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Found 25 results

  1. Greetings! I found a used Manta Ray locally. Condition was odd. Chassis was assembled and well used. Body, rims and wheels are brand new. Box has the model number for the 2005 re-release (Manta Ray was released in 1990, 2005 and 2018). Not expecting much as the box art was only mediocre but the used price was great.
  2. Used 2005 Manta Ray DF-01 for US$130. Ships from Hong Kong and cost to ship to US or UK estimated at US$60 +\- With original box. See build page below for details. Receiver and ESC will be removed before shipping.
  3. This is my DF01. It started life as TA01T? Porsche Cayenne, Which I built up about 10 years ago?? with some FRP chassis plate's and J parts taken from a Top Force ReRe, normal TA01 arms etc, and ran it as a drift car, with a GS300 Tamiya body. It sat dormant for quite some time, but after retiring it as a drift car I always had the idea to covert it into a buggy, and finally got around to it about 6 months ago as my re-introduction to the hobby and foray into more off-road. It has definitely been a pretty steep learning curve and a bit of a battle with reliability. But its at a point now where I have just enough skill and faith in the set up/potential to spend a little time/money doing a rebuild with some new parts and a couple of small improvements. The general gist is a rebuild with new chassis plates as the original ones are very worn, replace the gearbox's as they're both quite broken, which will give me a chance to prepare them properly for a little more reliability in that area. Will be adding a proper race esc, nicer servo, reposition the battery mounts for shorty lipo's, and replace all the bearings and most of the ball ends/nuts/cups. I'll also be taping all threads for machine screws and switching to hex, and making a rear skid plate which I'll also use to anchor the rear of the rear gearbox a bit better, which is an issue I haven't heard being spoken about really yet. It already has DF03 Aluminium dampers, gear diffs which I'll shim/rebuild with Tamiya AW grease, CVD's in the front and Tamiya uni's in the rear, and speed tuned gears which help get the car geared right for the 13.5t motor. I'm running a Plasma Edge/Gravel hound body currently, but I have a Top Force body on the way. Here is where I'm at today. Have done the drilling on the gear cases ready to cut some threads, have the old J parts ready to clean, and starting to have a look at positioning the battery. More over the next few days
  4. So when I was a kid I always wanted a manta ray, but it never happend, 25 years on here we are. The intention for this build is for the car to be used mainly at the beach. So here we go! 26/08/2018 FINISHED PRODUCT, See bottom of thread for more.
  5. Yeah so It’s another Top Force build, big whoop wanna fight about it!? right now that’s out of my system, back in the game after more than a few years, and as even average runners of Madcaps and Terra conquerors are getting mad prices right now (plus are we really gonna see a re-re if either) I’ve gone for a Top Force kit. It’s currently stuck at a post office in Hong Kong due to Coronavirus a long with the basic essential hopups. So this is basically the teaser trailer.
  6. In this build thread I'm gonna build a Terra Conqueror with orange and black chassis. I think I have most of the parts I need to complete this build, so next step will be to go through my parts and see what I got. Stay tuned, next update coming soon.
  7. I got this for my birthday in May, but I was waiting for my upgrades to get here. Everything is finally here, so let's get started!
  8. Got some spares leftover from the vintage Blazing Star i bought which became my Terra Conqueror. I don't think i will have another DF01 so clearing out: Leftovers from plastic gearset upgrade. 1x ball diff casing, 2 x gear diff casing, remaining gearbox parts on sprue and original gearset. £2 plus £3 postage in UK Pair of original vintage CVAs. Manta Ray/Blazing star spec. Mint condition, no leaks. £10 posted. Original vintage Blazing Star prop shaft and outdrives. £3 posted. Top Force hop up steel prop shaft, no outdrives. £4 posted. Brand new front plastic shock tower on sprue with plastic hexes. £3 posted Robinson steel pinion 0.6 mod 17t. £7 posted. PM for paypal details. Should have added, will costs the same to post all of it together as separate so if you want the lot call it £20 posted.
