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Found 28 results

  1. Originally I wanted a smaller 4wd buggy. As a fan of Tamiya part interchangeability and after reading through many threads about modifying a MF01-X chassis, I went for it. Parts used: MF-01X in 225mm wheelbase Carten Beetle body 210 WB (the Tamiya one could maybe work with 239 WB, but usually buggy bodies need to be somewhat smaller than the chassis) Schumacher SST minipin tires on touring car wheels (a tad small at 70mm, found some tires with 75mm for WLToys on ebay, should look a litle more scale once they arrive) Tamiya 54670 WR-02 aluminium dampers Tamiya 9803236 GF-01 dogbones front Tamiya 51216 TA-02 dogbones rear Tamiya 10115859 WR-02CB front and rear lower arms Yeah Racing 022BU rear upper arm mounts (this solved a lot of issues in that area) A diy damper stay mount (no aftermarket part for that afaik) A few rods and ballcups from the parts bin Turned out looking almost as I imagined, although I had hoped for less weight and more suspension travel - but that's Tamiya for you ๐Ÿ˜. Will be more of a rallye car than a desert buggy then, still lots of fun on loose surfaces I bet. First run soon, hopefully. Let me know what you think.
  2. After finishing my DT-03 Bug-Truck, which is basically a DT-03T with a beetle shell and offroad tires, and after taking this picture with the Racing Fighter and the Neo Scorcher, I thought about giving the Bug a 4WD brother.
  3. (Project Punisher Beetle Udate) Meet Frank, this is the driver and his dashboard. But what I am really proud of is the chasis work I did. If only you seen it before it was like the person who had it ran it thru a oil field thats why he sold it so cheap. The body was giving to me and said I know you will do something epic with it so I took that color splash stickers off and here we are. Im just waiting for Frank's steering wheel to come and its almost done. Thanks for whoever is following this build and have taken interest in it! ๐Ÿฉถ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿฉถ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’€
  4. Started when tried to look for a Blitzer Beetle but due to the pandemic there was a shortage of kits available. Next I found a Sand Scorcher body and started to think ๐Ÿค”. I pulled my Monster Beetle body off and placed it on my sonโ€™s TT-02B Plasma Edge II. Overall it appears to fit but is tight. Also knowing my sonโ€™s TT-02B a lot of upgrades are required and I have been slowly amassing upgrades / hopups. Next I discovered Tamiya Club and realized I am not the only person with the same idea ๐Ÿค—. A lot of great projects by others and here is my interpretation. I took a day off work and here starts my 4WD Blitzer Beetle build. EDIT: now with 4 wheel steering EDIT again: Completed (Oct 18, 2022)
  5. I'm doing some cheap upgrades on my MF01X Rally Bug, and I was thinking of making it RWD both for accuracy and to reduce heat on the motor, should I remove the front dogbones and the driveshaft or just the driveshaft? And on a side note, how important is an aluminum motor mount if I stick with the torque tuned motor?
  6. Looking for a Chrome Blitzer Beetle Body & Or Kit for a friend.
  7. So ive been knocking together a Sand Hopper, this required body mounts, they attach using regular tamiya screws to the regular mounting holes on the chassi. To fit the shell i trimmed down the point of the chassi to the level of the bumper mounts and notched the bottom of the front of the beetle shell maybe 3mm. (ignore the hole in the battery compartment, it is unrelated to mounting the shell, my 2s 5000mah battery didnt fit so i removed the rear wall of the compartment and cut the hole in the top so the power/balance leads are protected inside of the tub.) Files are oriented for maximal strength when printed, the prints will require supports. ADDITION: Made a cover for the point of the chassi, file attached. SandHopperShellMounts.zip frontcover05.zip
  8. I finally found the Blitzer in stock, wanted one for so long. I never liked the orange wheels and thought this little bug deserves some attention. This will be not box art and hoping this will look like in my vision when done. What I am trying to do isโ€ฆ -try and guess! This will have 2.2โ€ narrow front wheels and 2.2/3โ€ wide thread rears. Anyway, lets start the build. The kit includes the new 04 esc, but I will use the TBLE 02. Like allways, Tamiya manual is super easy to follow. I did add ball bearings ( Had extra set of Carson DT-02 bearings laying around) Blitzer uses the same bearing size. Gearbox all ready. Notice the Sport Tuned motor.(it may be changed to ~10.5t brushless later)
  9. This is the begining of something I've been planning for a while. The idea is to start with one kit, A rally Beetle, and see how many different cars I can produce from the one chassis. Wheels and tyres can be changed as well as mounting posts but other than that not a lot. OOps forgot yes different body spacers.L/M/S none. I have the beetle along with a WW body set and a Pumpkin set to start with.The beetle is going to use a set of "Herbie" stickers I bought a while ago, so a nice easy white paint job!!! The only problems I have is the wheels and the colour? The kit wheels are not right at all. Herbie had banded standard vw wheels. Sometimes with hub caps sometimes without.The tamiya VW wheels would be good but too narrow., and banding them too much aggro. Any suggestions. The colour is another issue. In some pictures he looks very off white? (Apparently its called VW pearlweiss) He also has a sun roof!!!!!
