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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, This is my first post (became a member just yesterday) :) I just built the cr01 land cruiser. What is recommended to buy and change to improve the steering ratio? As it is right now, it hardly turns at all :( If possible, I like to avoid adding another servo in the back. PS. The servo I'm using is made for crawlers (costed over €40). So the power of the servo itself is not the issue here. Thanks in advance! Thomas video-1579204631.mp4
  2. *ON EBAY* NIB Ford Bronco CR-01 £230 inc. uk shipping for TC members when bought here *ON EBAY* Restored near shelfer Fire Dragon rere with TBG shell, mci stickers, tamiya superstock RZ and rear anti roll bar, new ball bearings, front unis and steering servo plus a5 steel support £130 for TC members when bought here Restored runner Thunder Dragon original blue painted shell, new ball bearings and steering servo also a5 steel support £90 paypal gift, all prices inc. uk shipping, want to get another dynahead pictures in showroom, can also supply extra pics
  3. I usually stay away from mud and water like it's a plague...despite all the new waterproof electronics out there, I'm a firm believer that water in any form and electonics just don't mix. Having said that, I live where we have snow for a few months, and a very muddy spring season. So finally I broke down and built a dedicated snow and mud truck so I could play year round. My other CR01's are built for crawler/trail duty, and I had this one on the shelf that I was keeping mostly stock. Of course, nothing ever really stays stock around here for long. With its taller stance, big tires, and electronics up high, and a giant box of spare parts I figured this was a perfect candidate for my mud truck. This truck came to me with the luster silver chassis.. I wouldn't have bought it myself, but it's a really nice looking piece. I decided to mod the chassis a bit to give a bit more clearance under the trans mount, but I wanted to keep this chassis semi stock looking. First thing I did was (carefully) shave the underside of the chassis rails. I trimmed off the upper mounts of the side plates. Could have cut them off completely, but for strength, I left them on. Rebolted the side plates to the chassis 1 hole higher giving me about 10mm more clearance. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it makes a world of difference. To make this mod, quite a bit of the stock battery tray had to go. It looks kind of butch, but works just fine. The battery will be supported by the top of the trans. View from the side with the additional clearance. I had a set of portals on this truck originally, but didn't want to ruin them in the mud since they are so hard to find. I put a set of 3Racing lockouts on the rear axles. Speaking of, both diffs are locked for now with the "3rd Gear" mod. I may unlock them later if I add more power. Only other real mod to the truck is replacing the cantilevers with some homebrew standoffs and a set of Vaterra shocks. Overview of the chassis..My others are modded with custom chassis and various transmissions. This one really retains the stock look overall. Wired up with a WP 1060 ESC and stuffed the receiver into a TT02 box. Servo is a basic Traxxas waterproof model I had laying around. Running the stock motor and gearing for now. The upper mounts on the chassis standoffs I shaved down earlier worked perfect for zip ties and cleaning up the wiring. A few finished pics. Modified Imex tires on Gmade wheels should move some snow. A Proline body (In Tamiya Copper of course) with the fenders removed gives it the aggressive mud truck look I wanted. And a few action pics...I'm not much of a photographer, apologize for the blurry shots!
  4. This is the second CR I've picked up over the years and probably has the most mileage of all my rigs. As opposed to my Crawler Bug, this one is more of a scale rig. Well, as scale as a CR01 can be. It's been on many runs, from flat trails, to rocky ravines. Usually goes camping with me as well. A Proline body with a few scale goodies sits up top. This body is a perfect fit the the CR01's wheelbase and wheel/tire size imo. Do plan on an interior of some kind eventually. Rolls on Proline beadlocks and a set of shaved and siped Flat Irons. Out of the box the tires left me a bit wanting but with a bit of work and some break in they grab fantastic. Stock axles pretty much with a few upgrades here and there. KM knuckles and C's modified with bearings for very smooth steering. Tamiya lockers and HD parts are in the axle. Highly recommended, there's very little slop with everything installed. Chassis is another custom cut 6061 creation. The trans mount is moved up 20mm and the rear of the chassis is extended to match the PL body. The SCX10 trans swap worked so well in the crawler bug I did it here as well. Freed up lots of room so I can lower the battery tray to keep that all important COG as low as possible. Also opened up quite a few other options...I've run a 2-speed as well as a 2/4WD setup in the past, though now it sports a standard transmission with a 17.5 brushless system geared way down. My favorite feature on this truck is the suspension. Definetly sets it apart from the other trail trucks in my stable. I kept the springs though replaced the cantivelvers with a more traditional stand up shock for dampening. I replaced the stock springs with the short barrel springs and the stance came out just right. There's also a few shiny bits here and there for no other reason than I like shiny stuff! This truck has seen many miles and has been trouble free the entire way. At some point I should probably open the axles and check the gears, but it takes so long to get in there, I'll just run them until they crumble.
