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Found 6 results

  1. Since there is a variety of members here from around the world, I'd like to know what you think about the "basher" scene thats big here in the States. Admittedly I wasn't aware of the term until earlier this year, after getting back into RCs from a long hiatus. Im still unclear if "bashing" means just playing with RCs or it implies crazy 20 foot jumps (then bad mouthing the manufacterer). I'm a bit mixed on the crazier stunt "bashing" though, yes RCs do break, and I do have two dedicated bashers (ECX Torment and a Slash), but it feels a bit predatory given the usual RTR demographic. I only jump mine over curbs into the grass, no ramps or skateparks. Coming from a background in auto repair I always find it funny when Im told "parts will break", imagine if car salesman were that blunt! But after seeing the stunts that some people try to pull off I can see why I hear that so often.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/ecBW9zj Took my new built CC-01 on a bash in the local wood ,my amarok is stock with the exception of a brushless 13.5T motor and water proof esc, didn't lock the diffs and honestly this climbed some serious obsticles ,better infact than me (slippery), yes it goes like a stabbed rat and there are some cogging issues at launch but overall im well pleased with it. So i know im breaking the taboo with the motor ,but i consider it more "extreme offroad" than crawler and on tarmac it practically skims the ground, grinning like a loon at 6:30am in an abandonded swimming baths car park ,what could possibly go wrong!!.
  3. 'Basher' is a relatively new word in my vocabulary, one which I learned here at tamiyaclub.com, and now I need one. So I've 'won' an original Subaru Brat rolling chassis on ebay, shipped for a total of $60. I thought it was a fair price, although it showed up with a broken front body mount due to inadequate packaging. I believed an off-road RC car would make it through the US mail without getting broken, but wound up slightly disappointed. On the other hand it has bearings throughout which is a nice bonus. I was actually looking forward to the locked differential of the early Brat, but this one has a differential in it. Anyway the Brat was one of those cars I drooled over in the Tamiya catalog as a kid and I'm pretty excited to finally have my first ORV (man was I disappointed the fist time I saw a real Subaru Brat with it's tiny tires)! Not shown is a lexan Tamiya Brat body with decals, also from ebay.
  4. Hey All! I am brand NEW the the club and to the hobby! I always wanted a hobby level RC car when I was growing up, but we never had the $$ to play. Now as an adult, the urge came back! So I began researching brands and styles, I feel in love with Tamiya and particularly the life like 4x4 Hiluxes... then I saw the price . So I decided to search locally on craigslist for a cheap car that I could completely disassemble and rebuild as a first project in the hobby. I found a great deal on an old beat up Blitzer Beetle, complete with remote, charger and two batteries; so here I am! I do not plan to shelf this once complete, rather run/race it! Thanks to everyone on this forum for the wealth of information already here! Here is a run down on the current condition and future plans for my NEW Blitzer! Condition I think this is an original, not the re release... any way I can find out? Does it matter? Broken nose piece, cracked body (nose piece mount/RF fender) NOISY gears Refuses to switch to reverse from forward sometimes when rolling (maybe this is normal?) Limp, sagging suspension, bottoms out in front Worn tires, overall well used (loved) bug Planned Upgrades Upgrade to GPM alloy DF-03 shock/spring dampers Upgrade turnbuckle suspension arm and tie rods all around with DT-02 kit Upgrade suspension arm shafts with TL-01 kit Upgrade to alloy front knuckle arms, flip to reduce bump-steer Stabilize f/r damper stays with steel rods Upgrade to ceramic bearings all around Replace all gears, add Cera-Grease Upgrade to DF-03 CVD drive shafts (Can I upgrade the rear knuckles to anything?) Upgrade to 2000-3000kv Brushless/ESC waterproof combo (any recommendations? cheap/quality/not overpowering) Replace tires with Pro-Line Dirt Hawgs Repair body Paint wheels/body (Pearl White/Flouro Yellow/Metalic Blue scheme) What am I missing? What have you all learned? I plan on updating this thread as I go, I'll post pictures and ask lots of questions... feel free to follow along! Thanks all!
  5. On a car that you've built strictly for bashing, do you put on every sticker that came in the kit, or just the important ones?
  6. You know, this is the first Traxxas I've liked the look of
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