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Found 5 results

  1. Evening all. Thought occurred to me: If I could move the extra cell on a hump pack 8.4V NiMH battery from the centre to the end, it would fit in my DT03 buggy which might be a giggle. Don't want Lipo or any of the associated hassles, but if I could cut open the pack and move the extra cell then I could get a bit more pep in my Grasshopper 3. Anyone done this? Any advice? Cheers!
  2. wigglyjohn

    Ni-CAD life span

    What is the life span for a Ni CAD battery pack? I've just charged and used one SAFT pack that's been in storage for over 20 years (along with the Celica Grb) and it works perfectly. Is that normal?
  3. Hey guys - anyone know of the best deal on 5000mAh NiMH batteries? There are some cheap ones I see on eBay but I'm reluctant to buy them since I don't know if they are decent quality... and I'm notoriously concerned about the dangers batteries can pose. That being said - I'd like to find a source for good, high capacity NiMH batteries for less than $30-35 apiece, which seems to be about the going rate. Anyone know of any hookups? Had experience with some value brand(s)?
  4. These are my items- feel free to bid! mention you're a TC member and I'll give a little discount on some items..
  5. anyone know if the 7-cell hump-back NiMH batteries fit the ORV chassis (blackfoot, frog, etc)? there's the opening above the battery slot for the receiver pack. just wondering if anyone's tried this...