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Found 2 results

  1. I had the pleasure to find this beautiful kit under the tree this past Christmas. Thank you Santa, aka Mrs. Ferruz! The build brought me so much novelty that it almost felt like rediscovering RC altogether. It might be because it is my first pan car (with the exception of a TT02, I have only built offroaders so far) and in fact I expected it to be different, but I didn't know I was in for such a treat. Given how stimulating this build has been and how much I feel I have learned in the process, I thought I'd do a build thread. A thread specifically from the point of view of a newbie to this family of cars, including first impressions and all, so that hopefully future Group C builders will find it useful, and good enough to answer some basic questions. Before I start, it's fair to point out that I took huge inspiration from @TurnipJF's build: Pretty much everything I've done that differs from the instruction manual is based on his work and knowledge. Thank you Turnip for the advice, and last but not least for encouraging me to do a build thread. Upon opening the box and investigating its contents, these were my first impressions: -the body shell is BIG. Cool! 😎 -there are a few FRP parts, very appreciated extras as I thought this kit was going to be strictly plastic fantastic in stock form -no grease to be applied, one lone shock and a chassis with no trailing arms: indeed a different type of build compared to what I'm used to -the foam tires smell heavenly good. I'm a bit uncomfortable by the degree to which I like them ahahah -I got an overall feel of being about to build a spartan chassis, one conceived for performance with no room for bells and whistles. A pure speed machine (or so I hope), love it! Now about the livery. I put some thinking into the color scheme. While there's certainly nothing wrong with the box art silver (very Mercedes!), I felt like treating the sleek silhouette of the C11 to something a bit more elaborate, and possibly less seen around on the internet. A few Group C liveries were selected, and it proved hard to eventually pick one amongst the ones shortlisted. In the end, this is my choice: -Posche 962 Kenwood - And so, black and red car it is! ...plus some white. It will probably be a bit challenging, but definitely possible to adapt this color scheme from the Porsche 962. The shape is not that far off. I was able to find an MCI repro decal sheet for this livery, because Kyosho used to produce the 962 in these colors back in the day. It's very underwhelming to look at if compared to others (just a lot of Kenwood white decals in different size on whiteish background), but it will hopefully work with the plan I have in mind. The car will remain a Mercedes, so both decal sheets will be partially used. I am comfortable with a Kenwood sponsored C11 that never happened: being pretty much period correct, it doesn't bother me that in a parallel universe Kremer could have cheated on Porsche for a one night stand with a C11... 😂 ...but slapping a Porsche emblem on a Mercedes body would feel a bit too much, so I'll just have some fun adapting the 962's livery on the C11. As usual with my builds, the body shell will be worked on later, so I will face the painting challenge later on. Meanwhile, since the color scheme is now figured out, I have ordered some red locknuts to reinforce the black/red theme throughout the chassis. I have noticed that quite a few visible nuts are employed in this build, so hopefully this will be a cheap and effective way to ramp up the looks a bit. About the electronics, a red servo was selected for the above reason, and luckily Hobbywing's 1060, my brushed ESC of choice lately, is already sporting the right colors ✌ Now, after this long intro, let's go on with the build.
  2. For Sale:- New painted Tamiya DB01 Baldre body shell custom painted by me fits the DB01/DB01R chassis (I also have a DB01R for sale) £25 posted UK
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