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Found 44 results

  1. I'm going to give my Hotshot the Super hotshot rear suspention and Boomerang front suspention, but I don't want to buy the Tamiya shocks because they don't have as much adjustability, they aren't the right color and I they might be more expensive then buying universal shocks. I need to know all that I need to know (dimensions, stroke, ect) to find some red shocks that will work good on the Hotshot I'm making. Providing links to specific products is good will me.
  2. I found these at the local hobby store in a box of misc. parts. They are clearly original from "back in the day". Any Japanese speakers want to translate? Any information or previous experience with these parts would be appreciated. They look to be stainless and fit the vintage Tamiya Hot Shot series gear box dog bone cups, not the ReRe smaller cups. Would anyone be interested in purchasing them? -Ben
  3. Ok so I had bought a Super Sabre to restore and then promptly decided to sell it on as at the time I had enough to be doing with my Thundershot series. I also had my old original Boomerang to restore which was on the long finger as I wanted to complete the Thunder series cars first. I then turned up an un-used TBG Super Sabre body and some decent oval blocks on decent original rims (had to you know how it is?) Then I turned up a already restore SS with the main body of a Boomerang (new unpainted) with a Terra Scorcher which I also needed and a truck load of parts.......rude not to!!! So I put the new wheels on and body on the SS and APART from the yellow front shock its done and took me all of ........30 minutes and quite a few ££ but hey ho, no more than any of the Thunder Series cars to date. So some photos of the finished SS complete with ESC, full ballraces, new near everything and a old school hot brushed motor.
  4. Hi I have a few bodies I have replaced for new TBG ones. If they are of any interest let me know please. packing and post is worth about £5 so make me an offer if they are of any use to you. All are original vintage. FireDragon, small tear just above front suspension into the front canopy, also rear cut outs for shock mounts are rough as are the rear body mount posts. Madcap, in black for main body with a silver black metal fleck wing (some of paint on wing is starting to flake off) Boomerang in a sort of orange/light red, rear wing is bent. some of decals starting to peel. Boomerang main body- no wing, or protective film Thundershot - odd colours badly done and no decals. Body is reasonable with only a tiny split starting in back corner, not yet bad enough to really notice. If any of them is of any use to you drop me a PM. Thanks, Andrew
  5. I'm letting this collector kit go for a cheap price. It's new in box. I'm in MN and only ships to lower 48 states. Local pickup is available if you live in twincities area, we can find a midpoint place since I'm in North metro. $200 shipped and PayPal please. Thanks for looking. In case you're wondering about my selling/trade history, my ebay ID is daveyokomo. https://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=daveyokomo
  6. Despite the fact that I have been using this for a few weeks now, I can now say it is finally finished. When I first got the Boomerang my first thought was to paint it green & gold, slap an Aussie flag on it you bewdy, bonza mate! My very next thought was, "No wait a minute, the Boomerang is not Australian it's Aboriginal." I thought about painting it brown with some white dots & squiggles and make it look like Aboriginal art, but I thought that might be even more insulting than putting the colonial queen's flag on it. So in the end I went with the original box design but changed the colours to that of the Aboriginal flag. Black, Red & Yellow. I hope it is a suitable tribute to the origins of The Boomerang.
  7. DT Challenge 2018 7th October New venue this year …………. Swindon RC Car Club hosting Same Rules as previous years with the DT01 class now open to all DT01 cars (last year was just the Madbull) 20 places now available for the Hotshot gearbox cars …………. check out the rules and more info on the DT02/03 Facebook page
  8. Hi guys anybody got 1 really good boomerang rear tyre they want to sell? an odd one kicking around maybe let me know thanks
  9. I recently purchased a NIB re-re Boomerang from ebay, I was soooo excited, but alas, my payment was refunded with a message saying 'sorry, it has already been sold' So now, while my refund is 'pending' on paypal, I have had some time to think... I want a 4WD buggy, I always wanted a HotShot as a child, but, on reflection, I see there are a number of other options... So I turn to the infinite wisdom of the gestalt! I want something I can bash, so durable with good spares available, I want to be able to have different wheel options and I will be fitting brushless kit with a view to running 2s and 3s lipos. My options are: Hot Shot, Bigwig, Boomerang, Manta Ray and Dark Impact Is the Manta Ray any good? (the price seems quite cheap in comparison to the others). Is the Hot Shot worth the extra premium? Is the Bigwig as sturdy as it looks? Or... am I best off going for the boomerang as there seem to be more of them around, so parts would be readily available and cheaper? Or... should I go for the Dark Impact as it's newer and may handle the bashing better? So many questions... I hope you guys can help!
