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Found 57 results

  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a project I have been working on to update the ORV chassis for the Monster Beetle. I have been out of the hobby for a long time, but have always had this project in the back of my mind. The two main goals are to get the most out of the suspension travel and to handle the power of a brushless setup. Although the majority of the chassis parts are replaced, keeping the following recognizable features were a priority. Rear trailing arms and axle boots ORV gearbox Front swing arm brackets Front suspension trailing links Original wheelbase (almost, but not quite) Rear cantilever shocks (failed) Original track width Maintaining the original wheelbase was not possible because of the reoriented battery, resulting in a 6% (15mm) increase. Designing a robust rear cantilever shock setup has also been challenging as the additional links and pivot point introduce significant weight and potential points of failure. Unfortunately this is something I have had to compromise on for now, however the "we have BBX at home" rear suspension has been working reliably with upright shocks. Here are some photos from various early stages of development. Several parts are still in the mail, but I will continue to update as kinks are worked out!
  2. Hi all - new to forum Trying to resurrect my QD Blackfoot (was a gift from probably around 1994ish though could have been earlier). Bits missing / issues, and what I’ve done: - Controller : got another on eBay (had to replace snapped m3 aerial - but only got a 25cm flexible one as can’t find telescopic that’s the required 4.2mm - am aware this affects range) - tx/rx crystals : got more on eBay (set of AM 26.995 and 27.255 in case needed to test separately) - battery cover on truck gone : done nothing so far - just taped them in for now - aerial on truck bent - not done anything with that - looks ok.. - wires to battery unit on truck broken off : re-soldered - battery compartment connections corroded - baking powder sol / vinegar to clear - not sure if compatible?, but put 8x 1.5V rechargeable Li-ions in the battery compartment (I won’t try charging via mains fyi - I’d take them out every time / put them in their own charger) Initial testing: Turned on controller, switched on truck… …jolted a couple of times (with no input from controller at all). When Truck held in different positions and turned off/on it’ll essentially try to drive off on its own (at a very healthy speed from the motor in both low and high settings)… - I understand this might be the speed controller ‘locked’ into max position? but having taken it apart a little I can’t see that this is manual speed control so assume electronic control… - not sure if controller / crystals also have something to do with it - no broken connections as far as I can see… - perhaps could all be to do with partial corrosion in batt compartment? not sure how to fix / what else I should be trying (without overhauling/modernising the system)? Any recommendations / suggestions most welcome thank you!!
  3. Hi, I have a 2016 Blackfoot and currently trying to install new sets of wheels (converted to hex), using some spacers so as to be a bit more wide. Problem is, with the spacers the shaft is too short. Do any know of some parts which I can buy so that the shaft itself is a bit longer but still fits the blackfoot ? (front and read)
  4. I want to build a blackfoot on the hot tricks chassis. If anyone have one please let me know. Thanks
  5. I enjoy running my cars even tho people call me crazy for running "shelf queens," but I just love vintage RC cars and trucks. That's why I dont bash. I usually just do some light runs here and there, then put it on the shelf. I just started collecting in April 2022, so yeah, I am late, but I was able to run in all seasons and conditions from summer heat to winter snow, and I found myself loving the fall season. I recently ran my blackfoot III the other day, and I just loved the crisp Kool Air and running wild in the leaves. I had a lot of fun. Plus, your motor doesn’t get as hot like the summer runs, lol. Wich season and weather conditions do you prefer to run? Lets see some pics!