  9. After spending a long time digging through threads, trying to find a comprehensive list of all the period Hop-Ups for the DF01/TA01 platform and its descendants, I realized there were none. So I decided to make my own. I used futureworks' list as a base and expanded it from there. It's still in progress, but its sorted by manufacturer, and I'm trying to get a link for an image of each hop up, preferably in original packaging for each item. I have used the exact terminology that Tamiya used for naming each Hop-Up. I hope this is helpful for people who want to make a "checklist" of sorts for their cars, or for others like me, who just wanted to see what was out there for this chassis. Please let me know if you have any additions or suggestions, or if you have any corrections. Period Correct TA01/TA02/Manta Ray/Dirt Thrasher/Blazing Star/Top-Force Hop Ups Limited Edition Anodized Aluminum 49068 Aluminum King Pins (Blue) (same as 53157) 49092 Aluminum Servo Stay (Blue) (same as 53308) 49096 Aluminum Servo Stay (Pink) (same as 53308) 49098 TA03 Universal Drive Shaft (1 Pair) (Pink) (same as 53310, but Pink Ltd. Ed.) 49099 TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set (Silver & Blue) (same as 53280) 49100 TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set (Silver & Pink) (same as 53280) 49101 Aluminum King Pins (Pink) (same as 53157) Limited Edition Plastics 49543 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Suspension Arms 49544 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Green Suspension Arms 49545 Fluorescent Green Adjuster Set 49546 Fluorescent Pink Adjuster Set 49547 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Gear Case Set (F & R) 49548 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Green Gear Case Set (F & R) 49549 4WD Fluorescent Gear Case (Pink) 49550 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Yellow Chassis 49551 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Orange Chassis 49552 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Green Chassis 49553 Fluorescent High Torque Servo Saver Set (Yellow) 49554 Fluorescent High Torque Servo Saver Set (Green) 49555 4WD FF Touring Car Fluorescent Orange Damper Spring 49556 4WD FF Touring Car Fluorescent Green Damper Spring 49557 4WD Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Damper Spring 49558 4WD Rally Car Fluorescent Pink Damper Spring 49559 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Plated Mesh Wheels 49560 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Plated Spoke Wheels 49567 TRF Acto tuned motor 49572 TA01 Chassis White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49573 TA02 Chassis White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49574 FWD Touring Car White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49575 Manta Ray White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49576 Castrol Celica Chrome Plated Wheel 4pc 49577 CVA Mini Shock Unit Set II White 49578 4WD TA02 & FWD Car Super White Chassis 49579 4WD TA02 & FWD Car Fluorescent Orange Chassis 53024 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut 53029 1150 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (2 pcs.) 53030 850 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (4 pcs.) (for servo hinges on 53166) 53042 Ball Diff Grease 53056 Pin Type Wheel Adapter (aluminum wheel hexes) 53068 RS-540 Sport Tuned Motor 53070 Manta Ray Ball Diff Set 53071 Manta Ray Torque Splitter Set 53072 Manta Ray Differential Ball & Plate Set 53073 Manta Ray Ball Bearing Set 53079 Manta Ray Stainless Steel Propellor Shaft Set 53095 3x10mm Titanium Tapping Screw (10 pcs.) 53098 4WD Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Set 53099 Manta Ray F.R.P. Double-Deck Chassis Set 53100 Top-Force Carbon Graphite Chassis Set 53112 Top-Force Aluminum Pressure Plate Set 53115 Skyline GT-R Universal Shaft Set 53118 Skyline GT-R Hard Joint Cup Set 53124 3mm Tungsten-Carbide Diff Ball Set 53127 Skyline Speed Tuned Gear Set 53131 Skyline GT-R Aluminum Mesh Wheels 53140 Skyline GT-R Aluminum 6-Spoke Wheels 53141 4WD