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Found 16 results

  1. EDIT: I decided to unite the restoring job of my Egress runner and my Avante 2001 shelf queen in the same thread because I often restore many parts of both models together. This is my Egress runner. Due the lack of money to spent onto my hobby probably will not buy the re re Egress but with all this "Egressmania" in the air I could not think about my two puppies. One Egress is perfectly restored to new built (it runs twice on tarmac), the other one has been for a long time one of my favourite runners. It was retired some time ago, replaced by a vintage Top Force Evo that has been replaced by a Dark Impact. Anyway this baby did stay in a box until a couple of weeks ago when I drop it out for a restore. I decided to restore it and also upgrade it so I started to spent the few money I can use for the hobby buying some Avante 2011 spare parts like the gold upright and other redesigned parts. As you can see the car is in a decent shape with the two tone body. Probably today will replace the PS-16 Metallic Blue with the PS-23 Gunmetal Grey + PS-12 Silver but anyway that's it. Rear wheel hubs had been removed for maintenance. Let me introduce you the car: this car has several modifications for the use on the track. The first modification are the springs. I tested different springs stiffness and these are my choose. Orange Losi springs at rear and Red shortened Losi springs at front. The front Dark Green/rear Red combo was not good. Too stiff. Another modification is the rear damper tower made of 2 mm carbon fiber plate... ... and front one made of the same material: As you can see the front shock tower has four mounting holes for more stiffness and to save gearbox mounts. You can also see a reinforcement plate on the left side. I forgot to do it in the other side. Will do it asap. End of part one. Max
  2. I have reached a point where I’m not sure where to go in RC terms. I think I want a scorcher but I think I’d be better off fitting a scorcher body to an ORV chassis? Probably handle better than the original, a bit like the F150 I’ve just done along with the Brats. I fancy a CC02 but I’m not sure why. My CC01 does everything I want and if I get bored I have the Dynamog/Hippy bus. I love the M chassis cars but don’t really have anywhere good to run them. So where does that leave me? So for me at least I have to go off piste. So Avante or super Avante are the only 2 “buggies” I like. I do not race and am fairly gentle on transmissions. I can afford a stock Avante and for me I don’t think I would need any great hopups. The Super Avante is quite a bit cheaper and I have a 13.5t brushless motor sitting in a drawer waiting for a home. I like both bodies though I think Gunmetal would be my colour choice. ( metallic 🍊❤️) possibly. If I go for the Super I think I would add front and rear driveshafts and fit a dedicated lipo to save having to strip the steering. All in all it would probably cost the same to do either. Having said that the Super on Preorder from Fusion with 10% subscriber discount is very tempting!!! Fellow addicts I need help. I should say I love the building so a challenge would be good!! The Brat was a fun build but I need something a little more challenging 😥
  3. Dear All, I was planning on working on this car as a project, however have now changed my mind. I've done very little on it save for replacing an upright. The car is seemingly mechanically sound, but there is a repair to the part that connects to the upright. The chassis and electrics seem to be in good condition, but are untested. I am only looking to sell it for what I purchased it for. £220 (Friends) plus postage. Collection welcomed and preferred. (Windsor/Slough/West London)
  4. Link to complete history here: 5kg of Alien Avante from planet Blob in outer space Before (as purchased): Current condition:
  5. Hi, This is my first post. Like many others on here, I’ve revisited my childhood in acquiring a Hornet and Hotshot during the lockdown. I have an Egress on the way and was just wondering if any members would have any of these hop ups they’d be willing to sell: 53031 - Avante posi joints front 53032 - Avante posi joints rear 53053 - mini Hi Cap damper springs 53054 - short Hi Cap damper springs 50346 - Avante body set 53045 - Avante undercowl Would any of the TRF dampers fit the Egress and would they be an improvement? I also have some Gmade aeration shocks and was wondering if they would be worth putting on instead of the Hi Caps. All suggestions are welcome many thanks Justin
  6. For sale: original Tamiya 58085 Avante 2001 - Rare and sought-after Tamiya radio-controlled off-road racing buggy. Unrestored condition - body shell is not mint and has some minor damage Vintage contemporary hi-cap hop-up shocks. Original-spec Tamiya black-can Sport Tuned motor. Full set of four very-rare original white Cam-Lock wheels in very good condition (not painted yellow ones!) New re-re Avante cam-lock wheel centres. Original-spec spike tyres in good condition. Custom FRP front suspension damper stay. Also supplied with a carbon-fibre aftermarket replacement option. Tiny cracks in lower gear cases - see photos. More photos available on request. Item is in Cambridge, UK. The Tamiya Avante 2001 shaft-driven 4-wheel-drive off-road racing buggy was released on 19th June 1990, featuring multilink wishbone suspension and a twin-deck FRP chassis . An evolution of the original Avante, this model utilised the lengthened chassis dimensions developed for the Egress. The original Avante bodyshell was redesigned to fit and protect the rear suspension arms. Perhaps the most beautiful of the Avante/Egress series, no vintage Tamiya buggy collection is complete without one! The only model in this series not re-released. With the others (Avante/Egress/Avante Black Special) having been through repeated re-releases, and this model never re-released so far, it is looking increasingly likely there will never be a re-release (hence two recent completed ebay sales for NIB kits at ~£650 and ~£1250). Sales price excludes delivery and local customs/tax/fees. The item is sold as seen and not refundable - I have been very honest and open about details of the condition. The photographs are of the actual item and are to be considered part of the description. Apologies to anyone watching/ bidding recently on eBay - the car is still for sale as auction won by overseas bidder despite the details specifying UK only. Sorry I would prefer to dispatch to the UK, due to frequent problems with overseas deliveries being severely delayed, getting damaged or going missing and as a private seller not a business I cannot afford to reimburse a disappointed buyer.
