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Found 6 results

  1. While I‘m waiting for the body/decals in my current project (Sgt.Speirs‘ Nissan King Cab - TRF201 Transmission Conversion), I decided to start another (shorter) project…the restoration (or better "fit for run") of my Dyna Blaster. Dyna Blaster - Tamiya Guide Book 1995 I bought the car mid of January but hadn‘t time until now to check the detailed condition of it. The body itself is well used but no cracks or bigger damages. A perfect body for a runner For displaying on the shelf I will to search a new body set incl. decals. The condition of the chassis is also good. Not perfect, but perfect when you want to run it without having a guilty conscience. I would describe it as normal scratches from lighter off-road excursions. Wheels and tires have to be replaced. Fortunately are both of these available as spare parts here in Germany. The most interesting question for me was, how is the condition of the gear box (diff gear, spur gear, counter gear,…) and the slipper clutch a.k.a. Tamiya MDC. So I started de-assembling with the motor and I was surprised. I have several 540 motors from Graupner and had not looked at this one closely. The label was fixed on the motor can with a bonding tape. But when I removed it form the gear box I noticed the deep black motor can. Also the end bell seemed somehow familiar to me. I made a double-check with pictures from TamiyaBase: It‘s the same motor as a Tamiya Dynatech 01R! I made a research and found out, that the German company Graupner also sold motors from Mabuchi but with their own label in the early 90s. A colleague also mentioned, he has some golden Graupner motors which are identical with the RX540VZ (Technigold). Due to the age and condition of the motor, I decided to use it only for displaying. It will fit perfectly in my Egress (2013). The plan is to remove the damaged label, cleaning all parts and buy a re-production label (Dynatech 01R) for the motor. The currently installed motor of my Egress (Super Stock BZ) will then be used in the Dyna Blaster for running. That‘s for now. Next step is to clean all parts and check for damages... ...his stormy brother is waiting for playing
  2. Hello, as I did before for the transmission conversion for my King Cab/Hilux Monster Racer, I also want to separate build thread and transmission conversion of my Dyna Blaster. So the transmission section will not be mixed anymore with the restoration section. In this thread I can also offer a better and clear support for interested customers and can answer questions regarding the gearbox, parts list, manual or assembly. For pictures from the installed gearbox in a Dyna Blaster / Dyna Strom, please visit my build log/thread: Sgt.Speirs' Dyna Blaster Parts list for this modification: 1x 3D printed gearbox parts from Shapeways (latest rev. 1.0): >> Dyna Blaster TRF201x Gear Box & Rear Hubs v1.0 << / >> Dyna Blaster TRF201x Gear Box Only v1.0 << 1x 54471 TA06 Steel Gear Diff. Unit Rear 1x 22031 TD4/TD2 Slipper Clutch Set 1x 53587 Shim 5x0.2mm (1 needed) 1x 13454709 Idler Shaft (alternatively: 54344) 1x 72001* Idler Gear 31T (48DP) - Team Associated DR10M Metal Idler Gear, 31T 1x 19805957 Screw 3x10mm (or standard M3 countersunk screw) 1x 19805763 Screw 3x10mm (or standard M3 panhead screw) 1x 9805989 Screw 3x15mm (or standard M3 panhead screw) 1x 53577 Urethane bushing (red) 1x 53588 Ø10 mm Shim Set (optional parts for shimmimg the gear diff) 1x 42115 Ball bearings 1510 (2 needed) 2x 42113 Ball bearings 1050 (3 needed) 1x 42113 Ball bearings 840 (1 needed) *) Team Associated Spare Parts Number Optional parts: 1x 51314 Tamiya 48DP 91T Spur Gear (optional part for gear ration settings) 1x 51714 Tamiya 48DP 86T Spur Gear (optional part for gear ration settings) Manual for the assembly: Gearbox Assembly - Dyna201 Manual_v1.0.pdf
  3. Hi mates, I need these parts for my TR-15T project: From Adjuster Bag - Front Stabilizer bar BF7 (common wiyh Dyna Blaster) - Rear Stabilizer bar BF6 - Gray 6mm Adjuster BF1 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Storm) Found From Press Part Bag - Front Reinforcing Plate BP3 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Blaster) Found - Gearbox Sub Plate BP4 - 1 piece No more needed From screw bag B - 3x44 mm, gearbox long screw BB4 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Blaster and Dyna Storm) Found - 3x21 mm, Tapping screws BB6 - 2 pieces (common wiyh Dyna Blaster and Dyna Storm) Found From Screw Bag E - 2x20 mm, Cap Screw BE1 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Blaster and Dyna Storm) Found From ball connector bag - Damper mount BJ4 - 2 pieces Found From Avante/Egress Avante/Egress 25 mm chassis columns - 4 pieces (common with Astute) Found The parts can be used but the important thing is that they will be not too much ruined. Thanks Max
  4. Hi there, so far I found all important parts to make my model fit again. Now I do search for some spares to have it, just for the case... Universal Shaft: 4135041 Gearbox Bag: 9404089 Pilot Shaft: 3554006 Adjuster Bag: 9404091 Thanks for looking in your treasur chests. C
  5. Hi, I'm searching for the following spare parts for the Dyna Storm: B3 - Rear arm D4 - Gearbox Brace D5 - Front Bulkhead E2 - Clutch Spring Cup E3 - Spur gear/Clutch cover The parts could be new or used but in good condition (not broken and not too much scratched). Speculators are not welcome. If I will not find the parts I'll go to 3D printed parts. Thanks Max
  6. Hi people, would like to convert my Blitzer Beetle to s Street Beetle but cannot source these wonderfull tires and wheels. Do you know some place to find them? They not pops up on ebay... Any suggestion please? thanks. Max
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