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Found 2 results

  1. OK, so having ranted and raved about the 2014 Winter Build-Off for so long, I decided it was time to stop being lazy and get started with my build thread! Officially I started building on 1st Dec but I've been too lazy to figure out how to get the photos off my phone and onto the net. The History 2012, Tamiyaclub meet, a big RC-related jumble and one of the best days out I've had in ages, and I came home with an impulse-bought Parma '57 Chevy on a Kyosho RWD chassis. I kept it for a couple of months before realising I had too many projects, and sold it on - then immediately regretted it. While some Parma shells can be a bit jelly-mould in appearance and have only a passing resemblance to the model on the label, the '57 Chevy is actually quite a good replica. It comes in 3 parts - central cabin, separate rear bumper, and separate front section, meaning it's possible to make a removable flip front, if that's your style. A few months back I popped into my LHS and spotted an NIP '57 shell lying in a corner. Unable to get it out of my head, I went back in two days later and bought it. Then stuck it up on the top shelf in the garage and forgot about it... Many, many years ago I also bought a much abused and modified CC01 Pajero off another TCer. I didn't like the hacked up Paj shell, so I discarded it to the spares box, lengthened the CC01 and fitted a tatty Bruiser shell, and crawled it until the gears exploded. For the past year it's sat on the Project shelf waiting to be rebuilt. The Concept Knowing I had a '57 shell and a good scale chassis with IFS front and solid rear axle, I decided to hunt around to see what film cars I could be inspired by. A search on IMCDB pulled up Running On Empty, a 1982 film about an Australian street racer and his battle to be the fastest on the streets. It features a bunch of cool cars, not least - a modified '57 Chevy! The film itself is pretty poor, with bad acting, bad dialog and absurd plot, all of which I could forgive if there was some good vehicular action - but this is no Mad Max. Stunts are cut in and out quickly, but not quick enough to hide the glaringly obvious "stooge car explosion" effect. Races are over in less than the 12 seconds they are supposed to last. The cars are cool but there's not enough focus on them to really enjoy that either. Films have come a long way since 1982! So - enough waffle - here's some links to pics of the '57 Chevy (from web search and IMCDB): From the film http://www.imcdb.org/i081423.jpg http://pics.imcdb.org/0is165/1957chevroletxxxxb8pz.9602.jpg http://yuq.me/users/11/808/3Nta1n8Jfu.png non-film pic, probably a replica http://www.rigsofrods.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=413112&d=1373494226 replica: http://s23.photobucket.com/user/solidc10/media/0c0079f6.jpg.html
  2. It's around about this time of year that I start getting excited about the concept of a Winter Build-Off. It's usually an excuse to go buy a cheap-ish kit and build it over the Christmas holidays, adding our own personal touches, knowing that at the same time a handful of other people around the globe are building the exact same kit with their own personal touches. Seeing how many different ideas we all come up with after the event is what makes it more exciting than a plain kit build. Anyone else up for it? For those who haven't done a winter build-off before, it's not a competition and there's no prize, there are 'rules' but they're not strict and if, having bought the kit and got started, you decide you want to go your own way and ignore the rules then it really doesn't matter - it's your kit, it's your build. Some years we've picked a specific kit and everybody goes their own way with design, I think one year we picked a particular theme but the choice of kit was up to the builder. Anyone else fancy joining me and giving me an excuse to buy another toy?
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