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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I recently came across a NIB of the rere of the amazing JPS Lotus 79 (kit 84122). As a tribute to the ultimate performance ethos of F1, I would like to build this body over an all-carbon/aluminum car. I found the amazing F104 V2 Pro kit online (58534) that seems like the ideal base for what I want to achieve but also realized that the V2 is a regular width car whereas the JPS is a Wide version of the 104. I have studied the build instructions for both to understand if I could use the wider F103 front suspension - that the F104W apparently is based on - on the F104 V2 chassis but couldn’t come to a conclusive answer. Does anyone have any experience with a similar project and from the V2 Pro carbon chassis? I like to drive my cars but this one will be a shelf queen. Having said that I would like the geometry to be correct and not just butcher it together. All advice is highly appreciated Anders
  2. Now then… Having previously threatened the great and good members of Tamiyaclub with a build thread (see here), I have determined in my decidedly finite wisdom to make good on my threat and actually inflict one upon you all. As it’s my first build thread and only my second-ever ‘modern’ Tamiya, I would entreat you all to please be gentle. That said, any and all comments are welcome; that is, of course, unless you’re going to be mean or criticize, in which case you can go away. 😊 I’m somewhat (read: very) time poor but will endeavour to make as much progress as is allowed given a full-time job, two kids, a number of voluntary commitments, haemorrhoids and a basic human need for sleep. So, without any further ado (about time, I hear you mutter!) I humbly present for your consideration my ham-fisted attempt at building a 58654 Lancia 037 TA02S complete with 47479 Carbon Chassis Conversion…and some extra goodies. This is as far as I’ve got at the moment – impressive progress I’m sure you’d agree...
  3. Hey All, new member here at TC, but not new to the world of RC. Built my first hobby grade RC car in 1983 at the ripe old age of 10...a Tamiya Frog. Loved that thing, even upgraded it with all the CRP goodies I could get my grubby little hands on, then a few years later bought and built an original Supershot, and loved that even more. Had so much fun with it bashing around and jumping off of everything. Later went on to build an RC helicopter, a speedboat, and a Kyosho Motorcycle as well before falling out of the hobby in the early 90's after I started to drive and became a car/automotive fanatic instead (not enough $$ to do both!). Fast forward 30 years (though I did dabble back in the RC world in 2003 or so for a couple of years to build an RC Drift car) plus 2 cross-country moves, and an International move to Manila and back, and we've landed back in my hometown where I decided to jump back into the hobby to introduce it to my son, who is now 10...the same age when I started in RC. He also likes to tinker with things, much like I did when I was a kid, so it seemed like a perfect hobby for him. Found my old drift car and gave it to him to play and tinker with, and will likely buy him a kit to build soon. In the meantime, while sorting through old stuff at my parent's house, I was elated to come across these: My original Frog and Supershot that I built in the 80's. Seeing them brought back a flood of nostalgia remembering how much fun I had with them both back in the day. Immediately, I knew I wanted to restore them, but also wanted to make the Supershot a runner. So that's how this project originally started...as a modest desire to get my Supershot running again. Unfortunately, both are missing quite a few parts, especially the Supershot. I think just before I had lost interest in these 2, I had taken apart the Supershot with some outlandish project in mind, but never put it back together. Many of the parts I removed, like the rollcage, bumper, skid plates, etc. seem to have disappeared into oblivion. I searched high and low at my parents' house for them but they were nowhere to be found. I did, however, find the original assembly instructions for both the Frog and the Supershot, as well as an original Supershot decal sheet that I never opened. Those should come in handy. So I set out to try to find the parts I was missing for the Supershot...for what started out as a modest idea to do a resto-mod build on my old Supershot. Was originally thinking mostly restoration with some upgrades, but it has quickly spiraled out of control. But more on that later. Stay tuned...
  4. This is my first post here. I have been viewing these forums for a while, enjoying all the posts, especially those that focus on building older Tamiya models. I am new to the RC world. During the 80s I was never able to own or build any cars. Just stared at the Grasshopper and the Frog in the local hobby shop. Got to try a Wild Willy once, that my uncle had made. Very sad childhood. Now a dad, bought a Grasshopper, then a Hornet, for my boy. He built them on his own like a champ. Made me jealous. Bought myself a Boomerang. Very fun. Built it, added lots of...er...hopups? However, I always thought the Hotshot looked really sweet. Couldn't justify buying one with the misses for sometime. Finally, thanks... to er...the Chinese Pandemic...had more time on my hands and was able to get my hands on this: I plan to merge the above, with this: I am a little ways into this build/rebuild, so I will have to do some catching up. I'll document things here for fun. Not sure if anyone is interested, but I at least know that the wifey is not. Perhaps someone here is. In any case, Greetings!
  5. Last week I ordered my second WT-01 monster truck. I already have a Tamiya Blackfoot III full alloy conversion but now I want a fast brushless truck, so I buy a Bush Devil II kit. An unboxing and tuning parts video: First act was opening the gear box and changing the bearings. I used bearings without rubber, for softer running. The diff was already filled with grease. Next step was building the shocks. Team C but labeld with Ansmann. 93mm shocks for rear and 85mm for front. They are very good finished, looks awesome. The sorings are very soft. After that I build the rear axle and implement a wheel spacer, because my beadlock rims have only +6mm offset, but I need 10-11mm like the stock rims. I see in TT-01 community Super Blackfoot axles, they are 5-7mm longer. Perfect! But there was a new problem: how to fill the space between hex and ball bearing. I tried this: - rubber o-rings -> pressing to strong on the bearings and expensive - washer -> too big - special small rc washer -> too expensive ...think...think...think....I got it! Alloy tube from hardware store -> cheap, exactly 5mm inner width, unbreakable and easy to rebuild, if lost. I changed every tapped screw by M3 screws and small tubs. So suspension is very soft and clean and more stable than stock screws. I found two alloy hex adapters, installed only on rear axle. Building rear axle is same like front. C-Hubs I using are for TL-01 but fits also perfect on WT-01. Made of delrin and ball beared! The bearings are filled with rubber compared with bearings in gear box. The rubbers protect against dirt. For front shocks I need to change the piston rod from 51mm to 41mm. Otherwise the shocks would be too long. The chassis was very easy to build, only tapped screws. But for servo I have used alloy mounts from Tamiya with some spacers. Works good, but I hope the mounts don't broke again, like on my Blackfoot. Toward Pro servo from asia, 15kg alloy gear. Kimbrough servo saver, stable and short, it don't touch the chassis. No big deal, after that chassis looks like this: Rims are made by gmade, 2.2'' beadlocks, looks awesome and mustn't be clued. The have nearly same size like stock but bit bigger and No 1 grip! So the "final" chassis looks like this: Next step brushless kit and searching for a nice looking body shell. Bye for now!
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