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Found 24 results

  1. Looking for both front and rear tyres as seen on the Blitzer Beetle and Blitzer Stadium. Can't find them anywhere! Every online RC store has sold out! Part Numbers 50449 and 50450. They don't need to be new or anything, but preferably no rips or tears. If anyone has any for sale, please do let me know!
  2. Looking for both front and rear tyres as seen on the Blitzer Beetle and Blitzer Stadium. Part Numbers 50449 and 50450. They don't need to be new or anything, but preferably no rips or tears. If anyone has any for sale, please do let me know!
  3. Hi, I am looking for replacement STREET tires for front and rear for Blitzer beetle. Tamiya has a single sized Street Rover tires, but is there anything else better as the front wheels are narrow and the rear wheels are wider. Suggestion can be aftermarket and does not need to be Tamiya brand. They can be street treads or mini pin tires. Thanks in advance
  4. Took the punisher blitzer out for a late night stroll so Frank could try out his new dome light. I made it for him cause we all know what it's like to drop your phone or gun in the car and can't find it. I think he likes it! 😂 #tamiya #tamiyarc #tamiyablitzerbeetle #tamiyasandscorcher #volkswagen #volkswagenbeetle #thepunisher
  5. I Always wanted one of these and I was on the fence of keeping it in the box or build it. Well as you can see wich one I chose. Video's of it running coming soon!
  6. So before I start my final blitzer project I think its time I finally finish the chrome edition blitzer project but im undecided wich sports tuned would look better. This will be more a shelf queen so I don't want to put anything too crazy in it. Wich one would you choose?🤔
  7. Started when tried to look for a Blitzer Beetle but due to the pandemic there was a shortage of kits available. Next I found a Sand Scorcher body and started to think 🤔. I pulled my Monster Beetle body off and placed it on my son’s TT-02B Plasma Edge II. Overall it appears to fit but is tight. Also knowing my son’s TT-02B a lot of upgrades are required and I have been slowly amassing upgrades / hopups. Next I discovered Tamiya Club and realized I am not the only person with the same idea 🤗. A lot of great projects by others and here is my interpretation. I took a day off work and here starts my 4WD Blitzer Beetle build. EDIT: now with 4 wheel steering EDIT again: Completed (Oct 18, 2022)
  8. This thread charts the conversion of my Blitzer Beetle from bone-stock basher to vintage racer. The story begins back in late 2011 when I placed an order for a Blitzer Beetle re-release. I honestly can't remember what shop I ordered it from, if I got it from overseas or a UK-shop or the local shop or even in a trade on here. Usually there's at least some vague recollection of where and when I ordered things, but this particular model escapes me. I can't even remember why I ordered it. I had previously owned a Stadium Thunder, which I bought new-built from someone on here and I ran for a while before selling it on, but I had never really fully 'got' the stadium truck thing. While it was a lot of fun, and the Thunder body is IMO one of the finest most aggressive-looking trucks to come from the Tamiya stable, I didn't feel the need to keep hold of it. I sold a fair bit of stuff around that time, so it was probably a victim of one of my random clear-outs. I do recall that I intended to build this model to mark the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. I had made a plan with some friends for an NYE Build-Off. My wife (then my girlfriend) and I would head over to our friends' place with a pile of NIB kits and a keg of locally-brewed ale and we would sit and build as the night went on and (hopefully) celebrate the new year with some freshly built Tamiya goodness. My intended kit was the Blitzer Beetle, I honestly can't remember what my wife had - possibly a TT01 that I wanted built for something, as I'd already built a few and she'd never built a car before. Alas, it was not to be. The sudden onset of flu-like symptoms in the destination household put an end to planned festivities, so my wife and I stayed home and watched Star Wars instead, setting a tradition that has become less often our fallback and more often our default state in the NYE celebrations that have followed. The Blitzer Beetle was not forgotten, however. It remained NIB until April of 2012, when it was slowly built over a period of lazy evenings and mated to the stadium truck body from a HPI Firestorm. And the Blitzer Storm was born. Here it is in all its glory, freshly-built and resting on the sofa in my old flat. This was back before I bothered to take half-decent pictures of anything. A year later the trusty Blitzer Storm accompanied me to a local beauty spot for a light bash. The wheel fell off.