Touring & Rally Car Lightweight King Pins 53142 Touring & Rally Car Aluminum Motor Mount 53143 4WD Rally Car Skid Guard Set 53144 Touring & Rally Car Bushing & Ball Connector Set 53145 4WD Touring & Rally Car Urethane Bumper Set 53153 Acto-Power Touring Special Motor 53152 TA02 Short Type Hard Propeller Shaft 53155 Low Friction Aluminum Damper Set (Pink Std., Blue & Black Ltd. Ed.) 53156 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Hard Inner Sponge Set 53157 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis Aluminum King Pins 53161 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut (Gold) 53162 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut (Black) 53163 On-Road Tuned Spring Set (4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car) 53164 Touring & Rally Car Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft Set 53166 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis F.R.P. Chassis Set 53167 4WD Touring & Rally Car Bearing Set (TA02 Chassis) 53172 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis Universal Shaft Set 53189 4WD Touring & Rally Car Rear Stabilizer Set 53191 4WD/FWD Front Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set 53192 Turnbuckle Upper Arm Set 53193 FRP Front Damper Stay 53194 FRP Rear Damper Stay 53195 4WD/FWD Carbon Chassis Plates 53200 4WD Front One-way Diff Unit 53209 1/10 Touring & Rally Car Shaped Tire Insert (1 Pair) 53216 1/10 Touring & Rally Car Shaped Tire Insert, Wide (1 Pair) 53217 Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set (For Ball Diff) (replace 53267) 53218 Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set (For Gear Diff) 53219 1/10 Touring Car Aluminum Pressure Plate Set 53226 1/10 Touring Car Aluminum Front Hub Carrier (1 Pair) 53227 1/10 4WD/FWD Touring Car M2 Radial Tires (1 Pair) 53280 TA03 Super Low Friction Aluminum Damper Set 53310 TA03 Universal Drive Shaft (1 Pair) (same as 53172, except w/ blue anodized collar) 53325 TA03 Aluminum Knuckle Arms 53642 5mm Ball connector Blue 53596 Aluminum Servo Stays (Short) 58157 TA02 Special Chassis --- Aftermarket AR Products TA-06L TA-10 TA-14 TA-20 Tamiya TA01 Top Force King Pin Cross TR-15FP Strong Front Lower Suspension Arms Upper Links TA01 TR32 Suspension Arm TR32UF Tamiya TA02 Front Universal Shaft For Cross TR32 Susp Arm HPI 6124 HPI Front One way for Tamiya TA01 TA02 6400 Rear Lowering set for Tamiya 4WD 6410 Front Lowering set for Tamiya 4WD 8011 Tamiya 4wd fiberglass chassis set HJ060 Tamiya TA02 Chassis (longitudinal battery) Kawada TU-07 Tamiya TA01 Tie Rod Set TU-10 Tamiya TA01 Aluminum Rear Sus Arm TU-11 Tamiya TA01 Adjustable Upper Arm TU-13 Tamiya TA01 Turnbuckle Tie Rod Set TU-?? Tamiya TA01 Aluminum Front Sus Arm Kose K-0810 Universal Shaft. Long Suspension Arm (Tamiya TA01, FF01) K-1104 One Way Joint Cup (Tamiya TA01 TA02 TA02W) K-1552 Titanium King Pin (Tamiya TA01 Series) K-1902 Front One-Way Unit (Tamiya TA01, TA02, TA02W) MRE TA02 Nitro Conversion P&C Racing TA2048 Tamiya TA02/FF Anodized Alloy Steering Assembly Rainbow Products TC-010 Alum Rear Upper Arm (Tamiya TA01) TC-012 Alloy Spindle (Tamiya TA01) TC-014 Alum Front Upper Arm (Tamiya TA01) TC-016 Body Lifter (Tamiya TA01) TC-032 Side Protector (Tamiya TA01) Tech Racing TFF-14 Tamiya FWD FF01 TA02 Complete Rear Upper Suspension Links TSC-2F Front Universal Shaft (Tamiya TA01) TSC-9W Super Tie Rod Set (Tamiya TA01) TSC-11 Tamiya TA02 TA01 4WD Prerunner Front Strut Bar Brace TSC-16 Adjustable Upper Link, Rear (Tamiya TA01) Thunder Tiger 6118-A TA02 Gas Conversion Kit Tobee Craft Screws Other Tamiya RC CARS Bible Catalog TA01 TA02 4WD Rally & FF FWD 1995 Volume-2
  10. Evening, I've recently got all my old R/C gear out of the loft. Amongst my various shelf queens I found a TA02 (which I've since been informed is a TA01!) chassis that I'd bought. It seems pretty complete but as I've got a fair few road cars I wouldn't mind wide tracking this one and jacking it up with a truck body of some sort. I've heard that bits from a DF01 can be used but I'm not 100% sure on what bits I need. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Here's the chassis as it was pulled out of the box. Cheers, Sammo
