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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there I need some help please with my vintage Tamiya RC car. Today i tried to use the car but i cannot control it from my reciever. So i tried to set up the ESC and followed the instruction manual guide, trolled through Youtube etc and i got nothing at all. The set up i have is as follows: Transmitter - 2Ch Acoms Techniplus Transmitter Crystal - 27.045Mhz Reciever - Acoms 2Ch reciever (AR-2 /27) Reciever Crystal - 27.045 ESC - Tamiya TEU-101BK So, here is how everything is connected in my car. The reciever has the steering server connected in Channel 1 socket and ESC is plugged in to the Channel 2 socket. The ESC has its battery connected too. During setup the motor was disconnected. I followed the procedure where the transmitter was in neutral settings etc . I switched on the power switch and then pressed the set button for about 1sec. Then i pushed up the (CH2) stick and pressed set and then pushed it down and pressed set. The lights did not change or do anything. I switched of the power and switched it on again. The ESC beeped twice and the red LED flashes away with a beeping too. I also noticed the the wheels are twitching and the steering servo also twitches now and again. I understand that previously i would hear this beeping noise (when the car was working ) when the transmitter was disconnected and when switched on the beeping noise would go and the car would be drivable. These are the checks that i have carried out. - Transmitter works well on other cars using the same 27.045Mhz Crystal. -Replaced the ESC and Acoms recioever. -Checked wiring etc So, cxan anyone give me any other fresh ideas to what i need to do please? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hey folks, Selling my vintage Acoms Techniplus Ap-227 Mk3 2 Channel 27 MHz Radio. This is made in Japan not the ones that were made in Hong Kong. See photos attached. Includes transmitter, receiver, 27Mhz frequency crystal, and servos. The radio and receiver are in great condition. Both servos are working great. One servo has a some melted plastic due to being used for a mechanical speed controller. US$30 or best offer. Free shipping to continental USA only. Or buy it through eBay at https://www.ebay.com/itm/304067706273?hash=item46cbd8fda1:g:ubAAAOSwUhVg8Hke
  3. I would like to get my Hi-Lux Monster Racer up and running after 25 years. I want to continue using the original acoms radio gear (AP-227 MK3). Can I connect an ESC into the acoms receiver? If so, what ESC would be suitable? The current receiver does not have BEC on it and is sealed so cannot plug/unplug wires into it. I assume that definitely means I will need a different acoms receiver? All new to me!
  4. Hi All, Trying to get sorted for some bashing and noticed that I am missing the battery cover for an Acoms transmitter. Please let me know if you can help. Many thanks Mark
  5. Hi all. I'm after a vintage Acoms IC AS-7 servo. Not that I'm fussy but it needs to be made in Hong Kong. Happy for it to be used, but needs to be in working order. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys anybody got a nice acoms techniplus mk5 transmitter they would like to sell? the chrome front one just need the transmitter as I have the rest. cheers
  7. Hi guys anybody got 1 acoms as 7 servo they would like to sell? if so please let me know, I am in the uk. cheers
  8. Hi guys im looking for an acoms servo i need 1 AS16 so if anybody has one they would like to sell please let me know. cheers
  9. Hi, I have these two used transmitters only for sale. One is a Acoms AP-227 Mrk. II and the other is a Techniplus transmitter. These are used items, and only what you see in the pictures are included. Make me an offer if you are interested. https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ank3lVSjNEmUgaxal9qKnIpX7fNcSg https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ank3lVSjNEmUgaxxYvGG9ZsguRwVAA You can reach me on martinjordt@hotmail.com (I'm in Denmark) Cheers Martin
  10. Hi, I have this new Acoms transmitter, complete with receiver, servos and everything, for sale. Make me an offer if you are interested. https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ank3lVSjNEmUgaxZfq0mirAoSZGm3w You can reach me on martinjordt@hotmail.com (I'm in Denmark) Cheers Martin
  11. Hello everybody, I am giving away an old acoms 2 channel FM pistol transmitter. It comes with a 27mhz crystal and a plastic geared servo. The Transmitter has throttle and steering trims, reverse switches, steering dual rate, uses 8 AA batteries and is missing the antenna. It still works fine. You can get a screw-on antenna for a few €. The controller comes with an acoms plastic gear servo. Unfortunately I do not have a receiver anymore. I am willing to give those away as long as the "buyer" takes care of the shipping costs which should be 5-7€ max.
  12. Techniplus radios - brand new - made for Tamiya Germany so with one Carson servo included. At a price unheard of for almost 20 years... £29.99 with free UK delivery or £6 worldwide delivery (Club members only!). Includes handset, crystals, receiver, 1 x servo, battery box, switch etc. Supplied brand new in box as pictured... The links below will add the appropriate item to a Paypal shopping cart for quick checkout. This offer isn't on our website (the radios are, but they're not *that* cheap!) UK Members Buy One Radio - £29.99, Free Delivery OFFER ENDED Buy Two Radios - £58.99, Free Delivery OFFER ENDED Buy Six Radios - £155, Free Delivery OFFER ENDED Europe, USA, Australia, Rest Of World Members Buy One Radio - £29.99 + £6.00 Delivery OFFER ENDED NB it is not possible to send more than one radio in a package outside of the UK without using a courier, so multiple radios will be sent separately. If you want a box of 6 sent to most European addresses, please message your country below and I will advise the courier cost - it varies from country to country and is typically anything from £16 to £30.
  13. Hi guys I,ve got the failsafe set so the throttle is at neutral and the car turns hard left. my first question is if i run the car then turn the TX off to test it the failsafe kicks in after about 3 seconds. is this correct as i thought it would kick in immediately as soon as the TX is switched off? my second question is how do you set the failsafe so the car brakes? if while setting the failsafe i pull the throttle back to activate the brake this causes the car to run in reverse if the failsafe kicks in.(hence why i set the throttle position to neutral). cheers Karl
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