  10. Just wat to say hi.. I have been waiting for my wee boy to be old enough for me to pull out my old monster beetle and must have had a hard life before was put away.. I am looking to see where is the best place in uk for spare parts
  11. I couldn't find any answers with the search function - forgive me if this has been discussed before: I have a 2011 Beetle Blitzer kit coming in the mail. I would like to make my own lexan body - for my own use, not interested in the bay etc. It's hard to find a replacement body here in Canada + my 3 boys will inevitably wreck the original body. Question: Is there a way I can mold the body that came with the kit so I can reproduce it with Lexan? I'm sure someone has done it - easy to reproduce an already made body using Plaster of Paris, but I was hoping to copy the body that came with the kit. Thanks for any advice!
  12. Hi All, Looking to put dyna blaster wheels and tyres on my beetle/blackfoot project. Has anyone done this? I have rere frog hex adapters but am assuming I'm going to need different front spindles for the front wheels. Any help muchly appreciated!
  13. Decided to pick myself up a winter build to keep me busy. I've had one of these in the past and thought it was a cool little platform. I ended up selling it and have regretted it ever since. Taking advantage of some holiday deals, I picked up the Beetle rally version and a few options to keep it interesting. This is my 4th Tamiya mini, and joins my pair of M06's and an M07. So now I've got all three flavors - RWD, FWD, and AWD! The kit and a few goodies. A must imo for this chassis with smaller mini tires - the TL01 speed tuned gearset. Picked up the optional motor plate. Not a flashy option, but I know it's in there. I'm a sucker for Tamiya Blue. Rear diff is stock, just assembled with a light touch of ceramic grease. Front diff was stuffed with AW grease. It's my usual setup for any AWD onroad chassis. I'm not sure I understand the inserts for the bearings in the front of the chassis. There must be a reason for them, but I have no idea what it is. Since I've built one in the past, the build is going pretty quick. I picked up the aluminum center shafts for all three wheelbases for options in the future. I added the aluminum servo mount, but forgot to get a pic before I sandwiched the chassis halves together. Next: Suspension.
  14. OCD

    M06 Beetle Kustom

    I built an M06 up from spares and hop-ups I had on hand. Really it's pretty standard fare and didn't think it was substantive enough to bother documenting. Instead I figure I'll just provide a quick rundown of the ingredients so far: M06 chassis I assembled from mostly leftovers of my previous S15 project 53571 fluorine damper set; Tech Racing blue adjusters, 53876 1mm down retainers, blue trf springs rear/yellow front, two-hole pistons front & rear, #200 oil front/ #400 rear Gear diff with some putty, which is probably too stiff to be driveable, so this may get swapped to a ball diff 54268 aluminum motor mount & DF03 heatsink bar Sport Tuned motor Sway-bar kit I made from spares 54604 body mount extensions, as the front posts I had on hand were already too short for the Beetle body 54361 & 54362 carbon damper stays Tech Racing +7mm wide front axles 54237 low-friction kingpins Bunch of pretty aluminum, titanium, & stainless hardware I'm still swapping around wheel and tire combinations, and have a few tricks up my sleeve for the body trim, which will be the bulk of this thread. I've been trying to narrow down my color choice. Currently I am at: PS-40 pink backed with PS-23 gunmetal PS-40 pink backed with PS-49 blue PS-44 green backed with PS-23 gunmetal I think I have too much paint Input or suggestions?
  15. Here's the start of a long project, I've always been a fan of the Scorcher Beetle body and off course the Blackfoot body, but didn't really want to buy another ORV chassis just to get the body, or separate my Monster Beetle from its body.....so I decide to build a rig for a yet to be purchased Blackfoot body. i wanted to do something different, since I already have a spare Lunchbox transmission, which I deviced a 4 link suspension for...I wante to go 4 link suspension in the front too...
  16. FS: used Thorp Dirt Burners "Blackfoot" drive system. 99% complete. Counter gear, Diff Gear, Dogbones, Axles, Hubs, Bearings... The only thing missing is one of the bolts for one of the Hubs. One bolt is included so you can match. http://jpegbay.com/gallery/005377784-.html#1 Taken from a used Blackfoot bought from EBAY. Disassembled, cleaned, lubed with Tamiya Ball Diff Grease, reassembled. Shows some wear - seems to have been "well-loved". $100 Paypal OBO. Thanks! Terry
  17. Hello wonderful people, I have been lurking and reading/learning/envying a while but now I need help lol The Mrs and I got each other blitzer beetles for xmas (woop) and I was intending on putting a brushless set up in mine. I went for one of these, as it was in my toolbox for some reason http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__41130__Turnigy_TrackStar_Waterproof_1_10_Brushless_Power_System_4000KV_80A_UK_Warehouse_.html Got it set up and with a two cell lipo, however I'm getting serious cogging and the power seems somewhat delayed. Its set up with a 13t steel pinion (recommended lots on here thank you) Any suggestions on getting the cogging sorted? Might be worth noting that if i hold the car off ground it doesn't cog but the power delivery still seems off somehow. Thanks!