  11. As much as I enjoyed building my first carbon chassis, I've decided for the mucking about that I do I really don't need it. So, here is my Fibre-Lyte carbon chassis kit which I built into a DF01 Terra Conqueror this summer. It's the Fibre-Lyte CSC/Carbon6 material, mixture of carbon and glass which is tougher than both and lighter and stiffer than FRP still. Comes with full Top Force metal parts, and all appropriate fixings and J-Parts. Includes 850 bearing'd steering arms, and full carbon Fibre Lyte battery straps for a stick pack. The battery posts are still on the J sprue for if you want to run saddle packs, but you'd need new battery straps for that. I've purposefully left the shock towers out of this kit so someone with a TA01 could get this too without having random buggy bits. It's only been run once very briefly without an undercowl, then about 10 times with an undercowl fitted running on grass. There's a couple of marks on the underside, but mostly mint. There are some scuffs and marks on the aluminium uprights where I had to grip them with pliers to tighten them up, and there's some tape residue from my Rx. Not shelfer material then, but great for a vintage racer project or just to have some very nice bits on your Manta Ray/Blazing Star/Top Force/TA01. Whole lot new would cost around £95. Anyone going to give me £70 posted? Going to leave it on here for a couple of days, but if it's not gone I'll pop it on ebay. Cheers Cy
  12. Genuine Tamiya Top Force undercowl as used on my Terra Conqueror carbon chassis. Been run on tarmac very occasionally and grass about 10 times. Painted metallic black, bit scuffed, cut as high as possible to get to my Terra Conqueror shell, so could be trimmed and neatened up for a Top Force. They're £16 new and then there's paint on top of that. Anyone give me £12 posted? Going on here for a couple of days then I'll sling it on ebay. Cheers Cy
  13. Clearing out some of the DF01 spares I accrued when upgrading the mint Blazing Star I picked up into my Terra Conqueror Evo. Got the barely used CVAs on eBay. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263332910023 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263332901741 As well as these I have another pair of each item, plastic DF01 shocks mounts, metal wheel hubs for the driveshafts, steering arms, MSC, plastic top wishbones, a DF01/TA01 bathtub chassis and a bunch of other screws and spares. Give me a shout if you want anything. Cheers!
  14. So I'm sitting here a bit bored at Taipei airport waiting for my flight home wondering idly about a new design project. I've noticed that top end 4WD racers have caster angle built into the c hubs to add to the kick up at the front of the buggy. Added to this as I've been filling my evenings this week whilst here on business, I found an article on Jamie Booths Manta Ray from 1991 and he says one of the biggest things he did was get some extra caster added to the custom c hubs he had made. I have a Thunder Dragon and a Terra Conqueror DF01 now, and I think fairly easily I could do caster c-hubs for them via Shapeways. I just have no idea how much to add. My DT03 has 25 deg, but I haven't seen that much on 4WD for some reason. Anyone got any ideas? Looks like both my buggies have something around 10 deg kick up, so should I be trying to add 5 deg? 10 deg? 15 deg? All help, hand waving, wild speculation greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  15. Project Terra Conqueror Evo is tip-toeing to completion, and for the first time on a buggy I have options for the position of the inboard top suspension link because I've installed the Top Force FRP suspension mountings. I currently have the rear set in the top centre hole which makes the top and bottom suspension arms parallel. There are two other holes, both lower, 1 inboard, 1 outboard. What is the effect of using one of these other holes? I can see it would lower the instant centre of the suspension, but not sure why this would be good? Cheers!
