drive shafts with outer joints. Tamiya B parts (steering parts) Tamiya D parts (rear damper mount, rear suspension plate, upper rails) The only thing I am missing for now are the rear body mounts. they fit of a M01, M02, M03, M04, M05 and TA04 from my expirience. PLEASE HELP
  2. Hi, I wanted to introduce my new car in the M-Chassis class, my first m-chassis was in the late 90's a M03 50795 Mini Cooper body. Now I own a hopped up M03 with a Fabia WRC body.from Colt. The thing with this is, I bought the body first since I consider this 51424 Fiat Abarth body to be rare nowadays, and I needed a chassis for it, since the holes were factory drilled for a M03 or M05, I went for something new, M05 was always a desirable chassis to me, with ability to hold a Li-Po battery, so I went and bought next: RC-Klein-Kramm: 51424 Fiat Abarth Berline Corse 58453 M05 Alfa Mito kit without wheels, body, and any kind of electrics (at least a Italian intended kit) 51394 Fiat Abarth Asseto Corse rims RCmart: 54000 M-Chassis Shocks 54605 M05 ver2 chassis A Parts 54606 M05 ver2 suspension arms set 54609 M05 ver2 alu motor mount 53924 DF03 heat sinks 54408 M05 Alu servo mount 4x Pit Shimizu 55mm threaded soft Ebay: 18x Metal ball bearings Tamico: 54319 Steel hollow diff shafts 54613 M05 ver2 Stainless suspesnion shafts So as soon as all parts have arrived I started the build. The Body: as soon as I saw on the site this body, I bought it! I remember these Fiats, from our local hill climb race on ''Brgat'' in Dubrovnik, every year we are hosting a national race, and especially in northern parts of Croatia, like Skradin or Buzet. Fiat 500's with either homemade or original italian body kits were always an eye catcher. Not that the new Fiat Abarth Asseto Corse body is less desirable, but seems impossible to be found??? RCK I used, White (for all purpose plastic 400ml can, as finish coat and body kit) Revell spray Light Grey (revell plastic spray paint 100ml can) Also used: Revell brush paint : gloss black Flat black copper flat red aluminium silver masked and painted light grey first, took off the masked and sprayed white. Took window sickers off, and decals were fitted another day. All together ruff 6hours body build, were detailed stickers, but not a lot of them. Painting the engine was probably the most interesting part, according to manual, the valve body was supposed to be red with alternator and the valve cover was supposed to be aluminium silver, but I turned the colors the other way. And the exhaust is also in alumiun silved, but I have thoughts to paint the exhaust with revell brush colors in steel silver instead. I failed at painting the rear lights and front lights, would have been much better that way. But the idea is if they fall off I’ll paint tem from outside. The Build itself wasnt that short neither. Neither did I make it any easier with the conversion ti a ver2 and C clips on the suspension arms. Also some steps are different and different screws were supplied, for example in the ver2 build it uses ball connectors for the rear upper arms. but it cane out very nice, also a 3racing speed gear was installed with 33T giving it with a 20T pinion a 5.17FDR. Wirh steel hollow shafts, the carbon hollow ones I used in my M03 were very lightweight. for now, my next thoughts are a TBLE02S esc, with a Mabuchi RS 540 and 2s lipo. Until I save up for a TBLE02S 10.5T motor. and I found another imaginary reason for this build, if locally ever a M-Chassis class opens, I have a M03 and M05 as backup car. Haha
  3. As many of you have guessed, I'm a lover of all things Lancia. I've owned two Lancias. In high school I had a Lancia Beta Coupe *cue rust jokes*. And during college I bought and drove a Lancia Scorpion aka Montecarlo. The Coupe was fun, and I still tell the story about its rust nearly causing an accident. The Montecarlo was my true love, still to date my favorite car owned. I drove it for nearly a decade, eventually selling it as I needed air conditioning and it needed a proper repainting. I've been in love with all things Montecarlo since I saw the Lancia Rally stradale in the Bayless Fiat-Lancia parts catalog. From that I'd read many articles about the car. So as a Lancia fan, it's odd to say but the Stratos always comes second in my mind in spite of its accomplishments. I've owned more than a few 1/43 scale 037s, a few 1/24 scale Hasegawa, a pair of 1/24 Polisil models, and a 1/18th Kyosho. But the Tamiya 037 is the most interesting. Plus you can actually use it. My family was huge into Fiats and Lancia. Still is to a degree. Clockwise from bottom left: My 1976 Lancia Scorpion, Fiat 124 Coupe, my father's 77 Scorpion, 81 Beta Zagato (Spider), '80 Fiat 124 Spider ITB racecar, and another 124 Spider project car. So for me getting into RC in early 2013, it was quite timely that Tamiya should re-release the body in 2014. Unfortunately there is a bit of hunting required to piece together a working car. I did buy a TA03R, bought the new production belt from Germany and a R-S tub, built it... crashed it (minus bodyshell), rebuilt it. Then it annoyed me that the axles were always a little too wide in front. And the belt kept falling off on the back. The decision was made that I would sell the TA03R-S with the 911 GT1 shell I had that was useless because it was already cut... making duplication a daunting task. Then came the TA05. Originally you guessed it, it was for the Lancia 037 shell. Using the Porsche 911 GT2 body re-release instructions, I shortened the chassis. Again... front track way too wide even with extra thin hexes. If you've read this far, I think you know why I've decided on an M04 as the basis for this project. Additionally the supplied 037 wheels are simply too large in diameter for the body. This isn't surprising. Bearing in mind the body was originally designed for the ORV then redesigned to fit the TA03R-S. The reality is I'm grateful Tamiya made the re-releases. I now own enough bodies bought at a reasonable enough price, that I don't have to treat all of them as shelf queens. More to follow :-D The more you know factoid: Lancia Rally was the car's official designation. The 037 portion is an Abarth project number. And yes, the Group B Lancia Delta S4 is the Abarth 038.
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