  6. I am looking for any aluminum parts. Bumbers, shocks, mounts, wheels ect
  7. Im repurposing this thread to keep my builds in one place, leaving the posts about my TT02B Scorcher, linking to my Terra Scorcher thread for the pics and comments for when i put it together but i dont expect there to be much more happening in that thread. My Terra Scorcher build. Hey all! A couple of days back i started a Plasma Edge 2. This is the first ever kit im building and my first hobby grade RC car since a Marui Big Bear i had back in the nineties. (Had two or three toy grade cars since) A couple of years back i got back into RC with building/flying fpv drones and foamboard planes, was good fun but ive since fallen out of that, too much repairing compared to RCing, im hoping a car will be a bit less maintenance per battery pack In an earlier thread over in Other Makes i showed off the 3d print that got me back in RC this time, after getting that together i wanted to pick up a kit. I was looking between the Plasma Edge 2 and the Neo Fighter, both look real good but since id never had a 4wd i decided on the TT02B over the DT03, even tho it cost a bit more. Following the instructions to get it together was very straight forward after looking at a couple vids in preparation and building a 3d printed 1/10 rwd buggy a little earlier. As for pics of the build process ill go with "draw a circle, draw another circle, now draw the rest of the f###ing owl" rather than spamming lots of pics that most of everyone will have no interest in seeing. I followed along the instructions, only difference from box stock was adding in ball bearings. Since getting it to the above state ive had it out for a little test drive, so happy with how it moves, even if the ground was mostly frozen except for a little patch of gravel at work. Today i properly attached the antenna holder using the top hole on the inner servo mount, added some foam to the underside of the battery hold down to prevent rattling and added little shelf where a battery voltage alarm was attached as i dont know what, if any, lipo cut off the carson dragster 70A esc has (it was included in the kit rather than the tamiya esc i was expecting). I also designed and printed 10mm extensions for the shocks to hopefully give a bit more ground clearance. Sadly they turned out to be a bust as the arms will not go more than a mm or two lower. Was expecting them to be able to go down at least 10mm since they go up more than that but the cups for the drive axles hit the arms just slightly below horizontal. To get a bit more clearance ive put in an order for some 96mm tires on 12mm hex rims, its not a huge step up so hopefully ill be fine without changing the gearing, the rims should be large enough that they will fit over the axle carriers, offset wasnt specified but in case the included rims arent good ill just 3d print my own to fit. Until the new wheels (and some other random bits) arrive i figure im going to paint the body shell, from my tabletop mini hobby i have an assortment of acrylics and an airbrush, seeing that the proline body colors are water based i feel relatively sure they are also acrylics so i think ill be fine with what i already have. Im having a hard time deciding on how id want to paint it tho, the strongest thought i have is red because "Red Wunz Go Fasta", i think it would look nice with the visible black parts of the chassi, white shocks and black/white/blue/yellow of the decals. Will update upon more progress.
  8. At first I didn't like the blackfoot coming into this hobby last year as I was a Tamiya King Cab Nissan lover but it grew on me and I said to myself I have to at least have 1 in my collection so after researching I noticed tamiya made quite a few versions of them. I have always been the person to root for the underdog so I went with the least popular one the blackfoot III. This is my take on it so far. The driver is back from the dead and want some get back on the ones responsible for shooting and killing him off. I gave him a superstock motor with a 3s lipo to help catch them and run them off the streets. I just hope they don't have a brushless system in theirs lol Anyway I had fun building this one and wanted to share. What is your favorite blackfoot? Lets see those builds!
  9. Hi all, After many years of neglect (30+), I have finally pulled two Beatties bags from my loft, containing a Blackfoot and a Midnight Pumpkin. In the first instance, I'm keen to get the Blackfoot up and running again, but with upgrades and would love some advice on ESC, brushless etc. as I'm really confused by the new stuff! To begin with, I have completed a full strip down, removed all of the old bearings, done a bit of necessary supergluing and placed a few orders for: - New full bearings - MIP super ball diff - Universal 'dog-bone' drive shafts - Aluminium oil filled shocks - New counter gear I'm looking once I have all of this installed, to go to: - alloy rear hubs - An ESC and brushless sensor motor - Ni-MH batteries (3,300 mah) - Pin spike tryes So, my immediate question is - Which budget motor and ESC option would be best to maintain comparable speed to the silver can, but give better running time? Am I daft for considering this upgrade if I'm not after massive speed boosts? And... am I missing any other more worthwhile upgrades?