  16. Been fascinated by DF01's since I learnt that the Top Force was a derivative. Love all the different chassis and other options there are. Then I spotted the Terra Conqueror and fell in love! I'm a sucker for a bit of orange. Unfortunately Terra Conquerors are like hen's teeth, and I wanted a project. I did buy a Top Force ReRe and then had to send it back due to a couple of big bills arriving that week, but I had already spent a bit on some of the bits I'd need to put on it. I realised that as I don't like the Top Force body the whole kit is a bit lacking due to needing to upgrade the shocks, motor mount, proper motor and ESC etc. Needs a lot of money spending on it after buying a pretty pricey kit. So I started picking up bits and pieces of must have DF01 hop up parts over the last few weeks whilst looking for a donor car. Picked up a virtually unused Blazing Star for reasonable money, and got a good chunk back selling the wheels and body. Now the final parts have turned up, here we are on the ground floor: A parts list: Blazing Star DF01 rolling chassis. Has some mad Futaba 40 MHz Tx and Rx too, which is kind of cool TBLE-02S Speed Passion 13.5R MMM motor Robinson steel 19t pinion Pargu metal motor mount Yeah Racing Universals for front axle TA02 Plastic Touring Car gearset Full bearing set TBG Terra Conqueror Repro Body MCI Terra Conqueror decals Tamiya PS white and orange paint Top Force Parts Bag E with chassis posts and upgraded prop shaft Top Force J Parts Top Force shock mounts Fibre Lyte Lower Deck Fibre Lyte Upper Deck Fibre Lyte battery straps Assorted M3 button flange head screw and nylock nuts DF02 Y-Parts x 2 for changing the CVA's to black to match Terra Conqueror TRF501X Ti Nitride shock shafts (originally purchased to convert the Top Force kit shocks to pistons and already posted when I sent the TF back) 0.5mm aluminium shims for the suspension Tamiya 5mm rod ends M3 threaded rod 200mm to make top arms and Top Force steering centre rod Aluminium 5mm ball nuts for shock top mounts and suspension top arms Tamiya 5mm ball ends with 9mm thread for wishbone end shock mounts Schumacher Black 12mm Hex 4WD 2.2" wheels front and rear Schumacher Cat Block Rear Tyres for front and rear + medium inserts There are metal 12mm hexes and some Lexan sheet to make an undertray on their way and I have some spare low friction suspension shafts and 5mm ball ends that will get used in appropriate places. Should be interesting......
  17. Got a project on. Started out with a mint Blazing Star DF01 and tonight I installed the gearboxes onto a Fibre Lyte carbon chassis lower deck. I got the proper Top Force parts bag with the chassis deck mounting and the upgraded stainless prop shaft. Only problem is that it appears to be about 10mm too short when I try to install it with the carbon chassis. Is the fibre Lyte chassis longer wheelbase than the top force? Or are the prop shaft gearbox out drives different on the top force compared to the Blazing Star/Manta Ray/regular DF01? Can't understand why it wouldn't fit. I am on holiday with only the parts to build the car so I don't have the original coat hanger shaft to compare it with. Any suggestions?
  18. Looking for some aluminium servo mounts for my DF01 project. My research only seems to turn up "short" mounts which I have read are too short. Got some part numbers for mounts that should work (49093) but these aren't available anywhere because they are an old part. GPM don't seem to have anything and all the old Top Force threads on here just say "aluminium servo mounts". Drawn a blank. Can anyone point me at aluminium servo mounts for a current buggy that will fit a Top Force/DF01? Cheers!
