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Found 15 results

  1. Bush devil manual in excellent condition. Open to offers
  2. I have for sale (UK based) 2 Nr WT-01 (Bush Devil 2's) one in Blue one in Black. stripped to stock rollers with steering servo's only. No motor, no ESC. Tires are New never run as we switched to a different tire. Both will have boxes in pristine condition. Instructions used once to build the car. Graphics and paint are non box art and all remaining parts and decals are in the BOX. £65 plus post each. Both are used in good condition (likely about 15-30 batteries through each) only exception is the Blue shell has a crack that I have fixed with Shoe Goo & Tamiya Body repair tape. As you will see from the photos they are in overall good used condition. Only used with Tamiya Sport/torque tuned motors on NiMh batteries. Both were build as Christmas presents last year and have been maintained by myself. Blak one had to have a new front dummy gearbox after a frontal impact with his little brothers MadBull. Both have the motor mount screw held in place with a nut on the end, Both also have the pinion and motor plate attached to the car. Photos updated and in last post in thread. Both are £60 plus post. NOTE Blue one has one of the front spotlights missing. NOTE photo immediately below is Just after they were finished and is a year old. This photo is of both trucks just after we finished them. you can see what a difference the big wheels make. On mine (blue) the flames started to peel on the bonnet so I removed them. Reduced to £60 each plus post. I also have 2 FULL sets (8 tires and wheels in all) monster tires for these, make the truck stand wider and higher and give it real presence. Also less likely to flip over. They fit onto the original car rims and include foams and don't need glue (unless you run LIPO with Brushless) only light wear still over 80% TREAD. These will fit any of the WT-01 buggies as well as the Blackfoot/Monster Beetle trucks. I have attached some photos of the trucks when just finished (above) to let you see the stance of them. £25 for 4 plus Post. I also have 2 full Alloy wishbones, attached to gearboxes, with most (if not all) drive shafts etc. with BIG BORE Alloy shocks and GPM Alloy Damper mounts/uprights (30 new for a pair) I bough these of eBay with the idea of up-rating mine but never ran them as I got a Traxxas Stampede. As such cant comment on the gearboxes or shocks. £60 plus post. REDUCED to £50 plus post. All will be well packaged and post of your choice from least expensive is Royal Mail 2nd class signed for through 1st to ParcelForce 48Hr. All have some degree of tracking and signed for and have been proved very reliable for me. This assumes a UK buyer. As post is at cost I am happy to get a quote to post overseas if wanted. PayPal only. F&F is fine OR if you prefer to use Goods and Services you will need to cover the fees. I am offering these all here first before resorting to eBay. Any questions please ask. If you want to do a package deal PM me. ALL now on eBay, will only sell here IF I have no bids on eBay on that item. Thanks,Andrew
  3. Hi all. Ive acquired a good WT-01 chassis. The only things its missing is a battery retainer (E1 part) and a shell. If you have an E1 part and/or any of the following shells knocking about that you no longer need, please let me know: Bush Devil Black foot 3 Amarock Mudblaster 2 Wild Dagger Double Blaze Mighty Bull Shell condition doesn't matter too much as it's for a basher. Thanks in advance. Mark
  4. Hi all, I'm after 2 pairs of joint diff cups. Part numbers are 2595040 (long gearbox joint) and 2595041 (short gearbox joint) for the thunder shot. They are the grey/black coloured ones, not the more recent polished ones. I'm after new or hardly used. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, does anyone know of any other part that can sub for the original SBF F2 and F3 parts? They are part of the front arms where the steering knuckles screw in. They are hard to find on eBay....hoping Tamiya does a re release on this soon.
  6. Wanted - Various tamiya racing monster wheels. Most interested in the following: Bush Devil Rear (pink 50429) Hilux Front & Rear (red X10444... I think) King Cab Rear (white 50372) I'm restoring a couple of these trucks atm and finding the wheels (esp the rears) is like finding hens teeth. If you have any in decent condition - please let me know! Also interested in new bodies and decals! Rob
  7. I have a super blackfoot I've rebuilt with a new frog chassis and put a beetle body on it. It's meant to be a basher but the rear shock screws keep coming out of their holes. Is there a fix for this? Are there any aluminum parts for this?
  8. Hello, I'm working on another ORV project and I'm in need of the blue A1 part from the Vintage Bush Devil. I'm hoping someone has one leftover since only one is used in the build. Please help! Thanks!
