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Found 5 results

  1. So I bought this from a fellow TC'er a while ago. I was pleased with it, both chassis and body were in very good condition. The body had a couple of minor scuffs but really nothing to complain about. But, being me, I couldn't just run it or shelf it without doing something... The decals were lifting and/or scuffed in a few places so I stripped the shell, cleaned up the scuffs and repainted it. I also filled in the body post holes (I hate body posts!!). The WR02 has a slightly longer wheelbase than the original Wheeler so I carefully trimmed the front of the front wheel arches and the trailing edges of the rears. Willy looked a bit isolated just kinda propped inside the body so thoughts turned to an interior. I've only built one interior before and sort of forgot how much work is involved!! There were a few basic problems to solve. The WR02 is quite high at the rear, actually above the bottom of the rear windows. So I had to accomodate/disguise this as I wanted the body to fit quite low on the chassis without a huge gap between tyre and wheel arch - hence the hump where the Nos bottles sit. The seat is a phone holder cut to fit. I also wanted lights, preferably lots! I used a 3Racing set so it's got headlights, tail/brake, reverse and indicators all round. I'm using a LRP 2.4GHz set as the 3Racing unit wouldn't work with my FS GT2. The lights are all attached to the underside of the interior. I've glued a couple of strips of styrene inside the shell so the interior clips into place Lights on The hardest part has been trying to get the stance of the car right, but I think it's getting somewhere near. I removed the join on top of the battery compartment and made a front support for the body. So now it sits like this (exhaust is from a Tundra, wipers are an Ansmann detail kit) The latest job has been to make some grills for the front of the shell. They're steel mesh so they could be bent into shape. And in place There's still lots to do but it's getting there. I'm umming and ahhing about the paint, must admit I quite like the plain look. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this, any comments are appreciated. cheers, Rob
  2. I bought this from another TCer (cheers Ben) with the intention of using it as a fun runner. But it got damaged in transit, broken axle and some minor body damage. So I took it apart to assess the damage. At this point I have to say a big thanks to Ben who was an absolute gent to deal with and soon I had some replacement parts on the way. The trouble was, with the truck in pieces I started having ideas. Dangerous things... I started with the body. Ben had done the two seat conversion but the shell had been damaged (to give you some idea of the impact, it was enough to break a reinforced Clod axle!). The shell had split in a couple of places where the conversion had been done so I started by clearing out the filler and trying to repair and reinforce the joins. Then insanity set in and I decided to cut out the fuel tank and make a drop bed too. So here's some progress shots of the body, still got some work to do The chassis is (I think) from an SCX10. I've kinda chopped at it a bit - narrowed and shortened and generally hacked around to try to make it fit the body better. Hopefully it'll look ok in the end...! As you can see I still have a way to go, hopefully have a progress report soon. cheers, Rob
  3. I seem to have a bit of an addiction but it keeps me out of trouble! I decided to try making a Willy with lights. Rather than chop up the original grill I thought it would be simpler to make one (and I wouldn't have to buy more parts if it went wrong!). So here's the progress so far. I went for five slots rather than six because I'm lazy. Oh, and it should be stronger. I'm planning/hoping to do quite a bit with this one so progress may be slow cheers, Rob
  4. This is a project I've been working on, on and off, for six months or so. I bought a Kyosho Blizzard, which is quite cool IMHO, but we rarely get much snow! I didn't really want to sell it so I decided to try to do something more interesting with it. And then one day I had a lunatic idea!! I'll turn it into a M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier! Nice simple boxy shape, how hard can it be? Famous last words!!! Six months later... It's kind of a M113SW. Overall height and main body width are fairly close to 1/10th scale. The track covers are wide because the Blizzard tracks are much wider than any M113. To reach scale length the chassis would need to be lengthened to accomodate an extra set of roadwheels, which was more work than I wanted to do (I still want the option of fitting the original body). I've taken liberties with some of the angles too, to try to make it look 'right'. So this is progress so far. There's still a lot to do, a lot of details to be added, but it feels like it's getting there. Battery access Top hatch for access to body clips - pleased with my home made hinges!! Underside/internal structure Any comments, ideas and input would be much appreciated. cheers, Rob
  5. Anyone who's looked at my showroom knows I like Wild Willy and his various variants. For a while I've been wanting to build a Willy 4x4 but was a bit stuck on which chassis to use. I tried a TL01, didn't like it. TA01/02? Nope, too much gap between chassis and body. Then I spotted a Max Climber for reasonable money. A quick check showed the wheel base and width are almost identical to a WW2 so I duly clicked the ominous 'Buy it now' button. When it arrived it was a bit grubby but otherwise good. No bearings though, so I stripped it, cleaned everything and rebuilt with new ballbearings, carbon fibre chassis plates, stainless hex bolts, Topcad shocks and other bits of bling. Using the stock battery placement would have jacked the body way up so I binned it and built a new battery box at the rear. It fits inside the shell - just! The body has been modded as well. Passenger, scratch built seat etc. The tools are also scratch built and mounted with M2 hex bolts.So here it is, hope you like it... Compared to my lowered, narrowed WW2 Flex.. Family shot cheers,Rob
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