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Found 9 results

  1. I am going to the PO to pickup my full size Deadbolt courtesy of Modelsport and DHL. I have a few areas in my local woods that will make good good crawling grounds but I fancy building some small obstacles to set up in the garden more suited to 1/24 scale. The most obvious choice could be a mini me and go for the Axial SCX24 Deadbolt or other Axials also seem nice. Koyosho’s look great but are a fair bit more expensive. FTX seem cheap but are they any good. At the moment I’m leaning towards an Axial of some sort. Any thoughts!!!!
  2. One sunny morning in 2013, I arrived at my office to find the entire department clustered around a single screen. At first I thought they were laughing at some of my code like normal, but as I approached I heard the crashing chords of power metal guitars and the rich tones of melodic shouting. "Hey, come and see this!" My boss said. "My brother's joined a new band and they've just released their first song!" (his brother is the one who looks like a Viking warrior playing the bass guitar. I can't pretend I know him - I briefly met him at a party 3 years ago but was too starstruck to say hi, despite still being good mates with his brother) Now I confess, I'm more of an electronic music fan than a metalhead, I haven't really listened to much metal since the early 00's, and despite having been a huge Fear Factory fan BITD I haven't really listened to their stuff for ages. However, I completely fell in love with the Gloryhammer sound. It manages to be completely daft (like, say, Goldie Looking Chain) but also entirely dedicated to its own authenticity. It's silly and it knows it, but it never plays up to its own silliness. And it tells a great story. And, musically, it's brilliant, IMO. And it's accessible - I feel totally comfortable letting my 3yo daughter dance around it it while the videos are playing because there's no swearing, adult references or people without many clothes on. That said, I could easily listen to it and then forget about it. It was good, but didn't get extended playtime, until the first lockdown, and suddenly that uplifting, crazy and totally irrelevant story started to make sense. At the start of the pandemic, I said to my wife that we might see an increase in the fantasy genre across all forms of art, because the world has become so uncertain and so much realism art has lost its relevance. Fantasy exists in its own world where the pandemic doesn't apply, or where it's turned into something more tangible, like a war against good and evil. And here were Gloryhammer, giving me the escape that I needed. This year I have listened to their albums back-to-back and over-and-over while sitting at my desk, singing along to the crazy lyrics and imagining I'm a warrior in the Hootsforce battling the evil sorcerer Zargothrax for Angus McFife and the future of the galaxy. What relevance does this have to my SMT10 build? Well, firstly, because of how much this year has been defined and quite possibly saved by Gloryhammer, but also because the name fits perfectly with my other solid axle monster truck builds of 2020. First was Spellcaster, the TXT-1 named after an early PC text adventure game about wizards and magic; second was the TLT/Axial hybrid that I named Durandal, after a mythical magic sword. And third will be Gloryhammer, the monster truck that Angus McFife himself would drive. Assuming, of course, that Zargothrax challenged him to do battle in the Monster Jam arena. Now, I must confess, I have sort of jumped the gun (or, indeed, the magic hammer), because I wasn't going to post this until I had something useful to show, and all I've built so far is the axles. However my hand has been forced by some unfortunate Axial kit flaws, so I need to get started with a build thread so I can show my progress (or, rather, lack thereof). So - I don't have any graphics, colour scheme or much else to show yet - all I can reveal is that Gloryhammer will be running the JConcepts Ford Raptor 2010 body, Clod-size Tribute wheels and Firestorm tyres, as well as RH Designs 12.5" wheelbase conversion and sway bars, and will be set up in low-slung racing trim rather than tall monster crusher spec.
