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Found 7 results

  1. Dear Tamiyans and Rc-pilots, in my shelf is sitting a 1982 AYK 566b Supertrail Baja Bison, ready to run, and only used for testing purposes few summer ago. This RC was some plps childhood dream rc and I feel like im not the suited collector that this 40 year old model deserves. This is why i want to sell, or trade it for something. Cause i still love that RC stuff. I want to leave behind the treasure keeping and get back to active racing, bashing, adventuring. So if you like to make an offer for buying or trade another RC, you're welcome. Yours, Coni
  2. Continued some work for a project I started on years ago, the Baja Surf Buggy. This is another of my favourite projects, which is based on an orginal Sand Scorcher (I have no re-re cars in my collection), but it was upgraded with lots of great custom parts made by various TC members. One detail that was fun to make, was the 1:10 Kelly Slater Channel Island/Al Merrick replica I scratch built. I'll update with current pics soon, as the board has some more missing decals, and the actual car has some RR wheels & alu rims. Next up will be paint and some more custom designed parts. There are others roof racks that looks sexier, but I wanted to make one that is widely used... The first preview of the project can be viewed http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=76974&sid=610'>here. ​ The first custom part I've started designing, is a roof rack for the surfboards (I've already made a 3D printable version surfboard also). I based my design on a traditional VW bug rack - for you VW purist, please correct me, as the rack is probablt not made by VW? I plan to print the rack frame in metal, and screw in the wood with some tiny screws I ordered from eBay. Reference pic of the rack: Work in progress: ​ ​ I will update this project as it continues now...
  3. Been lurking here for a few months and thought it was time to share my build. Firstly, this is my first build so be kind and also a lot has been done but I'll try and run through it in order. I used to lust after Tamiya kits as a kid, but was never allowed one. The furthest I got was one of the lovely catalogues. Can't remember the year now, but it featured the 959 and Boomerang. I want to say '88 but not sure. There has been an ongoing RC thread on the Singletrack bike website and I've almost bought in the past but never got around to it. Even though I've been working through lockdown, I decided now was the time to treat myself to a kit. Stock has obviously been an issue but I also didn't want to spend too much incase I got bored quickly. Loved the look of the Sand Scorcher but was a bit put off by the price. A bit of reading suggested it didn't make a great basher anyway. In the end I plumped for a Racing Fighter, as it came with Torque Tuned motor and CVA's as standard and only really needed bearings added to make it a decent runner. Kit arrived and I was a bit taken aback by just how many bits there were. Some assembly required by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Build manual was fantastic and logical and with the help of many little pots and a magnetic bowl, the bags were all neatly sorted and the build progressed over a few nights worth of work. Not going to bore you with the build process, there's been tons of DT03's before. Didn't fancy the kit art orange, so went for blue instead, which after a while on here seems like a common colour. Went with Tamiya Metallic Blue for the body and Black for the wing. Was nervous about the paint process but initially pretty pleased with the result. A few months worth of crashes have wrecked the wing though, with a lot of flaking. Think I might have gone too think with the initial coats. Paint and body by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Kit stickers were a bit fussy and a complete PITA to cut, so kept it simple. Finished by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Ran it for a bit and discovered just how crap the kit tyres are, so bought a set of blue wheels to try other front tyres. Went for a Schumacher Cut Stagger in yellow compound and it transformed the car. On the spare rears went a set of Proline Sand Slingers for use on the beach. These are great fun and make tremendous rooster tails. Car was bottoming out all the time and running really low, so I took the advice from other build threads and bought a set of DF03 springs. Swapped about a bit and settled on the medium set all round. Also tried out a stiffer damper oil, but didn't like it and went back to the kit oil. Rear diff is very loose and very wayward, so tried a thick grease in the diff. This didn't do much and when I stripped it back down it had all been pushed to the very outside of the casing by the spinning forces. Bought a bottle of 500000cst diff "oil" and half filled the diff. Although the diff isn't sealed this stuff is more like glue than oil and has stayed put with no issues. It has also made a big difference on loose surfaces where both wheels now spin. Made getting out of patches of weeds much easier. Also went to a 19t steel pinion at the same time. Many of the tweets are pretty cheap, but shipping adds up, so Ive tended to things in batches to keeps costs down. Tried the wheel weight trick as well and managed to add 40g secreted around the front of the car. In all honesty I can't tell if it made a difference or not, but it can't hurt. I run a lot on a BMX track and it's a pretty tricky surface. Thought I'd try out truck tyres on the rear but didn't quite realise how much bigger they were! Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr by Steven Clubb, on Flickr I'd fitted the truck tyres on a buggy wheel which wasn't ideal and the car grip rolled really easily. Only one solution, truck wheels front and back! Bought a set of Blitzer wheels and uprights on eBay and fitted the used plastic bushings front the build to space for the buggy wheels. Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr It was also my birthday, so my wife bought me a Absima Thrust Eco brushless combo and I ditched the kit rear tyres for a set of Proline blockade. With both kit tyres now in the box, I also had a spare set of wheels and wanted a set of street tyres that would also handle light dirt use. Was really taken with Prolines Chain Link and Angle but had to get them from Germany. By this time I had mismatched wheels and tyres of all combinations, so into the oven they went (while the wife was out all day) and I re-glued them in matching sets. Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr The increase in power with the brushless was immediately obvious but hard to control. I had to switch to the softest punch setting or the car would just flip. I thought at 3400kv the motor would be ok in the DT03, but on any dirt surface the car was really wayward. Lots of barrel rolls followed and the wing got worse and worse. One of my reasons for going BL was to clear the double jumps at the BMX track. Now I had all the speed I needed, but couldn't keep the car in a straight line. Cleared the jump a few times, but the car was now actually less fun. Final straw came last week when it lost control on grass and hit a tree, breaking the front axle. Was probably a bit vulnerable anyway as I had spaced the wheel out, but I put the motor and eco back to standard. When doing this I also noticed I had cracked the nose at some point, but at least the chassis is still in one solid piece (for now). Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Like I said at the beginning, I love the look of the Sand Scorcher. During my buying phase I also took a punt on a lexan Kamtec Baja shell. For less than 20 quid delivered, it was worth a try. Have been trimming bits while I have had a few spare minutes here and there and now have it rough trimmed. Still needs evened up, but I intend to do that once it's mounted securely. Rear needed a lot of cutting to clear the gearbox housing but fairly happy with the result. Will sand and smooth the edges once the final cuts are done. Need to re-fit the truck tyres and check clearances before deciding on mounting holes. Front mounts are easy, the kit has spare posts for use with an Aqroshot body and these line up great. The rear I still have to work out. Might be able to remove the kit wing, but use the mounting bracket somehow. Also thought about using velcro on the gearbox, but not sure how secure this would be? Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Untitled by Steven Clubb, on Flickr Still a way to go, but with a full time job and a one year old, things tend to tick along at a slow pace. Also, now have a spare fast motor looking for a new home but nowhere with kits in stock.
  4. Hi there, I decided to build a replica of my VW bus, a 1973 lifted type2 bay window (with a water cooled v6 engine ) into a RC model. I purchased a reedition 2010 Sand scorcher and started the build couple month ago, I thought it would be all about the details, trying to replicate all the work that went into my original bus into a 1/10 scale version, using a mix of old models parts, 3D printed parts and so on... This is where things started to be a little more tricky than I thought, the only body I could find online of a type 2 bus 1/10 (the one with the square front, not with the V front) is an ABS Body and a Lexan body found on eBay that are basically vacuum molded and lack a lot of details as a result . Second huge detail is the wheel spacing, the bus front to back wheel distance Of the bus body is a lot smaller than the sand scorcher wheel distance... this is when I decided to cut the bottom plate and reduce the overall size of my Sand scorcher body :/ In this thread i’ll Show you all the steps of my work in progress, this is far from being done but i’m Planning on posting regular updates of my built . Hopefully this will be a good one . Here are some pictures of my (real) Bus , you can find more here http://www.instagram.com/pacifist_northwest . Let’s see how close I can get wish me luck.
  5. Found this today: http://www.pbase.com/asmywhim/automobiles&page=2
  6. VINTAGE SAND SCORCHER I am just clearing down as I now have 4 scorchers. I spent many hours restoring this scorcher and then enjoyed thrashing it around on the beach. The bug is all original but is fitted with ballrace bearings which give less friction for longer run times and better performance. I fitted a Tamiya TEU-101BK esc to give better control and more power over the original MSC. The shell is also from a 2010 sand scorcher re-release. It is missing 4 cam locks but I used two bolts with body pins as it was a lot easier than the 4 awkward cam locks. The body has been painted in automotive paints, it isn't a shelf queen standard paint job but it looks awesome flicking up sand. The nosecone has had the number plate reccess filled to give a more racey look. Adding to which it has no glass in the body and number boards in the rear windows to set this bug out from the crowd. The decals are repro and not great quality, a few are slitghtly peeling but that doesn't matter, I built this bug to be enjoyed rather than just looked at. The tyres are original and still in good condition but the fronts are a bit "dry". The outer wheel covers are the originals which have been freshened up with a white aerosol. Sand scorchers are known for there scale replica VW beetle style suspension, however this means that on any surfaces other than sand they have a tendancy to roll even a slow speeds. Therefore, I fitted this bug with rear shocks from a TL-01 touring car which don't allow the rear arms to drop out at a ridiculous angle which makes them much easier to drive anywhere. There is no front shocks fitted to this scorcher. This does not affect the handling at all as the originals leaked so much they were only there for looks. No radio gear is included. You will need, radio gear, battery and front shocks (if you want to have them) to run this bug! Also, included is a driver which still needs finishing. The buyer of this bug will be very, veru happy. This would suit any tamiya collector. I would like £190 ono for this scorcher. UK postage is £12 and will be sent out 1st class recorded. Please PM me if interested.
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