  9. http://shpws.me/RSRT Forgot i did these. These rear uprights replace the kit parts on the following kits, original or rerelease: Tamiya Stadium Blitzer Tamiya Stadium Thunder Tamiya Blitzer Beetle They introduce 3 degrees of toe in for stabilisation of the rear end on turn in and greater traction on exit. They are not compatible with the fixed plastic upper arms, they require camber links with ball connectors. The inboard camber link hole is same as the kit. The other hole lengthens the link and lowers the roll centre for more traction at the expense of more body roll. There is a 4.5mm spacer inside each bore should be cut out on the sprues and cleaned up. This can be placed in front or behind the upright when mounting to the suspension arm to adjust the wheelbase. I suggest placing it in front to start with. This maintains the wheelbase around the kit setting. If you want a shorter wheelbase, put the spacer behind the uprights. Make sure the spacer is in the same position on both sides of the buggy. Uses 2 x 1150 (5x11x4) bearings in each upright. You will need to clean out the bearing bores with an exacto knife just to make the shoulder edge in the housing sharp. They are tight fitting, but that is on purpose to make sure they stay put. The camber link ball nut should be installed using a M3 x 12 cap head screw. The ball nuts you need are any of the following type (you need one nut per upright) Tamiya 9804206 steel ball nuts Tamiya 53640 aluminium ball nuts Tamiya 9808012 steel ball nuts Or any other Tamiya 5mm ball nut. Clean out the 3mm holes with a 3mm drill or 3.05mm reamer.
  10. So, I made my introductions in the General section so won't go into that. I got my 'Hopper a couple weeks back now. Spent a couple of evenings getting it up and running. This is from the other day. Couldn't resist a spin round the garden. In fact, I've done quite a lot of that The kids (5 & 2) are fascinated by it which is cool. Hopefully they'll get to learn how to drive and enjoy. Next jobs:- Paint the body. I'm in 2 minds as I got Kawasaki green then realised there's an actual factory candy green edition Fit the driver figure & light pods. Need to do some final detailing. Eventually I'll fit the Torque Tuned motor just for fun. Already tidied up the wiring...it's a little bit thrown together in the image Any tips on securing the battery door? Not lost it yet but I assume this may be an issue in the future I really love the look of some of the T4 Works cars. Would love to pick up some of those parts but the costs with shipping are difficult to justify! By the way, any recommendations on photo hosting?
  11. Has anyone experienced the Blitzer beetle skidding out or spinning when turning on concrete? Mine seems to be so heavy in the rear that when I turn on concrete the BB will do a 180 spin.
  12. Hello, and greetings from Norway! I've picked up a Blitzer Beetle kit (2011), and I want to build it with tribute to the classic "Monster Beetle" from 1986. I found the Monster Beetle in bad shape in my parents basement this summer, and although I want to restore it some day, I wanted to build my own buggy first. So: I want to build the Blitzer Beetle with several elements from the Monster Beetle. Front bumper, reard guard and lights are ordered from ebay, and wheels have arrived already. My question is: How will the stock setup in the Blitzer handle these wheels? (see attached photo). Should I get a different piniongear? Or will it hold up just fine? Also wondering about the steering... Will it be too much too handle? Any input is appreciated.