  3. OK, this has been a bit of a labour of love for a few weeks now. Still in the prototype stage as I type, but I have a spare evening so I figure it's time for some admin and an update on progress. So, wossis then? Well, it's a winch mount / tough bumper for the Axial SCX10 G6 Rubicon that has been my go-to rig for trail duties for a few years now. For why? Various reasons. 1) The stock bumper isn't perfectly flat, so it's not easy to mount the winch on it. The 3-Racing winch has a big metal base plate with built-in fairlead, and it doesn't sit right on the G6 bumper. 2) The stock bumper (and mount) are flexible ABS. Good for avoiding breakages on the trails, bad for winch duties. In fact with the ground anchor hooked over the roll cage for stowage, the entire bumper twists and looks ugly. 3) I have Proline Flat Iron XL tyres with a huge 120mm diameter, which catches on the corners of the stock bumper. So, to begin with, I found this thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3489699 To start with, I printed it out in grey resin and offered it up. It looks cool enough but a) the mounting posts were too close together as printed and 2) the bumper sits a little too low for my lifted body. I figured the whole thing would look better if I lifted and deepened it, as well as adding a direct-to-chassis mount in place of the post-style mounting to reduce flex during winching and stowage.
  4. So... that Axial SCX10 II kit box that has been sitting around finally got relieved from furniture duty as a makeshift stand. I can't say this is going to be an exciting build as I'm pretty much building it box stock for now... The more interesting stuff will probably come later... much later... Follow this build on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnWfHyV3LtMC6UVdhCpdhGC0eFoBIBEqe Build Details: Axial SCX10 II Kit Xtra Speed AR44 Alloy Axle Housing Boom Racing 25T Alloy Servo Horn Pro-Line 1.9" BF Goodrich Krawlers eBay "D-Hole" aluminum wheels Axial Dingo Front Bumper AX80039A Boom Racing Rear lockouts for AR44 Boom Racing C-Hubs & Knuckles for AR44 Pro-Line PL-C Interior GRC Inner Fenders for Axial SCX10 II - Amazon | eBay | Asiatees Electronics: Hobbywing WP-1080 Brushed Crawler Esc GoolRC 35T Brushed motor JX CLS5830HV 30kg Servo FlySky FS-R6B 6ch Receiver FlySky GT3C Transmitter Tools: Versachem Brake Caliper Grease Turnigy Metric Torque Wrench Hex Driver Set Tamiya Side Cutter Protek RC Shock Pliers (available on eBay) DEWALT DCF610S2R 12V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/4 in. Hex Chuck Screwdriver Kit MIP Metric Speed Tip Set MIP9512 Tamiya PS-30 Brilliant Blue Paint Duratrax Black Paint Noleen SF3 Grease (on eBay) Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station Tamiya PS-5 Black Plastidip Tamiya TS-4 German Gray
  5. Hello world, from cold Sweden I made a video on youtube with clips from me and my friends RCs, feel free to check it out The plan is to upload videos on a regular basis if theres an interest in what I create. Anyway.. enjoy!
  6. Haven't seen many of these for sale in the UK, got this one from RC Bitz Will start building once all the food and the invading hordes have gone
  7. Ok, so I'm going to do a thread for my Yeti Score truck. I plan on updating as I go. Plenty of videos and pics to come. I'll start it off with my video unboxing.
  8. I bought these only a few weeks ago however they are too big for the bodyshell I was going to use them on. Like new Dingo 'Fender Flares' complete with fixings. They bolt-through the bodyshell so should hold up pretty good off road. Will only sell on for what I paid for them, which was £17 posted (I think, the old PM has been deleted!) (please note that parts have been removed from plastic parts trees to make postage easier) Second up I have a CC01 Radshape RC front bumper, brand new, it's been installed but has no marks. Decided it's not really for me, cost £11.99 + post originally, so I'll take £8 posted for this one. Next up is a Tamiya 53387 TA03R-S/F-S chassis conversion with FRP chassis plates. This includes all the instructions, screws / fixings and K / J parts required to convert a TA03F or R to shorter wheelbase, or an existing short wheelbase to FRP double-deck setup. This can also be used in conjunction with my other item to create a TA03R carbon fibre double-deck chassis if desired. New In Package, £40 + Post ONO Next is the aforementioned TA03R carbon fibre chassis plates set OP.363 part 53363. Also NIP/unopened, yours for £50 + post. As said, it could be combined with the above chassis conversion which contains all the necessary parts (K & J parts) and screws to create your very own TRF TA03R if you so wished... Finally I have these pretty rare parts, spare 'H' parts tree from the limited edition 30th Anniversary Porsche 934 kit, also brand new and only removed from its' packaging for this photograph. Part number is 9004184. I can do this for £13 Posted ONO
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