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Found 12 results

  1. I didn´t want this TA03. It came to me by.... fate ? It all started when a Tamiya 58278 appeared on ebay with numerous aluminium parts. All for 180.- buy now. The alu parts were "worth" that alone, so i bought. I exchanged those to plastic and sold the 58278 on on ebay kleinanzeigen, for a fair 110.-. The car had never appealed to me. I´m a kid of the late 80s and 90s, so I didn´t get the hype with the 83 car. Also the proportions, the hard body, a bit toyish impression, no performance and lightweight, etc...... nothing I ever considered. THEN the buyer of the car didn´t like it. He said it´s not alright, bla bla bla.. Friendly as I am, I just took it back, although I probably wasn´t obliged to do so at all. The buyer did have 1:1 Lancias but probably not my TA03 knowledge. MEANWHILE, I had done some research on the car (synonym for I went into the rabbithole)..... These were the links that especially impressed me. There are many more, but after watchin those, I was hooked. THAT sound of this car is so insane and special. The Giugaro styling which seems really functional and not at all finicky or artificial. It is like a F40 / Esprit for Rallying. Especially the look in that first link impressed me - A Modern restoration of a retro car, with some touches that make it nicer than back in the day - and not all the same martini (gorgeous, yes, but my eyes have become bored by it really much). So this was what I was going to do with it: A QUICK RESTO MOD. Haha. Lancia 037 VOLTA returns - Restoration by Andrea Chiavenuto Lancia - WINNING (by Centro Storico Fiat / Gianpaolo Tescari) 1983/84 Lancia 037 - Sounds Lancia 037 vs. Audi Quattro on Grand Tour - The last RWD to win the World Rally Title - Most titanic battle ever according to Clarkson
  2. Looking for this final detail for my 49400 kit (finding hop ups has been a time consuming quest). Primarily looking for NIP but can consider used if shelfer/mint condition. Thanks Anders
  3. Hi, I am currently looking for a custom alloy / carbon chassis for the WR01/WT01 Chassis. I have had one before which I regrettably SOLD with my Wild Dagger Project (I know silly thing to do) Does anyone have one for sale? Or know someone who makes them? Or possibly have a Template to build one myself they could share? (Picture of my old WR01 Project) Many Thanks S
  4. I have restored this old glory. Bearings cleaned, balldiff rebuilded, swaybar from TRF418, shock tower from TRF419 (originals included), spool and propeller shaft from TB03. Original box and manual included. Some spares in the box. (90-96t gears, black and smoke covers, new upper deck etc) The four-wheel hexagons are not in good condition, some cracks here. As a gift I can add 4 wheel for drift. It's yours for 150€ plus shipping. (Shipped world wide) Separately available: new ball bearings (TRF) and suspensions mount (1C 1C 1XA 1F)
  5. Brand New 53195. Pictures of exact specific item to be sold. What you see is what you get. Asking $200 AUD/ now $150AUD Shipping worldwide. Paypal only. Cheers.
  6. After having a wee trawl through an old parts box in the loft, I came across aload of TRF parts that I no longer need. Most parts are TRF 501 parts, but there is also some other TRF parts like the TRF415 motor mount brand new in packet and Tamiya TRF damper caps that are brand new (2 of the large caps are smooth type and 2 are serrated type and 2 of the small ones are smooth and 2 are serrated). The TRF 501 parts that I can remember are the carbon chassis plate (in very good condition, with only minor marks on the underside) , Carbon front and rear damper mounts (again in great condition, the front one is like brand new), alloy steering bridge, alloy rear uprights, 1 steel diff out drive, anti roll bars (x2), various TRF tuned off road springs, rear wing mounts etc. Basically what you see is what you get. Not looking for much, £30 posted within the UK. Will easily post overseas at extra cost. James
  7. Selling up my collection over the next few months,please do keep an eye open for some very rare and sought after Tamiya items. Feel free to PM me any questions. Thanks for looking. Very best of luck. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/anchordriver/m.html?item=182155358527&hash=item2a694e313f%3Ag%3AauQAAOSw3R1XTta5&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  8. Reluctantly I am putting up for sale my gorgeous Porsche 911 GT1, which has been hopped up beyond TRF spec with almost every single TA03 Hop Up imaginable including some nice rare official Tamiya hex head hardware too. It has never been ran in its current state with the only used parts being the Eurethane front bumper, some hop ups (that have been cleaned up) and some plastic parts. Most of the plastics are the rare black type with only a few small parts using the original grey ones. The body is new built and never ran, it was cut, painted and decalled by myself to a pretty good standard (as can be seen by the pictures). What you see is what you get and I will list below the extensive hop ups that have been used, some of which are ultra rare to find these days. So what you get ........ is a TA03R-S chassis that has had the following fitted, 53387 - TA03R-S FRP Chassis Conversion (part J5 has been replaced with some alloys spacers) 53386 - TA03R-S Carbon Chassis Plates. 