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Found 6 results

  1. Thanks to a bundle deal I made I've ended up with an original Top Cat, originally I wanted to run it but it seems that some of the re-release parts have been canned for some reason. It mostly just needs shocks, electronics, and a fresh set of tires. Right now I have some old Rustler shocks on the back temporarily (yea I know, heresy!). My plan is to run it lightly with a brushed 540 motor in it and replace the missing/aged parts, but I'd like to know if these have any value on the second hand market. I've only seen a few of the re-releases for sale but no originals.
  2. Had a Schumacher Bosscat since 1992. Its been sat in the garage for a number of years now but I decided it was time to get it working again. Thought it might be interesting to do a rebuild with a few modern upgrades. Only just started really but ill continue to add updates as the build progresses. Hoping to install some of the latest Cat XLS upgrades as well so if anyone has attempted this yet I would be grateful of any advice you might have. Especially the transmission and alloy upgrades. Also waiting on some custom painted body shells. Bosscat rebuild https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0yGgZLKuGMIMAz
  3. This was a car that growing up I was never really bothered about but when news came it the re release I had to have this for my collection which includes vintage Egress, Avante 2001, Top Force Evo, Dynastorn, YZ10-94 and a MR4-BX Worlds. Being used to Tamiya level of quality I was somewhat disappointed with the finish of some parts, soldering of the roll bar, and how the steering is very stiff no smooth or ballraced. But understanding this is a 80s design.
  4. Just looking at what's going to be coming out again this year: BigWig Top Force Avante 2011 (Again) Schumacher CAT XLS and I wouldn't fall off my chair in amazement if we didn't see a variant of the Optima Mid being released either as the pro was released last year and the MIDs arch rival the CAT xls is making a comeback. It's going to be a year of tough decisions ............. If I had to pick one at the moment, taking into account cost, it would probably be the Top Force, or the Mid if it appears, what are other peoples thoughts ?
  5. Hey guys - I have a bunch of projects on the verge of completion and not enough spots on my shelfer / runner shelves to fit them so I've listed a bunch currently on the bay. The Varicom Panda is a fun runner but I have more runners than places for them. The re-re Hornet and Grasshopper are theoretically runners, but the GH has only been run a few times and the Hornet has never been run at all! The Traxxas Cat is the last of my early Traxxas buggies. I like them and have enjoyed owning the little pieces of history that they are, but have had to whittle down my fleet to just Tamiya, Kyosho and one RC10. I just don't have excess room and there are Tamiyas and Kyoshos that are must-haves for me still finding their way to my shelves. The Clod body actually came off of a Clod I got in a trade from TCer @markbt73 but I want it box art red and couldn't bring myself to ruin the nice vintage decals just to change the color. As for the Bandido and Pegasus stuff these are project cars I picked up for restorations that ended up being excess to my needs (new Bandido, Pegasus, etc showroom entries forthcoming sometime soon-ish). All the auctions are no reserve - if I wasn't the one selling them to make space, I'd be bidding on them for sure: http://www.ebay.com/sch/waynethebrain/m.html
  6. Hey guys - if anyone reading this is working on or needs/wants a bunch of good NOS Traxxas Cat / Tomcat parts I've got an auction going for some, including a manual, decals, tires, gearbox, and a bunch of other stuff. Looks like it may sell for cheap too... which is fine by me. I just need to get it out of my house! My Cat is already fully restored... http://www.ebay.com/itm/331774572417
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