  19. After buying a Top Force ReRe last month all sorts of Real Life things happened so it had to go back unopened for a full refund. Modelsport were ace about this by the way. Good lads. Been browsing ebay for a DF01 and watching them go for silly money and placed a bid on a nice looking thing and left it. Turns out I won it for a vaguely sensible price and it turned up today I know this definitely counts as a First World Problem, but it's just TOO nice. I bash my cars up, and run them on gravel. I have an idea of getting some Top Force decks and putting some other bits and pieces in it. I have a Terra Conqueror repro body lined up. But look at it! It's pristine! It's even got some mad Futaba 40mhz radio gear for the MSC that it came with. Properly conflicted as I wanted this as a bit of a summer project to slowly buy bits for and tinker with. I'm not into shelf queens, but this is just so mint original it seems a shame to bash it up. What to do? Advice much appreciated. Thanks team!
  20. Selling these perfect condition Blazing Star wheels and tyres. What to run the car as a buggy and these are just so nice they need to go to someone who will appreciate them. As they look on a Blazing Star As you can see tyres are virtually unused. Would also suit the FJ Cruiser and similar. Full set of 4 for £20 plus postage
  21. Selling this Pristine original Blazing Star body set. Came on an eBay purchase and selling because I have a terra conqueror shell lined up. Only mark I can see is a small scratch on the red decal next to the front body clip. See photos. Happy to post up more specific pics if you would like. Selling body and wing. £25 plus postage. I have a spare TBG body box so will post anywhere in the world as it will be safe in packaging.
  22. Got a bit of an idea for a project. Need a DF01 rolling chassis. No need for a body even. Anyone got anything they want to move on?
  23. Just to generate some funds...FREE UK SHIPPING, paypal gift pleaseAll superb condition, no ESC's£85 58581 m-05 Gopro Swift£85 58614 mf-01x Jimny£100 58601 wr-02g Kuma tractor£115 58616 CC-01 lwb VW Amarok£115 58406 DF-01 Porsche Cayenne Or just £400 for all of them, £350 collected (North east wales)They are all listed on ebay as well now
  24. I have a TA01 with an FRP chassis which I have previously used from drifting. Among a collection also including a TA02 and TA03F with much the same purpose and spec. The TA01 is the least relevant to me, and poorest performing of the 3 (although they do all have their unique traits which are fun). So what to do with it? Well the title makes that obvious, but I'd like to think there are a few people here who'd have the same idea. Built originally from a Cayenne kit, so has the "correct" black gearboxes. The FRP chassis is assembled from broken down Top Force Re-Re parts from Ebay. So I do have the rest of the essential J parts and mount bag parts. I haven't decided quite yet to what extent I'll compromise on using kit correct parts, but it will be a runner, so no real point being super picky. At first it will be Black Star dish rear wheels front and rear, and OP84 Square Spike tyres. For damper's i'm considering TGM02 Aluminum damper set 53545. These are a little more period looking, much cheaper than Hicaps, but a tiny bit too long at 100mm. They look like Gold 53280 Super Low Friction Dampers to me, just longer, so I think they would work well, but not sure if i shorten them with spacers if they'll have enough travel left. Other than that the new aeration buggy dampers that come in pairs and I've found similarly priced, I'm sure these are awesome but i'd prefer something without a threaded body.. I could also settle for something cheaper. Body is probably the part i'm least sure about. I'll probably end up with 2. A box art Top Force and custom Gravel Hound or Sand Viper runner body. Here's how it looks now.
  25. As title. I am aware of the Fibre-Lyte parts, thought I'd try my luck here first. The Press Parts Bag would be the ultimate, as I do need the wing stay and battery plates too (kinda). I'm after a fair few other DF01 parts too, converting a TA01 with FRP chassis to DF01. Cheers.
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