53267 - TA03 Ball Diff (fitted to the rear) 53200 - 4WD Front One Way Diff (fitted to the front) 53326 - TA03 Alluminium Steering Set 53274 - TA03 Aluminium Counter Shaft 53200 - TA03 Universal Swing Shafts (Blue) 49091 - TA03 Lightweight Drive Shafts Purple (fitted to the rear) 53279 - TA03 Torque Splitter Unit 53261 - TA03F Pro Carbon Battery Plate Set 53276 - TA03 Fluorescent Colour Stabilizer Set 53163 - On Road Spring Set 53333 - Touring Car Tuned Spring Set (short type) 53337 - TA03 Reinforced Damper Stay (low mount type) x2 49093 - Aluminium Servo Stay (purple) 53275 - TA03 Aluminium Motor Heat Sink 53288 - TA03 Aluminium Rear Uprights 53316 - TA03 Aluminium Hub Carriers 53293 - Reinforced Slicks Type A x2 53571 - TRF Flourine Coated Dampers (1 has a slight mark on the top cap) 53291 - TA03 15T Aluminium Pulley x2 TA03 Pro 0.4 Module Gear set I have used alot of 3 Racing Purple Hardware on the build too. New built Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 bodyset, with wheels and inserts I am sure I have missed out a few items, also comes fitted with full bearings, Almost complete spare decal set for the 911 GT1, Full spare plastic parts for the 911 GT1, original kit box, scanned manual (sorry I don't have the original manual) and a few other spare parts that I have for the chassis. Also included are most of the Hop Up labels/packaging that I have kept over the years of collecting the parts to build this. Any questions at all, please feel free to ask. Also any other pictures wanted, again please ask. I would like to see it go to a good home and not someone who is going to sell it on preferably. UK buyer preferred, but may post overseas at cost (the box will be quite heavy) and double boxed packaging Looking for £160 (includes UK postage). Many thanks James
  9. I saw this a while ago Big Squid RC but am surprised it hasn't surfaced on here. So Xtreme Racing are offering carbon fibre hop ups for the Black Foot and Monster Beetle in the form of rear shock mounts, front shock tower and battery supports. http://www.xtremercracing.com/Products_by_Brand.cfm?pn=10521&pID=1769 http://www.xtremercracing.com/Products_by_Brand.cfm?pn=10522&pID=1770 http://www.xtremercracing.com/Products_by_Brand.cfm?pn=11520&pID=1768
  10. Ever built a car based on one single, special part? I've got to admit, I haven't before. I have had ideas of building kits with all the option parts, I've had ideas of building cars from scratch with raw materials. Some of these do happen, but I've never had a single part start and dictate the path of a car. A while back I was browsing on this here website, and stumbled across the thread detailing the Japanese action service, 'Jauce'. I took the plunge and bought this little gem with the aid of Buyee:- I first saw this part a few years ago, possibly 15, in an imported Japanese magazine. I can't for the life of me remember where the magazine is now, having moved house a couple of times since. It is a billet aluminium lower gearbox cover for a FF01 chassis. The FF01 is my favourite chassis, and I now feel I have to build a special one, around this very special part. I have started to gather gather parts already, and am only waiting for the final pieces of the puzzle. I am however fighting with potato bucket, so will have to continue this thread later.
  11. A recent bulk purchase on ebay has yielded some nice items, but alot of them I do not need. So I might as well sell them onto others who could better use them. So the first batch for sale here is ....... Brand new Madcap chassis. Some extremely light marks underneath from storage but its mint. £20 Madcap/Astute front tyres. These are in extremely good condition, no signs of ever being glued at all and approx IMO around 80% life still on them. As you can see on the pictures the pin grips are still in good condition. £15 Astute Gear set brand new in packet. £15 and finally a Fibrelyte Astute front Carbon Fibre damper mount. used but in great condition, with only slight marks where some screws and bolts have been to mount it to the bulkhead. £10 Here are the pics ...... No idea what these are worth tbh, so I can either sell all together or separately. I have added some prices, but these are rough guesses at what they are worth. Feel free to make an offer. Willing to post worldwide at cost. I also have found some brand new Madcap front and rear damper stays in mint condition. (pics to come tomorrow) More items to come soon. Thanks James
  12. Well I have decided to go a different route in my R/C fun and onto Buggies. So its time to let my limited edition F104 Pro VII Dark Titanium Edition go, and put it up for sale. The car it used and has a fair few scuff marks underneath but no actual damage. Up top everything is standard from the factory, so lots of carbon and lots of Dark Titanium coloured aluminium parts. Comes with original box and manual. Along with a whole host of spares. Set of Tamiya foam tires on silver wheels, very rough looking but loads of life left in them. Set of Tamiya foam tires on silver wheels, good overall condition with red Pirrelli sidewall decals applied. Set of kit standard Tamiya rubber tyres on silver mesh wheels, good condition loads of life left with white Pirrelli decals applied. Set of Tamiya Optional Soft rear tyres and Standard Front tires on silver mesh wheels, brand new and fitted to the chassis along with yellow Pirrelli sidewall decals. Extra Aluminium Damper. F1 front spring set Various Spur gears Pinion gear Steering servo fitted NIP F104 front arms NIP F104 rear wing set It also comes with a Tamiya Ferrari F2012 bodyset fitted. It has been built and painted by myself to a good standard, not perfect by any means, but certainly looks the part on display or when being run. Bodyset and wings are in very good condition. Pictures can be seen in my showroom of the chassis and the Bodyset. Postage to the UK only, and due to postage costs I am looking for £110 ono for the whole lot posted by 1st class recorded mail. Thanks James
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