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Found 2 results

  1. Eeeeore

    Vintage Kyosho

    Hi there,New to this world. My brother in law passed away and he collected all things vintage in this hobby area. We have several body/decal kits, some of little value, but I ran across three shells I believe might be of value to some of the folks on this forum. A Nostalgic Series Porsche 906 Carrera 6, and 2 Touring Series or PureTen? body/decal sets, the BP Oil Porsche Turbo and the BMW 320i, all still in their boxes. Please forgive my ignorance in this area, but we are trying to be sure all the items in this collection go to true vintage collectors and not someone simply trying to get a deal. I had one guy offer $10 each for the shells/decals, but there is no way I am doing that. Can anyone help with true value of these shells? He had over 150 1:8, 1:10 shells by the way, so we are just getting started. He had sets upon sets of tires, wheels, engines, gears, and right down to screw sets for these cars. We are overwhelmed. Also, please forgive me if I am not doing this incorrectly, this is my first post so feel free to correct me.
  2. Hi all, Just trying to gather info, about what will suit me and my needs. I live in the boon docks in Japan and my LHS has $20 ferrari`s and doll houses. They do have some Tamiya hop-us and paints and thats about it. My rc history, grasshopper and monster beatle.. so long ago. Anyway I found a track by chance and just for something to do took my five year olds for a look. Well he wants one, and I want one. They let me have a go of a tb-04, loved it. First thing the chassis. just ordered a tt-02 type-s and now I need everything else. I want to get out on the track on race days and try my luck, hence the tt-02 type-s. They have rules about what you can use to keep things fairly even, so I know what I`m allowed, but cant for much info about the differences. Touring car on road. Motor TBLM-01s 16t / TBLM-02s 15.5t Amp (I guess that means ESC) TBLE-01s/ TBLE -03s Which combo is recarded better? Why? however the TBLE-03s seems to be out of stock everywhere here. Batteries/ charger LI-FE EA 2200/6.6v 25c-35c The regulations are in japanese and it says other things but i don`t understand it. Will have to get back down to the club. My question is about a charger, needs to be quick. And later when I gain some ability I`d like to try out some more powerful motor/ lipo combinations just for the thrill of it. (not racing) are most chargers universal? easy to use? Transmitter/ servos. This is my biggest worry. One shop in the next town has some futaba, cant remmember the numbers. But they were around $100-180. They guy said the expensive one would be needed for brushless motors. it comes in a set with servos I think Are they generaly a universal fit. meaning will the servo be ok for a tt-02? I think he has the one on this page.a 3PL woops cant link the page. gearing, again in Japanese thats too hard to understand(will have visit the track. Says something like being above 6.0 . does that make sence to anyone? Lastly after my wallet has recovered, or if I got any change, are there any must have hop-ups. for performance, not really weight savers at this stage. Bit confused here. I know the type-s is a bit of an upgrade to the regular tt-02 and I don`t want to get anything that is not needed. Sorry for the long post, hope you understand what I`m trying to say. (even if I don`t.) looking forward to hereing from you.
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