  10. I've kind of got to the point where I look around my basement and realize just how deep into this RC hobby I've gotten. I've been enamored with RC since I was about 15 and as I sail past my mid 40's every now and again I take a step back and look at the horde I've accumulated. Pretty much my entire basement is now a hobby shop, and stuff just keeps coming in. It occurred to me that if I got hit by a runaway chicken truck tomorrow, how on earth would my wife sort out this mess? To that end, I've put a hold on new purchases for now, and embarked on a project to sort, categorize, and assign approximate value to everything I own.... it's quite the project and something I wish I had been doing as I went! As I've been sorting though stuff, I've been finding all kinds of bits that are leftover from previous builds - partial kits that I've robbed, plundered, or parted out over the years. Not to mention quite a few restoration projects that I started and got distracted by some other shiny new object and just never finished. About 1/3 of my collection is projects that are "in progress.." So in-between sorting, I've been tinkering with some of the projects I've forgotten I had. Messing around with a Tamiya always brings a smile to my face, and reminds me of the simple fun I had when I first got into this hobby - something I'm sure many of you feel as well. So, to that end, I'd like to post up some of the Tamiya projects I come across. I used to buy and restore vintage Tamiya quite often - tearing down a car, cleaning it and rebuilding/modifying is one of my absolute favorite things to do in this hobby! However prices lately seem to have gone through the roof, and parts have been slowly drying up since the MAP price increase years ago - I guess there's no more profit in parting out anymore, so I've since stopped and stick to new kits. Thankfully, I've accumulated enough stuff to keep me busy for quite a while. So instead of posting several different threads, I thought I'd create just one and post up projects as I go. Updates will be somewhat sporadic as my main goal is my spreadsheet, but I DO want to finish these if nothing else as it makes them easier to classify. So far I've found a Bearhawk, Falcon, King Cab, most of a King Blackfoot, Thunder Dragon, Bruiser, and a dual motor M02. Not to mention about a dozen newer kits in bits I can piece together, and some that just need some paint - CC01, TA03, DF03RA, and more. About 20 in all that I hope to have finished by Spring. Drop in once in a while and see what's cooking! ------------------------ Alright, enough blather - let's see some pics! First thing that caught my eye was this poor Monster Beetle Trail. I stole the portals for my TL01 and the body and gearbox were built and sitting on the shelf. Sorting though my TL/MF/WT/GF parts box (since they all intermix) I found a simple TL01 suspension and grafted it on. (Note the unfinished WW2, Konghead, and TL. More fodder for later builds. :)) However, the wheel wells on this body don't line up at all. Not sure if this was a re-pop from something or a newly designed body, but it's not even close. Without the portals, the tires hit the body terribly. Normally I would shave the body to accommodate, but instead I messed around a bit and come up with...Tada! TL01B arms move the wheels out much further. With the short WB and wide stance it looked silly with the stock wheels so I slapped on some SC wheels with a bunch of positive offset to bring the width back in. I think the stance is spot on! I'm undecided on wheels and tires just yet, but going with SC wheels and tires gives me a lot of options. It's just mocked up for now, but I like it. Need to figure out some electronics, sort out some details and do some painting.
  11. I bought myself a beater BF on eBay as a Xmas present to myself. Lots of vintage hop-ups and a body in decent shape. After a month or so of Tamiya putty and sanding and spraying and fixing and redoing this and redoing that, I’ve decided it’s good enough for me. The sunroof was my wife’s idea The best part was finding NIB chrome for $40 delivered. Score! Terry
  12. Hi. My first post, so thanks in advance for any help offered! I've just bought and built a 2016 Blackfoot. Everything standard apart from metal ball bearings. 3000mah nimh battery. The transmission seems very smooth and working properly. But with the motor in, if i turn the rear wheels forward (with my hands) it doesn't turn as easy as I think it should. When I turn them in reverse its harder again. So this was concerning. The gear mesh is good. When running it, to me, the truck seems slow. I expected a quicker pickup. With a 10T pinion the top end is never going to be that quick. The engine gets hot quickly and after 4 or 5 minutes it is extremely hot to the touch. ESC is not hot. After about 5 minutes the car loses any punch it did have and after about 7 minutes its lost a lot of speed. It could run for a few more minutes but the fun has gone by that stage. Other thing to mention, it doesn't freewheel very far. In reverse, though reverse is slow, it practically doesn't freewheel at all. I'm trying to work out how much of this is normal as Ive never had a tamiya truck before, and how much is a problem. I'd be happy to buy a better motor and battery but no point if the same problems persist. My daughter has a Tamiya Racing Fighter, same set up, and it is so much faster, runs so much longer, motor doesnt get hot etc, that I'm left a bit disappointed with Blackfoot. It looks great though!! Many thanks for any advice.