  5. This is my first CR01, I put it on backorder the day it was announced and has seen plenty of configurations and miles. Wasn't long until I was starting to tinker with it for more performance, and it has had more chassis and suspension setups than I can remember. It looks far different today as it has evolved, and it's still one of my favorite rigs. I've just given it an overhaul of sorts. Right now, it's sporting an older T-maxx body which fits the extended wheelbase. This is the second bug body, the first was painted as an homage to the Blitzer Beetle but after many trail runs and rollovers, it was due for a new one and I went a different direction with this one. Wheels are a beautiful set of Gearhead beadlocks, and it's running some older Losi tires with dual stage foams. I tray and stay around 4.5" tires which limits selection a bit These tires may not have super scale looks, but they have great bite out on the rocks. Stock bumper is mounted out back and has saved my rear end more than a few times when the truck has tried to flip backwards. I cut a new chassis from 6061 that's about 2/3 the height of the stock chassis (and 1/4 the weight). Uses the stock chassis parts wherever possible. Gives a lower COG as well as more ground clearance. I've learned a lot since I built this one and an contemplating a new chassis with a few design changes though this one has served me very well. From the top. I've swapped out the stock trans for an SCX10 transmission. The stock trans is tough as nails and smooth as silk, but it's a bit large. The smaller SCX10 trans allowed me to tuck everything into the shorter chassis. I also swapped out the stock battery tray for a lighter aluminum plate/velcro setup. A modified Integy bumper sits up front. Shocks are a set of G-Mades in droop configuration. I've run these on many rigs and have not be a fan of the setup, but for whatever reason they flat out work on this rig. A fairly rare set of aluminum axle cases found their way on here. Aluminum does not slide as well as plastic for sure so it might be odd to find these on a performance truck. Having said that, there's not a lot of options for adding weight down low on these trucks other than the wheels. The axles cases are HEAVY and really do a good job of lowering the COG. Very happy with them. Lots of other goodies on the axles - KM, 3Racing, etc. and stuffed with Tamiya's lockers and HD parts. All in all, This is a darn good performing truck out on the trails and the rocks. And reliable...I've run brushless, 550's, 2 and 3S through this truck and it's never had a problem. The only item I've had to replace is the rear gears finally let go after a few years of running. My only wish is someone really needs to make some CVD's for these axles. My turning radius is just terrible. I may or may not do 4 wheel steering at some point, not sure.
  6. Due to my semi-venetian life, due to the impossibility to drive most of my cars, due to my philosophy tending to downgrade I’m going to sell: Modified 58405 CR01, most of the parts needed to switch it back to original conditions, some spares and Tamiya CR Tuned motor: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/77887-tonkatsu-20-cleaning-refurb-some-mods/&page=1 Euro 250,00+shipping from Italy Upgraded 58467 FF03 Honda Civic, several option parts, SpecR gear diff, fluorine dampers & more http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/71205-fs-tamiya-ff03-optional-parts/#comment-636969 Euro 200+shipping from Italy Modified 58384 Subaru Brat re-re without electronics as shown in the build thread: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/77454-subaru-brat-its-time-to-bring-it-back-on-the-road/ Euro 100,00+shipping from Italy Lightly modified 58482 Stadium Blitzer, chassis need to be changed due to failed modify. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=106905&id=22640 Euro 50+shipping from Italy All cars are intended without electronics. Open to deals
  7. This is a CR01 chassis with the rather cool Junfac Joker chassis. This upgraded chassis is now discontinued which is a great pity. Comes with aftermarket shocks (not sure of brand, believe they may be Losi) front and rear diffs and the central gearbox. It also has a new untouched alloy upgrade as seen in the photos. Too many other projects on at the moment so decided to let this go to somebody who has the time to build themselves an awesome crawler. Looking for £150 for it, happy to post anywhere in the world.
  8. At this point I decided to consider my Brat as finished... ok it's not finished but it's like when a maul doesn't go forward or when the book you are reading lays a part for much times. My next project will involve my CR01: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=73542 already modified but with some corrections needed.
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