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Found 9 results

  1. *apologies to NJ’s second favourite son JBJ for the title* But man was I Livin’ on a Prayer hoping to find anything in stock in these difficult times, seems like any Tamiya kit is Wanted Dead or Alive. But when hope was lost I Kept the Faith and Fusion restarted their webshop coming though with the Aqroshot like a Blaze of Glory. Selling the Top Force was Bad Medicine but getting this basher is sweeter than a Bed Of Roses. I Regret Nothing.
  2. Not too long ago, I finished building a Tamiya Aqroshot which included the DT-03 CVA damper set. I followed the instructions to build the dampers 100%. Once the build was done, I noticed that the front dampers were fine and could push the chassis back up, but the rear dampers are very stiff and are unable to lift the chassis without me lifting it up myself. All the parts were used, nothing was left over. I filled the dampers with oil to the top and cleaned any overspill, I remove the air bubbles as I went. It's like the spring itself has no resistance (right word?) when compressed. Does anyone have any idea why just the rear dampers are doing this? Is it normal and has anyone experienced this before with this damper set? Any help would be awesome.. I wanted to drive this tomorrow!
  3. Hi there, I am a new member having just bought an Aqroshot. I just posted on the vintage discussion about my old Hilux Monster Racer I used to race in the North West in the 90s, as there seem to be a few trying to rebuild old kits. However, I have a query about my new purchase. I have seen some helpful posts and conflicting advice, but I went for the Aqroshot anyway (kids can use r/c cars but are only 9 and 7) and it arrives from Wonderland models next week (fingers crossed!). My questions, despite research, for now are: 1. Does it come with brushless compatible ESC? 2. Servo – basic starter pack or genuine need to upgrade – if so, which one? I have seen people rating £15 ones and they seem to go up to £100+ 3. Is the standard (I believe) hop up engine any good – thinking of moving quickly to a 13.5T – any need to change the 17T pinion (maybe after the kids get used to it!) 4. If you go brushless, any tips? I don't have soldering kit and all that (but probably will in due course if the kids take to it) Do any come with Tamiya (rather than Lipo connectors? I had a great combo from Orion - Vortex I think - on my 2010 Ansmann Pro which was ready to install out of the box. 4. Tyres – I have some decent Schumacher tyres from my hilux from back in the day – should they just fit / swap? 5. Does it come with oil shocks or not – online manual says no, but I have seen descriptions and videos of unboxing with them (including surprise when it arrives with oil shocks) 6. I have bought some ballrace set, but any other worthwhile hop ups? Things seem to have moved on a bit from the 90's! Many thanks for any help (above or generally!) - I really would appreciate it.
  4. Hope the group mods don't mind me posting this, but after testing by me and a racer i know have decided I am confident enough in my DT02/3 3 deg toe in uprights to offer them for sale. I have opened a Shapeways store called CTE RC (https://www.shapeways.com/shops/cotic-rc) and have put them on there with a few of my other designs. There are fitting instructions on the part links on the store. No one else makes toe in uprights for these chassis which is why i did them. Hopefully some of you might find them useful, or fun, or just a nice colour (There are about 10 colour options). Here's a pic of Andy's cool DT02 and DT03 race cars and my DT03 truggy with them installed. There is a full installation and rundown over on by DT03 Build log The improvements I wanted was to reduce the size and make the uprights dedicated to the metal driveshafts. The kit uprights are bulky and bind on the wishbones. As you can see in this comparison, the new uprights allow about 10mm more suspension travel, which gives more roll capacity and more grip. No one else makes toe in uprights for these chassis which is why i did them. If you race you will find these a big step forward from the kit version. Andy (my tame racer) reports more rear end grip and stability and the ability to get on the throttle earlier out of corners. He was able to dial in more front end grip because the rear was better. Also reported it had a bigger impact on performance in the DT03 on astro than the DT02. Hopefully some of you might find them useful, or fun, or just a nice colour (There are about 10 colour options). If you would like to order they are available as individual left and right items. Left: https://www.shapeways.com/product/DHAWQ2DWJ/tamiya-dt02-3-rear-upright-3-deg-toe-in-lh?optionId=65301051 Right: https://www.shapeways.com/product/FPEB2TSM2/tamiya-dt02-3-rear-upright-3-deg-toe-in-rh?optionId=65300950 Cheers!
  5. Good afternoon I purchased this Aqroshot after feeling inspired by a recent post on the Monster Racer/Nissan King Cab. Seeing as I love to tinker with Tamiya's and in particular raiding the Tamiya parts bin and making Frakenstein creations this caught my eye in an attempt to recreate a modern twist on the Monster racer. What drew my attention was many of the similarities to the Monster Racer, in particular; The relatively enclosed chassis, the motor hanging out behind the wheels, similar wheelbase (approx 10mm longer) and features that I particularly like, such as direct steering and a symmetrical layout. I have no idea how this will turn out or even if the plan will work. The WT01 has always been a favourite basher of mine, I'd like to recreate the robustness of the WT01 with something a little more precise and well balanced. So to the build...Box art... Layout... Features... Some suggested Hop Ups... (note that this kit already comes with the Torque tuned motor and CVA's) I have bearings and the ball diff to go in also. Remainder pics of build to follow pending approval...
