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Found 22 results

  1. Selling some of my spare kits for room and other purchases... 1x vanquish Phoenix vs4-10 portal crawler kit with bonus light kit, 3 alloy vanquish servo horns and tamiya 4x4 driver figure. £SOLD 1x Element Gatekeeper builders kit with bonus black method beadlock wheels and general grabber tyres (like the RTR) £290 Inc UK shipping for TC/forum members 1x Axial Ryft kit £290 Inc UK shipping for TC/forum members 3x tamiya track kit sets (2 per set) £75 each or £180 for all three Inc free UK shipping for TC/forum members 1x Associated Trophy Rat 2WD buggy RTR £265 Inc free UK shipping for TC/forum members They are all on eBay for more but cheaper here PayPal gift please
  2. Another new member here. I'm not the first person to build a Tamiya Jeep and make it look like one from Jurassic Park, but I'd like to think I'll take mine further than most people. I have been a Jurassic Park fan since it came out, but I could never justify getting a real Jeep (at least not yet). I saw someone in town with their own real replica and had to do something about it. I've been looking for an out of production Jeep Wrangler to convert on eBay. Then I finally found one with plenty of hop-ups already included. Here is what I'm starting with off of eBay. I plan on re-creating Jeep #12 with as much of the screen accurate parts that I can. This includes the rims, soft top, doors, lightbar, wench and rear amber lights as well as the basic stuff like the paint scheme. I'm going to 3D print most of the parts and attempt to put LEDs in all the lights. Wiring fun: I've started deconstructing the body and testing out the lighting.
  3. Removed from a recent jeep wrangler project Not needed, in great condition CC-01 2x alloy hubs 2x alloy front arms Alloy front chassis shield Alloy C5 part Includes shaft and e clips All for £20 Inc UK shipping
  4. Would like a NIB kit of the CR-01 Jeep Wrangler with LED light kit, I'm based in the UK so a UK seller would be ideal because of shipping costs
  5. As can be seen currently on the main page, just added to my showroom. The body only part inc. wing mirrors, tyre cover etc of my recently acquired jeep wrangler project. I want to repaint it but the wood effect has been done to a high standard and it would be a shame to strip it. So I'm offering it for sale at £50 plus shipping to cover the cost of a replacement shell. Plus as can be seen in the showroom pictures I'm willing to part with the MSC,resistor,acoms receiver and two as-12 servos which won't be needed in the rebuild. I'd sell for £20 plus shipping, untested but looks in superb condition and sold to me as new , hardly ran https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=138727&id=2692
  6. I need help!! I'm about to start on a new model. Finding a suitable chassis is difficult enough, but at the moment, I lean towards the CC-01. If nothing else, the rear solid axle and IFS are pretty close to the real thing. However, does anyone have a recommendation for suitable tires and wheels? Either like it originally had (old photo) or like it has now, after the recent restoration. Also, I need hub extenders for the rear axle to achieve the 200mm width the body requires. Up front, changing hubs and wheel axles from TA02 to TA01 should get me roughly the right width. I know there exist hub extenders for the CC-01 out there, but where? Any advice will be highly appreciated!
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for receiver (and ultimately transmitter) recommendations for my upcoming CC-01 build. Not looking to break the bank, but would like something that's waterproof (if that's a thing) since I plan to use this vehicle purely for recreational rock crawling and slow trail drives (no high-speed or competitive use). Not sure how many channels I'm going to need; I do plan to run lights and would like the ability to turn them on and off using the transmitter. I'd also like to run a winch at some point too, which I'd also like to actuate using the transmitter. Not sure this is important but I'm planning to run a brushed motor setup although I haven't decided if / when I'm going to swap the stock silver can for something like a 55T or 60T unit. I'll be looking to get a metal pinion gear to replace the stock plastic unit regardless. I should also mention I don't plan to swap out the stock Tamiya ESC that comes with the kit, unless someone can provide a compelling argument that it's worth the added expense to do so. Thanks very much in advance. Cheers!