  13. Hi, as promised to the seller I open a thread about my new arrival, the vintage Blitzer Beetle. This Beetle is arrived from a Canadian member for few dollars (thanks mate). It arrived in a very little box without body and wheels. It started as a Stadium Blitzer but I changed it to Blitzer Beetle. This is the second BB of my collection, both vintage. The other one is NIB. This will be a runner and will be pimped up for the best performance (as Tamiya says). This probably will be not an off road racer but a tarmac one. As you can see it has low profile street tires (from TR-15T) and low set up. It also came with front turnbuckles and different front C-hubs that allow some height set up on front knuckles. The car is full ball raced. Unfortunately has many broken parts like one rear hub, both shock towers (a classic especially on rear one) and rear gearbox that has probably been over tightened. Fortunately the chassis is good, not breakages on front end. My project for this car is rear homemade ball differential, rear CVD shafts, steel suspension shafts all around, rear turnbuckles, better alloy dampers, steering links to eliminate bump steer, hot hot motor, steel pinion gear and maybe a homemade slippery clutch. There will be also a lexan body, the ABS one will be for shelf only. Stay tuned. Max
  14. Hey All! I am brand NEW the the club and to the hobby! I always wanted a hobby level RC car when I was growing up, but we never had the $$ to play. Now as an adult, the urge came back! So I began researching brands and styles, I feel in love with Tamiya and particularly the life like 4x4 Hiluxes... then I saw the price . So I decided to search locally on craigslist for a cheap car that I could completely disassemble and rebuild as a first project in the hobby. I found a great deal on an old beat up Blitzer Beetle, complete with remote, charger and two batteries; so here I am! I do not plan to shelf this once complete, rather run/race it! Thanks to everyone on this forum for the wealth of information already here! Here is a run down on the current condition and future plans for my NEW Blitzer! Condition I think this is an original, not the re release... any way I can find out? Does it matter? Broken nose piece, cracked body (nose piece mount/RF fender) NOISY gears Refuses to switch to reverse from forward sometimes when rolling (maybe this is normal?) Limp, sagging suspension, bottoms out in front Worn tires, overall well used (loved) bug Planned Upgrades Upgrade to GPM alloy DF-03 shock/spring dampers Upgrade turnbuckle suspension arm and tie rods all around with DT-02 kit Upgrade suspension arm shafts with TL-01 kit Upgrade to alloy front knuckle arms, flip to reduce bump-steer Stabilize f/r damper stays with steel rods Upgrade to ceramic bearings all around Replace all gears, add Cera-Grease Upgrade to DF-03 CVD drive shafts (Can I upgrade the rear knuckles to anything?) Upgrade to 2000-3000kv Brushless/ESC waterproof combo (any recommendations? cheap/quality/not overpowering) Replace tires with Pro-Line Dirt Hawgs Repair body Paint wheels/body (Pearl White/Flouro Yellow/Metalic Blue scheme) What am I missing? What have you all learned? I plan on updating this thread as I go, I'll post pictures and ask lots of questions... feel free to follow along! Thanks all!
  15. Hi Everyone, this is my first post in 10 years! I'm getting my 2 boys into the RC hobby and starting them off with a couple of Stadium Blitzers that my brother and I used to race. We are putting a Beetle body on one of them so I thought I would share the progress. How do you like it? Cheers! AZ
  16. Hello, I’m refurbing and upgrading my old 90s Blitzer Beetle and have barely touched the hobby since back then so am a real novice. I’m looking at putting a lexan body on it (gone for kamtec baja) and I like the slightly more lowered look like the one in these pics: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=121529&id=13023. I know I can cut the rear mounting holes higher up the body, trim out space for the motor and trim back the wheel arches, but how can I lower the front mount? Is there an alternative Tamiya front mounting set which would fit the Blitzer Beetle which would allow much lower mounting? Or even, like my old mates used to do back in the day with their Schumacher/Losi buggies, is velcro somehow workable? And if so, isn't there a risk the glue it could melt/damage the paint or just tear it straight off? Many thanks for any help.
