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Found 7 results

  1. Can anyone help me identify these parts please. I feel like the 4 black discs are parts of Wild Willy B Parts but I don't know what they actually are. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  2. https://www.stirlingkit.com/blogs/news/toyan-4-stroke-2-cylinder-engine-rc-car-kit-power-master-stirlingkit
  3. I've decided to rebuild one of the first cars I restored. I've come a long way since doing my initial Blazing Blazer resto about 12 years ago, and have been contemplating re-restoring the Box Art Blazer for a while. The reason is mainly that I have not been satisfied with the job I first did, especially the paint job. Although it wasn't all that bad, I've felt as it could be a lot better, and it has kinda bugged me, sitting there not being what it deserves to be. This is the result from the first resto job in 2003 I got hold of a semi built/NIB Blazer locally a few years back, but never had the heart to break open those NIP bags og goodies and complete the build, so I sold it. The BB was never one of my favourite cars, but it has def grown on my over the years. I've always loved the early Broncos though, and the look & feel of vintage off roaders and off road racing. The Big Oly Bronco has long time been one of my favourites. So, after many years of thinking about redoing the Blazing Blazer, I've made up my mind and started the work og turning my old Blazer into a Big Oly Blazing Bronco hybrid. Fellow TC member Badboy has already done a very nice version of the Big Oly on the Blazer platform, which can be seen here. There are some obvious differences between the Chevy based Blazing Blazer, and the Big Oly Ford Bronco, but both the bodies have been heavily modified for the legendary Mexican 1000 race, and do look a similar enough for this project. That goes for the main body part, but not the grill. So, I designed a new one, based on the one seen on the Big Oly truck, with the double head lights... I got the first version from Shapeways yesterday, but did some adjustments, so will have the finished part in about a week. The back of the grill will be filled with a black fine mesh, and iit is designed to fit head lights from the Hilux. I've already stripped the old body, sanded and smoothed the body, primed and painted & cleared. The next big hurdle is the decals. I am currently designing all the decals in Illustrator from scratch, as most of these vintage logos can't be found in vector format, or as high res images. This is a tedious job, and albeit I am a graphic designer, just the research recognising the old logos and then scratch making them, is a lot of work... The chassis only need minor work and partial assembly, and the main body is finished in the paint booth, so the actual completion of this build isn't that far off. I will send the decals for printing, and do the detailing and painting of the smaller accessories very soon. So stay tuned for some pictures and updates [/img]
  4. Hey gang, This Blazing Blazer popped up on feeBay and I was wondering if it's worth picking up? I know the values have sky rocketed but I'm going to thin the Tamiya heard in order to make room for one of these rare unicorns. I admit, my Vintage Tamiya skills have not been up to snuff recently so I am posting here to the Tamiya gods for advice on this particular BB. Other than the obvious high price, is there anything on this particular example that should cause me to "look elsewhere?" The only thing I really noticed was the addition of the shocks... particularly the rear set up as it looks a little "rigged" using nuts as spacers. Any pro's or con's on this particular example? Thanks!
  5. Hi, Just got my hands on my Blazing Blazer (pics below) from when I was a kid. It hasn't been used in 20+ years where it's been sat in my parents garage. Needs some TLC and I haven't yet attempted to get it running. I also have the original manual. How much do people think it would be worth?, as it's not something I'm really into? Thanks
  6. Hi folks! I just started a FB group for fans of the two first 3-speed 4x4 trucks Tamiya Hilux 58028 and Blazing Blazer 58029. https://www.facebook.com/groups/390556591279959/390563007945984/?notif_t=like&notif_id=1482409022058774 Owners of a Hilux or Blazer are more than welcome. No Bruiser, Moutaineer, re-re Bruiser or Mountain Rider allowed. If you are scrapping for parts and start a project welcome. Projects, NIB, build threads, action or trix and tips are welcome. So please do me the honor and become a member as I just love them both and love to see pictures of them. Cheers Thomas Badboy Tillberg (if you somehow can't apply for membership send me a PM)
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