  8. Hi all, New member here, first post so go easy on me. I very recently took delivery of my brand new Tamiya CC-01 Land Rover Defender 90. This is my very first ever crawler (all my previous R/C experience has come in the form of 1/10 Tamiya buggies and on-road 4WD cars) and I'm really excited to get stuck in. I've done a fair bit of reading and watching YouTube videos on the CC-01, so I'm aware of it's short comes and things to upgrade soon after assembly. I'm waiting on a ball-bearing set to arrive any day now, and I'll be ordering the Yeah Racing steering upgrade set very soon. I'm also looking at a 4-link rear upgrade at some point down the line too. However the reason I'm posting is to ask for suggestions with respect to a steering servo. I'm not using this vehicle in competition, but I would like a servo that will hold up to general crawling/low-speed dirt trail use. I've been looking at getting a Savox SW-0231MG waterproof high torque standard metal gear digital servo. I've never had a Savox servo before, but even though this is a low cost offering I know they generally make very good products. I also like that Savox servos are serviceable/rebuildable, which should in theory extend it's useful lifespan. This servo sells for about $39 dollars on Amazon right now, but I was curious if anyone here thought there might be a better option to use in a CC-01 for the money... or if there might be something significantly better for a tiny bit more money? Just looking to maximize what I get for the dollars spent. Thanks very much in advance. Cheers!
  9. I've wanted a CR-01 ever as long as I could remember. I really liked the idea of a proper Tamiya crawler but could never get past the price and the looks of the ill-fitting bodies. Over the past Christmas season, I found a NIB CR-01 Rock Socker for a very good deal on eBay so I pulled the trigger. I liked how the Stadium Blitzer body it came with fit the chassis better. Unfortunately, it was winter in Michigan (for those of you don't know, basically blizzard season) so I couldn't paint the body. To get it running for some winter crawling with my friends, I just cut up and slapped on my old FJ Cruiser body on it. I also threw in a Wild Willy driver from my Comical Hornet for good measure. It sat for a while like you see in the photo: I have to say I do rather like how the FJ body looked, so it might've stayed like it was for a while... until I found something....
  10. All these will be going on ebay tomorrow evening So it's a brief chance to grab them now.....I PayPal gift please, prices inc. Free UK shipping SOLD NIB Dancing Rider T3-01 £130 NIB Heavy Metal Dump Truck Ltd.Ed GF-01 (no esc) SOLD NIB Unimog 425 CC-01 (no esc)
  11. Jake Billing recently built and tested a CC-01 Unimog for us. Let us know what you think and if you want more like this. Thanks for looking! James
  12. Looking for a crawler project.... do would like the basics I can then build on.
  13. can anyone tell if the light buckets from either the cr-01 or cc-01 Land Cruiser 40 series body shell will fit the gf-01 shortened Land Cruiser 40 series body shell?