  13. Hi All, I am in need of 3 spotlight stickers for a project. The blackfoot appears to have the stickers I'm after and I'm sure I have seen some other models with the same/similar design. The following is what I'm looking for: Please could anyone let me know if they have anything suitable. Need a minimum of 3. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi everyone. Just a heads up, I have been in contact with Don regarding his .50 caliber customs CNC rear ORV arms, and he is now considering the option of another parts run if there is enough interest. He is going to contact some local machine shops to work out minimum numbers and minimum pricing required and take it from there. Obviously the rear swing arms are the crown jewel item, but other possible parts if it goes ahead are steering blocks, front arms, rear shock mounts, rear body post brace, and motor cover. Some links to show examples of his parts - https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/tamiya-frog-brat-orv-aluminum-468167415 https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/tamiya-monster-beetle-black-foot-mud-440019891 https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/tamiya-vintage-blackfoot-monster-481068476 https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/tamiya-monster-beetle-black-foot-mud-401325750 https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/tamiya-frog-monster-beetle-blackfoot-132398427 https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/tamiya-frog-brat-blackfoot-monster-137667539 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=97760&id=23382 Don's plan once he knows minimum cost and numbers is to start a go fund me page to raise the capital required. He is happy for me to share his email address so any questions can be sent directly to him, but please genuinely interested inquiries only - Don McAtee - mcateedon@gmail.com Lets all support him on this and cross our fingers in the hope that it goes ahead Cheers, Dave.
  15. Hi All, Looking to put dyna blaster wheels and tyres on my beetle/blackfoot project. Has anyone done this? I have rere frog hex adapters but am assuming I'm going to need different front spindles for the front wheels. Any help muchly appreciated!
  16. Gearbox for the Monster Beetle, although it should be a direct fit for all ORV cars. The design has been tested hard in my MB, through several vintage events and bashing sessions in all weathers. This eliminates the main problem with the car, the separation of the gearbox sides and destruction of the diff. With this transmission the kit diff will hold up to high powered motors without needing to be upgraded. You can also move the motor to set the pinion mesh and change ratios, viewing the mesh clearly through a polycarbonate window. What's included: - 3mm carbon fibre gearbox sides, CNC cut and engraved - CNC machined billet aluminium gear box structure - CNC machined aluminium motor mount plate - Polycarbonate end cap - All necessary additional fasteners inc. hex socket screws all round - Shipping worldwide £120
  17. Hi All, I am after some unused driver parts for a Blackfoot 3. They come on the 'H' sprue with part number 19000249. I only need parts 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 from the sprue. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks Mark
  18. I have for sale (UK based) 2 Nr WT-01 (Bush Devil 2's) one in Blue one in Black. stripped to stock rollers with steering servo's only. No motor, no ESC. Tires are New never run as we switched to a different tire. Both will have boxes in pristine condition. Instructions used once to build the car. Graphics and paint are non box art and all remaining parts and decals are in the BOX. £65 plus post each. Both are used in good condition (likely about 15-30 batteries through each) only exception is the Blue shell has a crack that I have fixed with Shoe Goo & Tamiya Body repair tape. As you will see from the photos they are in overall good used condition. Only used with Tamiya Sport/torque tuned motors on NiMh batteries. Both were build as Christmas presents last year and have been maintained by myself. Blak one had to have a new front dummy gearbox after a frontal impact with his little brothers MadBull. Both have the motor mount screw held in place with a nut on the end, Both also have the pinion and motor plate attached to the car. Photos updated and in last post in thread. Both are £60 plus post. NOTE Blue one has one of the front spotlights missing. NOTE photo immediately below is Just after they were finished and is a year old. This photo is of both trucks just after we finished them. you can see what a difference the big wheels make. On mine (blue) the flames started to peel on the bonnet so I removed them. Reduced to £60 each plus post. I also have 2 FULL sets (8 tires and wheels in all) monster tires for these, make the truck stand