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Found 5 results

  1. So I finally finished the paint job that a lot of people thought I was crazy for attempting. First I tracked down an original king cab body that I have been searching for years in a Japan auction site and fought really hard in a bid war and won. But then the decision of painting it had to be made. A lot of people said I should just leave it in the box unpainted, and the king cab is one of the most difficult bodies to paint, but I just had to do it. Yes, I feel could have done a better job, but it's not bad for it being my first lexan body paint job,my first air brush paint job, and my first original tamiya king cab body. I really took my time with this one a total of 6 days to complete but it was worth it. I know this might be small to some, but im proud of how it came out and proud to finally be an all original tamiya king cab owner that I painted and built myself. All my other king cab bodies besides the plastic ones I have paid someone to do or they came already painted as I was afraid to tackle lexan bodies. Well not anymore! 😁
  2. Just thought I'd share how I've upgraded my TT02 after saying I want to keep it as close to stock as possible 😅 Ok, so in order, this is what ive put on it... 1. Bearings 2. Hobbypark Aluminum heatsink 3. YR Aluminum shocks - Awesome set of shocks, so many ways to customize how you want them to run - 4. Robinson racing 22t steel pinion gear 5. Tamiya high speed gear set 6. Kimbrough medium servo saver So in the end, did I spend more money than I had initially wanted? Yes. Was it fun putting all the new parts on and seeing how the car improved? Yes. Overall, was it worth buying upgrades? Yes. Does that mean I am not going to buy any more upgrades as long as nothing breaks? Well...maybe, maybe not. Is my wallet happy? No, but I am 😂 Im surprised how much all the upgrades Ive made improve every aspect of the car, the way it handles, steers, and frankly, the way it looks too. Ive spent a little over $300 (US) on this and I love the car. Sort of wanting to look into a steering bridge too lol What have you spent on your TT02? Are you happy with the upgrades? And what do you think are really great upgrades that probably arent necessary (maybe what you might consider a stage 2 car instead of a stage 1 TT02 with just bearings.) Note: I just ran this on some dusty street, so its not as clean as it was yesterday.
  3. Finally finished my first TT02 build! I picked up the A80 Racing Supra and this is how it went!
  4. Finally got round to starting work on the ww2 chassis. Rebuilt the gearbox and installed new bearings, got through bag A steps in an hour or so with my daughter helping out. First time I’ve had the body in such an advanced state before starting work on the chassis.
  5. Well here we are nearly a week in to my RC experience and thanks to the very kind members on this forum I've got a reasonable idea of where I'm heading. Now's the time to put theory into practice - and look! My very first Tamiya parts arrived today - £6 inc. post well spent, I'd have said: So what it the plan of attack, I hear nobody ask. Well basically, I'm hoping to run a rally car or two in the woods around where I live. There are two commons with mainly sandy earth where we walk the dog and a couple of fairly deep, dark woods with richer soil and narrow pathways closer to home that are also dog walking favourites. All of these routes are going to put a premium on off-road ability but from watching a lot of Youtube videos it looks like a touring car chassis with a decent rally setup would be able to deal with all but the most churned-up earth and exposed tree roots. This thread is starting with a restoration - a secondhand TL-01 that looked used but not overly abused on the Bay. It's clean but lacking radio and batteries while the body (1997 Impreza 22B, Colin McRae) looks like it is in need of some TLC. Exposure to sunlight means that the yellow has almost completely faded to white on the 555 logos, there are a few scuffs and rubs on it and there are a whole bunch of extra stickers that have been slapped on it over the years. Hopefully it can be made presentable again but, if not, it's not the end of the world. Among the other parcels headed this way are a brand new body set for the 1990 Toyota Celica GT-Four that was a bargain from China and a 1993 Toyota Celica GT-Four body from GooneyBird that's a manageable restoration job. The new wheels above are to go with the 1990 car, and there's a used set of five-spoke wheels heading in this direction to go with the 1993 car. I've also got some brand new rally block tyres coming from Dirt-540. First job will be to get the TL-01 running and to see how it fares in standard trim on rally blocks. After that it will be clear which upgrades are needed - I'm expecting it to be CVA oil dampers and ball bearings. If the TL-01 isn't up to the job then I'll put it on some smoother rubber or possibly drift tyres and use it as a car park cruiser before trying out the mods I've seen for the TT-01/02 or venturing into DF-03ra or XV-01 territory. I'm very much looking forward to having at least one rally car to report on building and testing this winter, and if all goes well perhaps might look at a retro buggy for our camping weekends on the coast next summer. To be continued when the rest of the parts arrive...
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