  14. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a December 9th meet-up to run the trails of Cameron Park in Waco, TX. The trails there are great for the likes of CC-01 or MF-01X. Post a reply if this sounds interesting. https://www.alltrails.com/parks/us/texas/cameron-park Gratuitous pic of my CC-01 on one of the trails during the wet springtime:
  15. Because I have a cc01 Unimog coming the following is for sale 1x NIB CC-01 Pajero black special lowrider No esc inc. Inc. Free UK shipping £110, PayPal gift please [I'll inc an esc from the Unimog once it arrives] Also 1x NIB WR-02G wheelie Kumamon tractor No esc inc. Inc. Free UK shipping £100, PayPal gift please
  16. Hloo! I really like the Sand scorcher body. I really like the CC-01 chassi. Combine the two i wanted. Guggle has surprisingly few hits on how to do it...what was needed to be done to the chassis. Found one on a scale-rc forum that makes the body sit really well. However, the modification made the use of the usual cc01 bodies more difficult since the back body post holes were cut away. I wanted to eat the cake and still have it. So I began to cut and test and cut some more (rinse and repeat) until i finally found what i think was a good compromise. ---------- How the body sits: The cuts I made: On the last picture where you can see ..uhm... heated plastic glue residue(from a gluegun) I'm going to put a strip of velcro to fasten the Sand Scorcher body when the body is finished. And then I made new removable body mounts with computer screws and steering links so I can use my other cc01 bodies. Yes, the plastic has been damaged after some rolls and flips...it still holds the mounting screws though. I might need to make new somewhere else, but if you drive somewhat more sensible than me, this could be a nice solution i think. Yes.. that was my contribution... Hope someone can use it! =)
  17. RC Model Kits: 47331 Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide (re-release of 58132/49490) 47348 The Grasshopper Candy Green Edition (re-release of 84331) 47349 XV-01 Chassis Kit Long Damper Spec (re-release of 84375 58645 Subaru WRX STI 24h Nürburgring (TT-02 chassis) RC Hop-Up Parts: 42309 TRF 37T Aluminum One-Way Pulley 42310 TRF 37T Aluminum Differential Pulley 54737 Matt Plated Silver Dish Wheels (26mm, +2) (4 Pcs.) 54741 1/14 On Road Racing Truck Wheels (Black) (4 Pcs.) 54742 Cross-Country Tire & Spring Set (GF-01) 54746 TA07 Carbon Damper Stay Set 54748 4WD Buggy Front Dish Wheels (Yellow) (Hex Hub) 54749 Buggy Rear Dish Wheels (Yellow) (Hex Hub) 54750 Hi-Lift Matt Plated A-Parts (Gearbox) 54751 TA07 Center Shaft Bridge 54752 TT-02 Steering Upgrade Parts Set 54753 TT-02 CVA Super Mini Shock Set RC Tractor Trucks Optional & Spare Parts: 56541 Front Wheels (22mm Width / White) 56542 Rear Wheels (22mm Width / White) 56543 Wheels (30mm Width / Hex Hub / White) (2 Pcs.) 56544 Ball Bearing Wheels (30mm Width / White) (2 Pcs.)
  18. Hello. This is a post about the PS-47 that uses a cc-01 pajero rally sport as a model. If you are interested in how this combination came to be, see bottom. - I was trying to find pictures of how the PS-47 iridescent pink/gold looked on a rc-car on the internets and was a little disappointed at the number of results. I also tried to find recommendations on how to use it, if there were any, about layers and different backings etc, and was yet again disappointed. I had never painted a lexan body with spray paints before. So, here's my contribution: 1. Pajero Rally Sport CC-01 body painted with Tamiya PS-47 Spray paint only. Indoors. The whole can was used. I applied very thin layers multiple times, didn't actually count, but i went out to my man-cave at least 8 times. 2-4. Backing with Tamiya PS-5 Black. Indoors. The whole can was used with thick layers. Almost totally opaque. (last picture depicts my decal-testing) 5-6. Outdoors, but on a cloudy day (decals on). *(hmmm maxed pic limit, will try to add in "reply") ------------- About the combination; In my youth i had a buggy and a touring car that i sold for rock and roll. Now i have two kids, so naturally i wanted to play with rc-cars again using my kids as an excuse . I chose the chassis and they chose the rally car ( i thought they would choose the unimog, but i suspect the kids tv-shows had influence). I brought my eldest, my daughter, to the hobbyshop to pick a colour. -Pink. light pink. -Maybe a darker one? -Ok, this one (bright pink). -Purple? Blue? Silver? Mustard Yellow? Red? Yes, red is nice! -No, pink (now pointing at a neon pink that hurt my retina. She was trying to make a compromise with me though, hehe). -Hmmm. -Pink, or GOOOLD! -Ok, hmmm. Gold might be, uhm, its a rally car.. racing? -Pink then. I had then since long realized my mistake in bringing my daughter to the shop and not deciding the colour beforehand, but i was decided that the car should not be painted bright pink. We had however stood by the paints some time arguing and i wanted her to have some say in the matter. I then remembered the iridescent colours and my experimenting and compromising nature kicked in, so I proposed the PS-47. -No. -But this is pink AND gold? -No. -It is sparkling and shiny... the pink is dull.... She then grabbed the PS-47 and we left the shop with smiles on our faces and excitement in out hearts. At home i got cold feet and wanted to look at pictures before embarking on this colourful journey... return to top... -------------
  19. Just to generate some funds...FREE UK SHIPPING, paypal gift pleaseAll superb condition, no ESC's£85 58581 m-05 Gopro Swift£85 58614 mf-01x Jimny£100 58601 wr-02g Kuma tractor£115 58616 CC-01 lwb VW Amarok£115 58406 DF-01 Porsche Cayenne Or just £400 for all of them, £350 collected (North east wales)They are all listed on ebay as well now
  20. In the pipeline from Tamiya: 47329 Heavy Dump Truck Metallic Special (GF-01) and a few parts for the CC-01, GF-01, TT-02 and TT-02B too: 42308 TRF Silicone Oil Bottle Bag 47333 TT-02 A-Parts (Upright), Blue 47334 TT-02 A-Parts (Upright), White 47335 TT-02 D-Parts (Motor Mount), Blue 47336 TT-02 D-Parts (Motor Mount), White 47337 TT-02B B-Parts (Upright), Blue 47338 TT-02B B-Parts (Upright), White 47339 TT-02 Hard Lower Deck, Blue 47340 TT-02 Hard Lower Deck, White 54733 TT-02 Aluminum Rear Uprights (3.0 deg) 54734 GF-01 FRP Battery Plate 54735 CC-01 Mud Block Tires (2 Pcs.) 54736 Gold Plated Mesh Wheels (+2mm) (4 Pcs.)
  21. I want some new wheels & tyres for my CC-01, after reading through old posts I see 96mm would be a good size for me I found these http://www.modelsport.co.uk/fastrax-kong-90mm-crawler-tyres-on-1.9-bead-protector-wheels-2-black/rc-car-products/369355 a while ago I like the look of (it's the newer lexen Pajero body so I want some more modern style wheels) but they have been out of stock for ages. Then it occurred to me to look on eBay where of course the is a huge range, doh! So I was wandering if the sets of 4 from China that cost just less than the 2 in that link are any good? I can see the tyres look almost the same but are very slightly different, the outer lugs are filled in on the Chinese versions. Also they come with screws to hold the bead locks on rather than the cap head that are in the link. Cap head ( Allen key heads) do look much better. But I'm not sure if it's worth twice the price, any thoughts? Possible import duty is a consideration, though I'd hope not on such a low value item but it will be a much larger package than it small alloy hop ups I've had with out duty before. Also there is loads of good information on tyre size for clearance but I've not seen anything about the effect of larger diameter tyres on the gearing. I was running the stock wheels and tires & 540 with 16 tooth pinion, I've just swapped to a 35T motor so I'm hoping the new 96 mm tires it will now be just a bit slower but still climb hills well. I'm just slightly bothered because I put some 102 dia tyres on my thunder shot & stuck in my old 50t motor thinking it may be good but it burnt out the motor (I forget the size of pinion but it was the smallest) it ran with a 12t brushless motor fine with those tyres but was stupidly fast so it's back with stock size wheels now & I'll stick with the CC-01 for proper off roading (at least till the GF-01 is finished then we'll see if that's any good at it)
  22. https://youtu.be/ootLwXbfJiQ CC-01 just running both diffs locked. Also has the steering mod with the bearings in as the plastic on plastic standard affair locked solid within seconds the first time out on sand. All gear casings sealed up with "dum dum" as they filled with sand first time out too. I was a bit cheesed off with the amount of work the CC-01 needed to run in dirt & sand really as the Blackfoot Xtream will run fine totally stock. Still as you can see it now leaves the Xtream on the soft stuff. The original range of Blackfoots do run better than the Xtream in soft sand with the shorter wheel base & battery more to the rear.
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