wider and higher and give it real presence. Also less likely to flip over. They fit onto the original car rims and include foams and don't need glue (unless you run LIPO with Brushless) only light wear still over 80% TREAD. These will fit any of the WT-01 buggies as well as the Blackfoot/Monster Beetle trucks. I have attached some photos of the trucks when just finished (above) to let you see the stance of them. £25 for 4 plus Post. I also have 2 full Alloy wishbones, attached to gearboxes, with most (if not all) drive shafts etc. with BIG BORE Alloy shocks and GPM Alloy Damper mounts/uprights (30 new for a pair) I bough these of eBay with the idea of up-rating mine but never ran them as I got a Traxxas Stampede. As such cant comment on the gearboxes or shocks. £60 plus post. REDUCED to £50 plus post. All will be well packaged and post of your choice from least expensive is Royal Mail 2nd class signed for through 1st to ParcelForce 48Hr. All have some degree of tracking and signed for and have been proved very reliable for me. This assumes a UK buyer. As post is at cost I am happy to get a quote to post overseas if wanted. PayPal only. F&F is fine OR if you prefer to use Goods and Services you will need to cover the fees. I am offering these all here first before resorting to eBay. Any questions please ask. If you want to do a package deal PM me. ALL now on eBay, will only sell here IF I have no bids on eBay on that item. Thanks,Andrew
  19. I've been delaying posting this until I was sure I had everything figured out and wasn't going to be halted due to cost or loss of interest. So, after my Bad Influence (Stag) Jugg/TXT build, I had a bunch of reasonably viable parts left over: Then another thread reminded me of a project I'd wanted to do before, but had abandoned due to lack of skill, so off it was to eBay - and with the help of waterbok nabbing some parts from Germany when my address was deemed invalid I ended up with this haul: I decided to go with Jugg2 axles instead of RC4WD Blackwells because they had the input offset I'd need to reduce driveshaft angle, it was cheaper for a matching pair, and I wouldn't have to purchase adapters to fit the Clod wheels. Also, I'm going to use the stock Jugg servo saver setup with a single servo for 4wheel steer (which may be changed depending on how many times I roll the truck). Yes, those are alloy Jugg E parts and a leaf spring bag. We're going old school. Then, it was off to Rhino - quite a bit of steam coming out my ears getting all the measurements right and double checking positioning but then I got this: Currently, according to Shapeways it'll be shipped on Mar 8, and then I'll be able to test fit things and see how wrong I got everything. Can anyone guess what the final product is supposed to look like? (there's a hint in the title of the thread)
  20. Hi has anybody got a rear bumper for a king blackfoot they would like to sell? if you have anything please let me know cheers
  21. Super excited to get a Blackfoot! I ordered some Ball Bearings for it, (Fast Eddy) and that's it so far. I'd heard about the MIP ball diff, but I dont want to soak another $60 on this right away. Not planning on gong brushless or Lipo right away. What am I missing?
  22. http://r.ebay.com/38p1st I found this during my daily EBAY search... What would be the purpose of this??? Are the benefits worth buying this or making one out of spare parts at home??? Thanks, Terry
  23. Now SOLD I have a Blackfoot Extreme shell for sale in gloss black. Lots of photos, no scrapes at all, but some chips on the chrome. Only stickers are front lights, front grill, roll bar spots and rear number plate. There is Shoe Goo on the inside of the shell at the bonnet hump but I cant see why as there is no evidence of a crack or split the outside of the shell. I got this on what I will be running for a basher for a learner (good lady and youngest son) so it will get destroyed and I am told its worth £30. I will get a polycarb shell to run on it instead so anyone interested in this body as is. Will post further for the extra cost.
  24. Here's the start of a long project, I've always been a fan of the Scorcher Beetle body and off course the Blackfoot body, but didn't really want to buy another ORV chassis just to get the body, or separate my Monster Beetle from its body.....so I decide to build a rig for a yet to be purchased Blackfoot body. i wanted to do something different, since I already have a spare Lunchbox transmission, which I deviced a 4 link suspension for...I wante to go 4 link suspension in the front too...
  25. Want to buy: NIB or used (in good working condition) Tamiya Frog "sway bar" or "stabilizer" set for rear. Looking for Trinity #7002, or You-G #TM-8413, or a CRA rear stabilizer set. If you have one you can sell me (USA), please get in touch! Thanks, Terry
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