  6. So this is my recent DT-03T Aqroshot build with a fair few hop-ups. Parts are as follows: 58610 Tamiya Aqroshot DT-03 includes TBLE-02S and CVA Dampers DT3027 GPM Front Shock tower brackets SAV-SG-0351 Savox Standard Digital Coreless Servo 51000 Tamiya Hi-Torque Servo Saver Set DT3024 GPM Servo Mount DT3160ST GPM Steel Turnbuckles Steering 54572 Tamiya DT-03 Turnbuckle Set DT3008 GPM Suspension Mount front lower DT3055 GPM front bottom wishbone lower DT3019 GPM Front C-Hubs Speed Passion MMM Series 13.5R BL Motor 54628 Tamiya Steel 17T Pinion DT3056 GPM Rear Lower Wishbone DT3022 GPM Rear wheel Hubs 9804237 Tamiya Metal shaft gearbox outdrives 9805551 Tamiya Metal Driveshafts 9805922 Tamiya Urethane Bushing-White 50823 Tamiya Hub end cups for metal shafts 54566 Tamiya Gearbox Bridge DT3030 GPM Rear Shock Tower DT3028 GPM Front Shock Tower DT3010R GPM rear hex adapter 54561 Tamiya Anti Roll Bar 9335228 Tamiya Stadium Thunder neon yellow wheels U6503 Schumacher VEE 4 - Blue Truck Tyres U6502 Schumacher VEE 2 Blue ruck U6541 Schumacher Truck 2.2 Foam Tyre Insert (Soft) TARX3 Tamco RC 2.4GHz FHSS 3ch Receiver Steel walled Bearings for internal areas Rubber walled Bearings for external areas. Load of metric socket head button machine screws to replace all self-tappers in varying sizes Some metric nyloc nuts and washers for above Load of shims to reduce slop in moving parts. 500k Diff oil Tamiya Red Gel thread lock TT-02B Rear CVA Damper Springs
  7. Aqroshot experience... Spinning around... Just bought two new Aqroshot DT03T kits for my two sons. Building the car was very easy, there are already some topics with a excellent description so I won't write about that again. The construction and design of the car is simple and very strong. The car is designed with a gathering of parts from other cars. There is a lot of space between the movingparts like wishbones and shock absorbers, although it doesn't affect the car's performance in a negative way. Only when driving backwards the front wheels wobble heavily. Here you will recognize the low price of the car so no complaints on that one. One thing you must replace right away is the servo saver. It has a lot of space. When you want to use Lipo batteries, a Lipo buzzer is also a thing you want to ad... My first son wanted a neon-yellow one... My second one wanted Blue... The car is 2WD with small wheels. While driving it on the street and in the park, the rear wheels spin a lot. Which results in a difficult to control car spinning around as soon as you hit the throttle. Of course it is possible to slowly put on the power, but that's not the way it should be. Running on grass is not possible at all. So I in order to reduce the wheelspin, I put in a standard 540 motor, instead of the Torque Tuned version supplied with the kit. I also replaced the standard pinion with the bigger one. The result was not satisfactory... So the tires are the problem... Changing the tires for bigger truck tires changes the Aqroshot from a road car to a all-road / off-road stadium truck which is a lot more fun I think. I hope it will improve driving characteristics in two ways : 1. Bigger tires = less acceleration / wheelspin. 2. Better quality rubber and profile will give more traction. In the topic of Thommo here , the Aqroshot is fitted with 4 Proline Dirt Hawg II truck tires. It is also possible to fit the smaller front wheels with Dirt Hag I tires, but those have a smaller radius so that's a personal choice. I preferred four of the same size tires, so while I have two Aqroshots to mod I ordered one set of Dirt Hawg II and one set of Proline Gladiator 2 M2 . In the Netherlands were I live, they were not available, so I ordered them online, and now I am waiting until they arrive. As soon as they're mounted I will come back with the results... Dirt Hawg II 2.2 Truck Tires Gladiator II M2 2.2 Truck Tires
  8. This is probably going to be a long shot, due to the fact I cannot find even ONE of these in the UK, but does anyone have a spare set of Tamiya Aqroshot stickers laying around that they do not want? The item number is 319495852 if that's of any help, the chassis is the DT-03T, though that's probably less help. Like I said, long shot... but if anyone has one, please do let me know ASAP. Many thanks.
  9. This started life as a DT03 Neo Fighter, built for racing and most of you will have seen my review of the car on the RC Racer web site. When the DT03T Aqroshot came out I had to have one as like many others have been waiting for a proper Tamiya racing truck. It got tested at the years DT02 challenge .............. it has all the hop ups available and runs a 10.5 brushless with a Hobbyking 120amp X-car esc ​ ​ ​ ​
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