  17. I have started experiencing overheating issues with my blitzer beetle and was wondering if any of you guys can point me in the direction of a fix... Spec: EZRun 35a ESC 9T Motor 13T Steel Pinion. 2S LiPO 30C Extension leads connecting ESC to Motor System is about a month old and has probably had about 12 packs run through it, used to barely break a sweat but about a week ago I hit the beach, didn't relalise how open the motor really is and it got filled with sand, I stripped it and cleaned it up and it seemed ok but it seemed to be getting hotter than usual but ran fine. This weekend just gone I was using it, worked fine but again motor was getting very very hot, I picked the car up by the rear end and dropped it as I scolded my finger on the motor so obviously not right. Gearbox and all running gear is fine and not binding as I stripped it all down last week so it is nice and smooth. Now after about 10 minutes of running it starts cogging and I have to turn it off to cool down, the ESC isn't hot though so is the thermal shut off relevant to the ESC or the motor? I have purchased some wire so I can remove the extension cables but have I killed the motor when I got it full of sand? I spins freely and doesn't appear to have any binding but I can't inspect the state of the coil inside. I have actually purchased a new motor as I stumbled across a replacement for £10 so seemed a worthwhile investment but I have a desire to know what went / is going wrong. Thanks.
  18. So I have been racing for a while now and semi turned my back on my love for everything Tamiya including selling off some of my collection to fund my racing. That was until now and that I have come full circle and my racing has died off a bit now. The focus shift back to Tamiya started with the purchase of my Frog which is now complete so next project is now in action. I decided I wanted to get a Blitzer Beetle again (after selling my original to a fellow TC member) but I wanted to try something different as I have never done this before. Now I love the oddness of the Unimog and what Tamiya have on offer for them I like however they didnt fill what I wanted 100% and that is a buggy or stadium truck type kit if you will so I figured a Blitzer Beetle kit and a Unimog body should cut the mustard therefore Project Blitzermog was born. I have put a bit of thought into this and not sure exactly how the body mounting will go but once I get to that point I guess Ill figure that out. I am still waiting for the body to arrive hopefully in the next week or two. The paint colour of the body I have not figured out yet and have been switching between some colours like Silver (Silver is my favourite colour) Orange and even a White. I was also considering doing it in the most horrible colour Tamiya have but havent figured out what that colour is . I also considered a patina look but I dont have the talent to pull that off. So any colour input people would like to put forward I will take on board. I also wanted different wheels and after some Googling, make that a huge amount of Googling I found the wheels I wanted to put on it so purchased them before anything else So I finally picked up the kit and have started the build. Gearbox put together and motor mounted. I may eventually put a quicker motor in it but not sure yet. Rear arms put together Rear end now complete Next Ill move onto the front end once I get some time
  19. Hi, I'm in great difficult to find a used Blitzer Beetle to run. I could buy a new one but I also own a NIB for shelf queen purpose and I'm not so happy to buy another NIB one and bash it. I prefer a cheaper ruined used one, it's a psychological problem, I'm sorry to ruin a new model. So would like if in your opinion is possible to convert a DT-02 chassis to some sort of Blitzer Beetle with bodymounts and so on. I know DT-02 gear ratio is too low for Blitzer bigger wheel but I solve this problem someway. I never had a DT-02 chassis so don't really know it and don't know if conversion is possible. And, at the end, is the DT-02 really more performing than Blitzer chassis? Is it tougher or faster or reliable or so on? Thanks Max
  20. This is the original 1992 shell with no extra holes in the bonnet. Includes Tamiya Decals wipers driver figure sunroof Sand scorcher exhaust header (no stinger) Clear rear light lenses from sand scorcher, and indicator lenses Clear windows from Sand scorcher VW badge Number plates etc The shell has been rubbed down with 1200 grit wet n dry, mould lines removed, and chrome removed from headlights. Will need need finishing with scotch brite or similar. Asking for £50 UKpounds or nearest offer + postage Not checked weight will update with postage details.
  21. Hi, as per title I'm searching for a used Blitzer Beetle. It will be a runner so not necessary must be a shelf queen but I need it complete with intact original body and wheels and with not many broken or missing chassis parts please. I'm located in Italy. You can contact me on the forum or at my email: kontemaxtone@gmail.com Many thanks Max
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