  10. Hi Guys, i seem to have a problem, i have a 1986 Boomerang [completely original] that i bought back to life recently, it had been stored away at my Mums house for maybe 20+ years, all i did was buy a new battery (4400Nmh Overlander) and had about 2-3hrs of trouble free fun, then the motor blew, ok i thought just replace it and try again, i bought and fitted a Tamiya 540 Silver Can, it lasted a couple of hours tops and also blew, at this point i did think maybe i should try a different type of motor but it was suggested that maybe id picked up an object [maybe a small stone off my driveway] and it had caused the problem so rather than trying a different type of motor maybe just try another standard silver can [less than £10 so why not], well this time it didnt last an hour and i noticed smoke coming firstly from the MSC so i quickly disconnected the battery, i picked up the car and noticed that if i put the car in slow speed position no problems [forward or reverse] but when i put the car in to medium speed the smoke now started coming from the ceramic resistor [?] and when i went full speed the smoke started coming from the motor, i quickly found that this motor was now also blown. So obviously theres something wrong elsewhere, i pulled the MSC to pieces and could see nothing obvious [not even any evidence of burning but decided to upgrade to an ESC, oh and a third new standard tamiya silver can. Great the car seemed better than it ever has before, also upgraded to a steering wheel type transmitter too, mainly because the ESC didnt seem to be working right with the old stick controller [brake not working as supposed to], well ive run the car now 4 times [so not quite 2 hours} and the motors gone again ! No smoke this time, not even much of a burning smell but no power from the motor to turn the wheels. Ive tried 3 different batteries and ive turned the wheels by hand to seem if anything is tight, im not really sure how free they should feel but seem ok really. Where is my problem coming from ? It has to be from within the gearbox doesnt it ? theres been no reason to look in there since i built it back in 1986 and i dont really want to have to now but i guess if you guys are in agreement with me then ill have to, or maybe theres somebody out there whos experienced this and can give me a few pointers ?
  11. This years DT Challenge (2017) saw the first Hotshot gearbox class race - GT tuned motors, 2 inch tyres only, ballraces and alloy shocks, UJ's in front.
  12. Yesterday (16/04/17) was the first round of the Kidderminster Summer series. A few of us ran our Tamiya's. We had two re re Bigwigs, my re re Boomerang and a re re Hotshot. A gentleman's agreement saw us all use the Tamiya GT Tuned motor. Racing was fair and even. We found that the 2 inch Schumacher Yellow blocks on the kit wheels worked the best, running around with a Tamiya GT Tuned motor the race pace was not that fast but fun and relaxed. It made for a fun days racing, what we need now is more people to turn up with these cars and race with us. The second Round is on the 21st May.
  13. Ok, it was bound to happen, something was going to go ! So the 30 ish years old Boomerang only lasted a couple of runs (3 actually). All I’d done in preparation for its re-launch was to buy and fit a new 4400mAh battery, all seemed good til the last run, there was a funny burning smell then STOP ! One of the wires to the motor had come unsoldered (maybe cos the motor was soooooooo hot !) but on reconnecting nothing was happening. Anyway, removed the motor to find that it looks like some kind of internal bearing has broken up maybe ? Ok, so what motor can I replace it with ? And from where ?