  18. I'm selling my beetle i bought from another member a couple years ago. i just never got around to rebuilding it. It's complete and original but needs to be rebuilt. I paid $300 USD for it and i'd like that amount back.
  19. When I'm not obsessing over vintage SRB stuff, I like to do some scratch building. I've been planning this lowrider bug for a while and I'm finally getting the build underway. You'll have to bare with me, as it will probably take a while to complete. It will take some time between work, other projects, family, waiting on 3d printed parts, etc... The concept is pretty straight forward- 70's style lowrider Bug with servo's acting as the "hydraulics". It will be built from a combination of stuff I have laying around the garage and 3d printed parts. Reference images: The body I'm using. It's a Kamtec split Beetle. You can see where I started scoring a line for a ragtop Ragtop cut in, recessed area for the roof rails added, and a header bow fabbed Dark grey material for the sunroof. I'll use this material a little in the interior too when I get around to it. Ragtop done I wanted to run wire wheel of course, but the standard Pegasus wheels are far to large for this body. Top row is the standard wheel, and the bottom row is the final size I was shooting for. Tires are just cut down airplane tires with a white wall drawn on them. Then I modeled a support ring/template and had them 3d printed glued the ring to the back of the wheel and started cutting away cut the centers of the wheels out here are all the pieces. left side- stock wheel, center rough cut out, machined smooth and sanded for primer/paint middle- original wheel, center cut out, ring added and spokes cut down right side- printed rings, ring glued to back of wheel new center ready to be glued into place. I'll paint the lips before these are permanently glued into place. I'm actually working on a 2nd version of this that screws together from the back. Might be handy in the future. and a pic of how it sits now. wheel size is MUCH better. 3d modeling everything to test how it all fits together and functions. The battery is as far back as it will go. The servos sit on top of a little 3d printed gearbox powered by a 380 motor. No need for a 540, it will be slow and easy going. Maybe with all the weight at the back I can get it to hop. It will still be fairly heavy at the front though with a hardbody, full interior, etc. I'm not far enough along with the chassis yet to test it out and make adjustments. Gearbox is very compact. It just uses a crown gear and pinion. The outputs are from a traxxas 1/16. They were machined down and ride inside flanged bearings with a large ID. This lets the gearbox be as narrow as possible so the links and shafts can be as long as possible and the suspension can have a lot of travel without binding. I wanted to keep the suspension independent instead of going with a solid axle. Solid would have been much easier, but it's not what I wanted. And part of the interior from an old Cox VW tether car. I'll use the seat and part of the floor. The floor is raised so it will let me run push-rods to the front for steering and the front suspension. And that's about it for now! I'll update more as I slowly make progress.
  20. 26530 1/48 VW Type 82E German Civilian Car (Finished Model) (black Body, released in 2007) 26551 1/48 VW Type 166 Pkw.K2S Schwimmwagen (Finished Model) (released in 2012) 49650 1/35 VW Type 87 w/Tamiya Figure (car model by CMK, figure by Tamiya) 49782 1/35 VW Type 166 Schwimmwagen (released in 2010) N/A 1/48 VW Type 82E German Post (Finished Model) N/A 1/48 VW Type 82E Staff Car (Chrome Plated) (lim.ed, event item released in 2013, based on 32531) N/A 1/48 VW Type 82E Staff CAr (Gold Chrome Plated) (lim.ed. event item released in 2013, based on 32531) N/A 1/24 VW 1200 Beetle w/Metalplated Body (lim.ed. Event item, based on 24136) Thanks for looking!
  21. Hey guys. Pretty new with these older things (first post here). Im wondering if this is worth anything? Found the box when I was looking for the manual to my Raider Pro buggy. As you can see the condition is like new. Never even touched the dirt. Seen on a vintage site that it sold poorly when it was release but is very rare in new condition. I really like this thing but I dont wanna drive it if its something that could be valuable for someone. And since Im not really a collector, I just like to drive them, Id rather sell it. Any price ideas and should I put in up on Ebay or is anyone around here intressted? Thanks for any information. See you later!
  22. Hello. I have a monster beetle in great condition w/ upgrades. It has a rear suspension stabilizer on the gear box, the cool technigold motor, and an aluminum brace that i designed and programmed a cnc machine to mill. It has full ball bearings. I also have the futaba radio, 6 NiCd batteries, and 2 chargers. Included are boxes and manuals for the monster beetle and radio. I have attached some pics. I live in Austin, Texas...Looking for $375 dollars, we split shipping. Thanks for looking! Best to contact me at chris_fabATyahoo.com
  23. ... has not the rear window? Please can you confirm this? If you have the possibility to choose between full windows at 15 Euro and windows withour rear one at 10 Euro what you will choose? Both nib. Thanks Max
  24. Hi people,I finished to restore my Monster Beetle.It was in decent condition except the body that had several coats of paint. After a long restoring work here is the result. Would like to introduce you my Monster Beetle and will make a S.i.g. And here is the showroom entry: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=116053&id=24 I'm very proud of the result. CiaoMax
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