  9. OK, yet another super-quick Mad Ax parts-bin special. This one's been in the pipeline for a while in a totally different format, but has suddenly morphed into something else. So it began towards the end of last year, when a random search on Ebay turned up a rolling TA03F chassis in reasonable condition. I'd never owned an TA03 of any sort, in fact my experience of Tamiya on-road chassis is fairly limited, so for a bargain price I figured this one was worth an own. I had a bunch of 1:10 on-road shells looking for homes, so I figured it would be a good donor, and since the TA03F was famous for its good-natured drift handling, I thought it would be ideal for getting back into drifting after a very long layoff. It was only when I opened the packaging that I realised something was amiss. It seemed small, too small for a touring car. It wasn't an 03F after all - it was an 03FS. Cool, I thought! An alternative 1:10 wheelbase! Now I can fit something a bit shorter to put some variety into my street car collection. Straight away I went online and started searching for suitable shells. And found absolutely nothing, bar the HPI 106 body. That size is pretty much obsolete, and there's very little out there in terms of drift shells that fits. After a good deal of soul searching, and some razzing around in the house, I eventually discovered a battered old Monster Beetle shell made a perfect fit, apart form the gearbox hanging out the front, and a crazy plan for a Mad Max style drift rig came to mind. I actually got as far as stripping and rebuilding the chassis with full bearings, mounting the shell, fitting electrics, and competing in a local friendly drift night before I decided that, actually, the beetle shell wasn't for me. Not that it wasn't cool, but it just doesn't fit with anything else I have. For a while I considered biting the bullet and going for the 106 shell. It could be made to work, with suitable sponsor decals, if I made it up as a "106 RWD conversion". I get slightly upset putting FWD shells on 4WD or RWD chassis. Then I tried a Blackfoot and a King Blackfoot shell. The wheelbase is actually about right, but the chassis is too wide, and the gearbox doesn't fit under the front bumpers. It could have been made to work, but would have been yet another long-winded custom body job and I've got enough of those on as it is. So I clambered up onto the mezzanine storage level in my garage and pulled out the uncut body from my NIB Landfreeder. I was pretty sure this had to be the same wheelbase as the Blackfeet, but with a more forgiving front end that might just be enough to hide the F's bulbous gearbox. A quick check with the uncut shell and it looked near enough perfect. Twenty minutes with a sharp blade and Amazon Prime Video in the background, and I had myself a cut Bush Devil body. Which fitted nicely over the gearbox, but suddenly seemed too long... No bother - the 03 rear arms are reversible, to slightly extend the wheelbase. The dogbones end up on a sharper angle but still get full suspension travel without binding, so should be good for running. Propped over an inverted chassis, the wheelbase looks good: And with the holes for the rear body posts cut, it all fits rather nicely: So, where does this go next? Well, I didn't drill the front body post holes because the posts aren't really long enough, plus I want to decide exactly how low the shell should sit. Right now the car is wearing some very soft springs on the original shocks, but I've got a set of NIB low-friction dampers for the TA03 which should stiffen it up a lot. I'll probably set the chassis fairly low to the ground, as this will only be used for drifting on smooth floors, and will go for a stiff setup. The wide-offset rears actually poke outside of the arches just a little, so I'll either need to mount the shell high or make sure the suspension doesn't have much travel. Probably the latter, as this truck should look pretty low and mean. And what about that ugly gearbox sticking out the front? Well, the Landfreeder / Bush Devil shell comes with a nice spotlamp / bullbar assembly up front, which should do a good job of making the gearbox. And there's always scope for adding a custom bullbar assembly mounted directly onto the gearbox. Still to do: build and fit new shocks determine ride height source longer body posts cut front post mount holes in shell decide on paintscheme clean, mask and paint shell fit shell hardware go play watch this space...
  10. I'm looking for any Super Blackfoot or Bush Devil spare parts. I'll also take any King Blackfoot spare parts. Also looking for any Frog or Blackfoot hop-ups (vintage or otherwise). Used but working condition is fine. New is preferred. Especially WTB part E5 (side-ways servo horn). Whatcha got??? Terry
  11. Hello, I am looking for a set of stickers for the Tamiya Bush Devil or a complete body in decent condition with the stickers on. Not the Bush Devil 2.... Thanks!
  12. So I finally took some photos of some my collection. Here they are. Vintage frog in used condition...I havent touched it since I bought it off CL.
  13. Hello, like the title says I'm looking for a NIP uncut sticker sheet for the Vintage bush devil. It seems impossible to find so I'm hoping someone here knows someone somehwhere that has one in their closet or attic. I would be ok with a whole body with box art stickers in good shape. No cracks. some scratches are ok. Thanks!!
  14. Hello, I'm looking for a set of decals for the vintage Tamiya Bush devil. I am also interested in a complete body with decals in box art style. Please help!! Thanks! John.
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