  14. Hi guys anybody got 4 vintage style driveshafts in good order they would like to sell to fit my vintage boomerang. if you have anything please let me know cheers
  15. Hello, I'm restoring a vintage Boomerang and the one I bought (from eBay) only included 3 set plates where the motor mounts. Rather than sourcing 4 new ones, does anyone know where I could get hold of just one? Alternatively are there any other creative solutions out there? Am trying to keep costs down and would like to have options to use different pinion gears. Part numbers: 19808143 / 9808143 Set Plate (4pcs) Many thanks
  16. Hi im looking for some vintage boomerang driveshafts or vintage hotshot long rear shafts i don’t want to use the rerelease parts ,as the car is all vintage if anybody has any please let me know cheers
  17. Hi guys im looking for 1 rear tyre for a boomerang the whole car is restored using vintage parts so just looking for 1 rear tyre. Must be in good condition lots of tread no splits or cracks. Let me know if you have one you want to sell. thanks
  18. hi can anybody tell me if the rear outdrives on the vintage boomerang are the same as the re re? The ones that sit in the rear wheel hubs. cheers
  19. Hi looking for 2 vintage boomerang drive shafts and 2 vintage boomerang rear wheel axles, in very good condition. if you have any please let me know cheers
  20. Well I looked these out of the shed and after a quick looks decided the easiest to get running properly again was the Pumpkin. Tires had perished and after watching EBay saw a used set including rims - picked up for £16 posted. When they arrived the rims in great condition and 3 of the 4 tires really good the last tire the tire is not seating perfectly on rim.....have to see if it stays on or not. Had a look and the Neo Scorcher that got me the Tamiya pug again had a box that its brushless motor & speed controller had come in, inside was a Torque tuned Tamiya motor and what I assume was the ESP from the Neo Scorcher...... So as a new tool box arrived I spend the afternoon gutting lots of old storage boxes with a few bits in each and tidying into the new parts boxs, here are a few pics of my afternoons work. I did NO cleaning, I am about bashing and having fun, get it to run and then I MAY....tidy it up a bit. Anyways got the motor and ESP tested then when ahead and stripped out the old MECH Speed controller, servo, resistor and on/off switch. fitted new ones and then it was outside for a test run. Body mounts are all broken, rears are ok but fronts need a bit of fine tuning to get to work. I have also noted the Thundershot is in need of a few bits..... Tires for Either original rims OR for Boomerang rims New tub chassie As you can see I have modded it by making my own front suspension towers but the front gearbox mount on left (right as you look at photo) is missing from the tub....bummer. On a brighter point all the mechanical s seem smooth. Gearbox's are all sweet as well, body needs some work but reckon its repairable. Boomerang is half way home as its with my mates mum to give to my mum.....I have bough loads of parts of Ebay in the expectation it will need them. Amongst the parts I have bought are some Bigwig parts as well including 2 tub chassis one new and one used but in good condition. SO if anyone out there needs a BigWig chassis let me know.
  21. hi I’m looking for the 2 thrust bearings for a boomerang if anybody has any they wana sell let me know cheers
  22. I have a original boomerang with the twin shock upgrade (from the Supershot). I also have a host of Bigwig parts, including a chassis and the yellow parts from the body. Does the gearbox, suspension etc just transplant OR do I need a host of other parts? I know I need a body but these area available. What else might I need?
  23. Wondered if anyone needed a box, see this link. Seems steep to me but if its all you need to complete a car. https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/vintage-tamiya-boomerang-box-spares/1277040174
  24. Messaged a mate who I used to go buggy racing with at school (about 25-30 years ago) turns out I lent him my original boomerang and he still has it, dropping it up but sent me this photo.
  25. Hi there, My RC history in short:- I got a second hand Boomerang as a teenager for a Birthday present, Then got a Thunderhot, heavily modded it and still have it along with a Midnight Pumpkin (boxes for both) again modded. Then got a Traxxass T Max(still have box) but was never great with the nitro mix and found it a pain to get running correctly. Still have it as well....Then in my mid 20's started racing Mini Z F1's then Mini Z touring cars. Got into trikes and never looked back till this week....now in my 40's and two boys are looking at my RC cars and started playing with mini Z kits..... I know the Tamiya kits are WAY more fun so went on Gumtree and bought a decent looking used Neo Scorcher, ordered 2 new batteries and ballrace set.....here we go again I think. Photo attached I hope. QUESTIONS:- 1-Does the Neo Scorcher (TT-02B) model have any notable weaknesses I should know about? The motor has been uprated and from state of tires its not been used much. It also has the wheel transmitter I have preference for after my Mini Z years. The original motor and case are included as is the charger you see below. His batteries are shot so need to get some. All for under £100. I have ordered a ballrace set already which when I fit will at least give me a chance to strip and get inside the kit to see what has changed in nearly 20 years! Hope he still has the instructions, I did check and he does not have the box. Collect in a few days. 2-Are the Pumpkin & Thundershot boxes and instructions of any value? The cars are WELL USED with a few of my own mods (larger heavier duty bumpers to name but one) so will, unless someone REALLY wants them, keep them for the boys. Can add photos if anyone is interested. 3-or the Traxxas T Max (its complete with Box, instructions, radio gear, EZ start and a few spares as well as some mods BUT as mentioned above never had it run for long as was poor with the Nitro mix, so its been run in about.......15 years I reckon) 4-To get the Thundershot up and running I need to get the little steel pins that go through the stub axle to drive the triangle wheel carriers and also 4 new wheel carriers. Anyone any links for these please? I know I have them but cant lay hands on them after nearly 20 years. 5-Whats the sensible value/choice for RC 7.2V batteries these days, was 1700 Red packs over yellow in My day, just ordered 3300NiMh so hope I got that reasonably right?
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