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Found 7 results

  1. The last time I did an entire clod was more than 30 years ago. Fast forward to 2020, I find myself working on a few : Ghetto curing shroud Metallic black TS40 Ghetto paint booth Not impressed with the finish of the body that came with the kit. Decided to paint it. As usual, impatient me dumped 2 cans in 1 session. Now waiting for the paint to cure so that I can sand out the imperfections a bit then another coat to finish off.This first one is fairly stock. Tires will be changed out for original. Next build is in progress still using stock chassis but will sport 10.5t with 120A escs. Dual shorty packs but need custom CF bits to hold the batteries. Unfortunately, my usual guy is running low on CF stock. Let's see how. Good therapy for me since oil price crashing again...
  2. First off, let me apologize for not getting better pictures of everything before now. I'll do my best to get better pics as I continue to make repairs and mods. But here goes nothing! This is my original issue Clodbuster with an old Bullhead body on it. I got this one from a friend of mine whose father built it and then put it on a shelf for its entire life. Here's how it looked when I got my hands on it. This is actually it sitting on my friend's toolbox in his garage. The first order of business when I got it home was to get it going again. It was setup with a Novak ESC (which I was surprised to see instead of a manual speed controller), a Futaba 27mhz tx/rx set, and a Futaba servo. The ESC had a Tamiya battery plug on it so that got removed and I installed Anderson Power Poles on it instead. I hate 27mhz with a passion simply because I'm really good at forgetting about the antenna and whacking it against things, so I pulled the old receiver out and installed a Traxxas 2.4ghz unit. Here's the setup, shown with a Traxxas battery adapter plugged into the ESC. My friend also included an old halogen red light bar. I installed that as well. His father had installed an old halogen light kit at one point with headlights and rear off road lights. With the lights and the light bar running off the same 9v battery source, the flashing circuit wasn't getting enough voltage and only one side of the light bar was staying solidly illuminated. I pulled the old headlights out, disconnected the rear off road lights, and installed a generic LED kit that I got a while back into it. It came with two white LEDs that I put in the headlight buckets and two red LEDs that I put in the foglight buckets in the bumper. Pics are hard to get of the setup but this gives you the idea. I ran it for a while like this but then decided to do something about the suspension. I pulled off the dual friction dampers from each corner and installed single oil filled ones. The shocks are Traxxas Slash rear length units. The front springs are some single rate springs that I had kicking around. The rears are stock Clod springs. The suspension could still use different springs and oil weight in the shocks, but it's better than the stock setup in my opinion. I also made a small notch in the chassis for suspension clearance so I have a little more travel and a little more articulation. I don't have any pictures of the suspension work in progress but I do have this shot that shows off the setup pretty well. The HUGE flaw with the Clod is obviously steering, so I've got the Crawford Performance Engineering vertical servo mount kit on the way (technically two of them, one for each axle). With some slight modification to the 3 way toggle switch, the Traxxas 4 channel transmitter can be used to control rear steer. I've pulled the axle bumpers off in preparation for when the kits show up. For the time being, I'm going to use two Traxxas 2075 (water proof 125 oz servos) until I can upgrade to something better. As you guys can probably tell by now, I have a lot of Traxxas stuff laying around lol. Here's how the project looks as of yesterday when I did a Thanksgiving test crawl. It's no crawler and that's not the direction I'm going with the build, but I hadn't really had the chance to get it out and really use it off road since I got it and this was about as "off road" as I was going to get in my in-law's housing development. I'll get some pictures of the CPE axle mount servo install when I do it. I'm also kicking around different ideas for motor/ESC combos that would work well for what I want to do with this. I'll update this thread when I make up my mind on that, too.
