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Found 4 results

  1. No, this isn't a thread about a particularly strong vindaloo..... I've decided spend a bit less time on this hobby, and so am downsizing the amount of stuff I have. I'm starting off with spare parts, but later on I'm going to have some vehicles for sale as well (Maybe a Konghead, a Chrome Edition Midnight Pumpkin and a Jagdpanther). However, i can only photograph and advertise a certain amount in one go, so here we go: Quick list of Contents as the thread is getting long and is pic heavy 1.Boomerang D parts 2. yellow Kyosho rims 3. Boomerang blue bits 4. vanquish wheels (original - used) 7. re-re sand rover left over body parts 8. TT-01 gears. Some used and only lightly used, some new (Originally bought for an 8x8 project) 9. DF-02 axles (used) 10. King tiger turret rotation unit 11. TT-01 / DF-02 one way unit used spares (Outdrives, bearings, and ring gear) 12. Hotshot II underguard Partially complete Boomerang D parts. Vintage kyosho wheels, but no idea what they're off. Bigger than hotshot series wheels so maybe 2.2" ? Boomerang / Bigwig blue spares (Some new, some used, will split if required.) Super Sabre unique spares (New) (Now sold) Avante 2011 Hop up wheels (Vanquish clones, but nice and white) (Now sold) vanquish wheels, pretty certain they are genuine vintage due to the slight discoloration, 2 matched pairs of front wheels, and 1 pair of rear wheels with some really old, hard oval blocks. The rear wheels appear to be both lefts (or rights), not a matched pair. Will split up if required. And lastly, (Till I get into the next box of parts), a home made by me (Still machined aluminium though) adapter plate for fitting a Hotshot gearbox to a hornet / grasshopper chassis. Alloy blocks fit in where the hornet gearbox mounts fit, and the fibreglass plate screws to the mount for the hotshot battery plate. The gearbox still requires attachment to the top of the chassis but it can be fairly easily. I've not put prices on any of it, let me know what they're worth to you, payment via paypal please. Once I get payment I will post items via Royal Mail signed for, as a minimum.
  2. So I have bought myself a well used (I admit this may be a bit of an understatement) Gravel Hound from everyone's favourite on-line bidding site. As is often the way I was looking for a new Tamiya project (snappily codenamed the Christmas/Birthday money project) and I happened to stumble upon this little fella. I wasn't looking for anything in particular just something new and as I haven't owned anything on the DF-02 chasis before I decided to take a punt as the price didn't seem to bad. To be fair to the seller he was upfront and honest with his photos and description - "very used RC car in semi working order with plenty of wear due to age and use" And it's hard to argue with that....................... Freshly out of the box and bubble-wrap.... It has certainly been enjoyed!
  3. I used to have a Rising Storm a good while back now, and I do as many other car’s I had regret selling it. Time has passed and I have got my self a NIB Rising Storm but I haven’t had the hart to break the seal and build the car. A new chance came along when one showed up on a local trading site for a very cheap price, i knew I had to get it. Another story is that I had to threaten with a police case over the seller since he didn’t send the car to me and didn’t answer mail. That said the car showed up and I started the project. The project is to rebuild the car and add some of the hop-ups I had back in the days and I guess some more will be done. In the end I hope I have a car that I can use as a runner and not only a shelf-queen. Here is how it looked when I got it Then I started taking it apart for the rebuild. And as always, the way to start before you get a good look on the parts is to give em a good bath. I have ordered quite a few hop-up parts for the car, and most of them has arrived from all over the world. The hop-up parts are: Tuning Steering Connection for Tamiya DF-02 DF02 Chassis Aluminium 4Kugellager Tamiya Aluminium Steering Link 4WD 1:10 RC Cars Buggy Off Road #53865 Double Metal Rubber Sealed Ball Bearing (BLUE) For Tamiya DF-02 / DF02 Chassis Tamiya Dust Cover For Adjuster 2WD 4WD 1:10 RC Cars Buggy Touring Truck #53980 Tamiya RC Model 3x50mm Hard Turnbuckle Shaft (2pcs) 53944 Tamiya 53942 3x42mm Hard Turnbuckle Shaft Rod(2pcs) Set OP942 Tamiya 53666 OP666 TT-01 Metal Motor Mount SB Tamiya DF-02 Graphite Rear Skid Plate (Square STG-15R) Tamiya DF-02 Graphite Front damper tower (Square STG-163) Tamiya DF-02 Graphite Rear damper tower (Square STG-164) GRAPHITE MAIN SHAFT ALLOY CONNECT FOR TAMIYA DF-02 DF02 Tamiya 53787 RC DF-02 Aluminum King Pins (Blue) Tamiya 53790 RC Cup Joint For Universal Shaft Set (TT01/DF02/TT02/M05/M06) OP790 Tamiya 53791 OP791 DF-02 Universal Shaft Assembly Tamiya 53788 OP788 DF-02 turn buckle set 4950344537884
  4. For sale, a ready to run Gravel Hound. Fully ballraced, Alloy centre propshaft, Alloy front shock tower, F350 Hi Lift wheels and tires for hard wearing traction TEU101BK ESC 'Pimped' with a custom made solid aluminium heatsink for better heat dissipation, and a Deans connector. ACOMS Radio Gear and servo. New silver can out of one my recent new build cars. Ready to go, usual scrapes to the underside, and a small repair to the steering cross joint (A10). This can't be seen in the photos as I had a slight 'oops' after the photo was taken, making sure the radio worked ok. Few spare parts, including custom made tall battery posts to allow use of a big 3S LiPo if you want to fast with brushless. £60 plus postage, payment via paypal gift please, or you can collect if you wish. If I can find a NiCad or Nimh battery that still works I'll chuck one in as well if it will be of benefit (I only use LiPos now)
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