  7. Not for me but from what I heave read the 959 seems to be a holy grail for some, so just thought this may appeal to some. https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/tamiya-avante-2001-and-tamiya-porsche-959-for-sale/1281831626
  8. Hi all, I picked up a nice condition Avante 2001 runner. I took it out for a small test run last night and boy is it slow! I thought it might be the original Sports Tuned motor so I popped a new one in. Could the futaba electrics be the problem or is it the pinion. It is islower than my stock Hopper, thats how slow it is...... Could it also be the grease in the gearboxes? It looks quite thick. Cheers
  9. For sale an complete all original parts Avante 2001 in pristine condition Pictures speak for themselves but if any questions .... pls askLocated in Europe - BelgiumLooking for 350euros
  10. Look at this on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122296237808 Tamiya Avante 2001 #58085 Completely Original
  11. I may have mentioned i own an Avante 2001 which was in quite good condition when i got it but the shell was painted in an ugly blue colour, the window was painted it was missing the driver and some parts and it lacked the original wheels. Not too mentioned that the decals had been cut out very poorly and applied at the same level. I had a plan to restore it in its original shape but after i managed to find original hi caps for it together with the front sway bar that was missing and upgraded the Sport Tuned to a DynaTech 01R i was confronted with reality that 2K1 parts are much harder to find then any other vintage Tamiya model i know of so up until now, i had never made it to find a new body and the original wheels nor the black light weight version nor the driver figure or decals which slowly lead to the fact that i didn't pay too much attention to it anymore. Heres when i received it: Here the car after i managed to find the original hi caps and swap bar: and eventually the Dynatech 01R But then all changed :) ! I found the black light weights on fleabay after a tip here on TC (not on yet as i am awaiting hybrid tires i ordered last week) and Tamiya rereleased the body set which i received last week from RCMart. So end of last week i started cutting the body: masking done and today i layed down the first layers of PS16. We will see the result tomorrow To be continued.
  12. I just obtained a nice Avante 2001. It will need some TLC but the main things that are missing is the front stabiliser bar and the brackets. I have found the brackets but i can't find the stablizer bar. Does the 2011 version also fit as this i can find. Secondly, the battery holder (N-parts) is missing anyone know what i can use to replace this? Is it the same as on the TA01? Last but not least, i noticed a normal stick pack doesn't fit the 2001. Is there any fix for this?
  13. I have been searching for months now to find the Avante 2001 decal set to restore my Avante 2001. The body i have with it is in good shape but the cockpit is painted and the blue paint used for body and wing is not the boxart version so i wanted to buy a ***** body and a new decal set to make it boxart again including installing the driver but with no success to date. Considering the above it crossed my mind that maybe i can get the paint off the current one and repaint it in the right colour with transparent cockpit without damaging the decals on the ouside as they are in mint condition. Is this possible at all? I do not want to experiment on it as if it turns out bad, i do not have a decent body nor decals to make a new one which would be worse. If yes, please share your tips and tricks.
  14. Hi all. I'm selling my Avante 2001. Kit has been dug out of the loft but is all good. Everything is in good condition and works perfectly. I've removed battery and radio gear. Things that are not original are: Rear shocks Tyres (need replacing anyway) Front shock mount (think my dad made the replica aluminium one on it!) There is no radio gear but does have original sport tuned 540 motor and all Cam Locks for wheels are present and working. Post to the States is around 35.00 Euro Post to Europe around 32.00 Euro Price 180.00 Euro I'll give it a week and then it's going on eBay. Many thanks for looking! Adam
  15. I cannot find too much info on this but does the Avante 2011 driver (Z-parts) fit the Avante 2001 body shell?
  16. Hi all, I’m cleaning out the closets, and putting up for sale some of my most prized possessions I want all these collectables to end up with someone I know will appreciate them – so therefore I will give you the first opportunity, before posting on eBay… Second up for sale is the following – an original Avante 2001 58085 – Near NIB! Some of the blister packages have been opened (not my doing!!), and a few of the original parts are missing!!! However – to make up for the missing parts I’m including replacement Hop-Up parts, so that the kit can be completed with the improved option parts instead. As a further bonus I’m also including a few extra Hop-Up’s to sweeten the pot even more The following Hop-Up parts are included: 53031 Avante Posi-Joint Universal Set (Front) - Bonus 53032 Avante Posi-Joint Universal Set (Rear) - Bonus 53034 Dual Ball Diff & Torque Splitter Set – Bonus 53036 Hi-CAP Damper (Mini) – Replacement for missing part 53037 Hi-CAP Damper (Short) - Bonus Everything MUST go together! Shipping inside the EC will be 30£ Shipping to the US will be 82USD Standard or 63USD Economy Offers welcomed! Hi-res pictures available here: http://sdrv.ms/Pu7F3v And – of course mail me with any questions! Cheers Martin martinjordt@hotmail.com
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