  3. I haven’t really looked at how much Clodbusters and Bullheads are commanding. There are a couple for sale local to me and they are right up my alley for a possible purchase. Here is the ad... https://kalamazoo.craigslist.org/tag/d/updatetamiyaclodbusterbullhead/6460317992.html Both MSC models. Stock builds. Clod needs motors, both need radios. $150 each. What do you guys think? They seem to be in really good shape. If I go look at them, any big issues I should check for? TIA
  4. Hi guys anybody got a bullhead body they would like to sell? doesnt have to be perfect as it's a project but would be nice to be complete as possible, like front grille etc. if you have anything please let me know im in the uk. cheers
  5. Ever since it hit the shops in 1991, I wanted a Bullhead. I never got one as a kid, but now I'm a grown adult/big kid I've finally got myself one, albeit the re-released version. I've had it a while, but believe it or not only finshed the build over the Christmas holidays. I didn't manage to get many buld pics at all, but i did get some while painting the shell. At last! Painting - primer coat then a few light coats of Tamiya Metallic Blue, then Tamiya Clear. This is the only build picture I managed to get (spot the little helper) And the finished article. Fully ball-raced and painted box art. The only difference is that I bought an extra flag as I always wanted two when i was a kid. This thing is a beast. Took it outside for some shots, although the light makes it look like a flat blue even though its quite shiny in the flesh Won't be running this near any tarmac, if i take it out it will be soft dirt or a beach - frightened of rolling it and trashing the body. Might have to get a spare shell Cheers
  6. You may not know this, but there is a kids show out now about monster trucks called 'Blaze and the Monster Machines'. It's on Nick Jr, also know as being the dimension from which Dora the Explorer emanates. Here is a promo pic, click to check out their website (u can watch episodes too): The hero of the show, Blaze, is the egomaniacal red truck on the left and to the right is the primary big bad guy of the show, Crusher. Well, Crusher is pretty close to being a dead-ringer for a Bullhead. My 5yo son loves the show and I've been trying to get him more interested in R/C so I've gotten it into my head to finally build the re-re Bullhead kit I have and try to make it look as much like Crusher as possible. I think he'd flip over that. Of course a large part of approximating Crusher or any other of these anthropomorphized monster trucks is in the face... I'm not sure how easy or difficult it would be to convincingly recreate the face on a Bullhead. I might try to do it, or at least, alternatively just do the rest matching Crusher's coloring, etc. I guess if I did the face I'd have to paint the eyes and mouth freehand. I guess either that or find some self-adhesive material in white and different colors that I could cut out and apply layer by layer. What do you guys think?? On a mostly unrelated note, this show - other than the fact I love that young kids will get into monster trucks and probably R/C as a result of this show - has a number of ... hmm ... quirks I guess. Here are a few: None of the monster truck characters seem to have any sort of drivetrain The catchphrases from the show are the following, among maybe a few others:"Let's blaze!" "Gimme some speed!" "1, 2, 3, 4, put the pedal to the floor, 7, 8 (?), let's blaze!" part of one of the theme songs has the line "we're moving at the speed of light" Of all the monster truck characters only Blaze has a driver (why???) Crusher, the resident antagonist, is basically always trying to cheat to win in races against Blaze... which firmly establishes him as the bad guy. Meanwhile, Blaze is unique in that he has afterburners he uses in every race to help him win. How is that not cheating??? Other than Blaze's driver and the young babe mechanic there appear to be no other humans in the Blaze universe. All other characters, right down to all the animals encountered, etc are also monster trucks mutated into whatever form is needed. Behold: The show routinely defies the laws of physics ostensibly in order to teach kids about the laws of physics. For example, starting from a standstill and accelerating down a slope with a ramp at the end, you cannot reach a greater altitude than the one you dropped from initially. Well, I guess they forgot that detail when trying to teach kids about exactly that sort of mechanical system. The trucks eat bananas. Monster truck animals are shown to hatch from eggs... RTR with tires and everything!
  7. Wild One BULLHEAD F104. Ver.II Pro F104W-GP Suzuki Jimmy Wheelie TRF-RM-01 TRF 417X? FF03R JUN Hornet FL-Tuned motor (30T) UGT-Tuned Motor (24T) RS-540 Torque Tuned Motor MX-V M12
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