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Found 67 results

  1. Hey everyone! I was looking for a new Low-Profile Servo for an upcoming build. I planned on buying the TSU06. Now I see that it says its not compatible with TEU302BK and TEU105BK. Since I am using a GT Tuned Motor, I was planning to use a TEU105BK ESC, which I have a lots of units lying around here. What is the point here? The ESC has a BEC build in, but does that TSU06 draw so much power? What are my alternative options? Savöx 1251/1252? I doubt they would work. They have basically the same specifications...?! Thanks
  2. All new, all inc. free UK shipping, if you want recorded delivery please ask for quote. Pics are available if required, please pm me Will consider discounts for larger orders/bundles 1x set of two grey wheels NIP from stadium raider, hex.mount cc01 sized £8 Set of unused off road tracks and left overs from tt02 track build £7 3x hobbying hk 15138 25t spline (futaba 3003 copies) @£4 2x hobbywing hk 15269 25t spline servo (futaba 3003 copies) @£4 2x steel RW racing 17t 32dp pinion (0.8mm equiv) 1x steel RW racing 18t 32dp pinion (0.8mm equiv) 2x steel RW racing 16t 0.6mm pinion 1x steel RW racing 18t 0.6mm pinion All pinions @£4 1x 53968 5x5mm hard hex head ball connectors (5 per pack) £8 3x 53969 5x8mm hard hex head ball connectors (5 per pack) @£8 54208 3x 5x8mm hex head ball connector flourine coated £3.50 53969 6x 5x8mm hex hard head ball connectors £8 White gf-01/gf-01/wr-02 large bumper £2 1x 53913 alloy wheel adaptor £9 2x thundershot 2005 rere motor mounts @£4 5x 54395 3x22mm shaft sets, use for dt-02 or thundershot chassis upper arms @£7 1x alloy A5 part for thundershot chassis £20 6x steel A5 protector braces @£7.50
  3. Morning I don't want to wear out my welcome here...I do have another Elect. Question (probably a stupid one) 90% complete with the Avante 2011 build. So, now is the time to "neaten up " the Electronics" I'm using the ECS (TBLE-02s) that was provided in the kit, as well as the Motor (Avante 2011 Special GT Tuned) ESC wiring to the Motor: Yellow > Yellow, Blue > Green ....Question: The remaining "orange wire" (ESC), seems to serve no purpose? So, can I cut it close to the ESC and maybe put a little silicone on the end, and make room to neatly organize the wiring.
  4. I bought my first brushless motor today for a new build that arrives tomorrow and after calibrating it I have discovered that it only appears to have forward and brake rather than FBR. Does anyone know how to enable FBR without having to buy the SkyRC Program Box? I'll be very annoyed if you can't do it without it - particularly as they market it as being "specially designed for RC beginners".
  5. Hello. I am recently getting into 1/24th scale RC drifting. Having a bit of trouble though. As I am new to this, not really sure what good sources there are for just 1/24th scale stuff. Sometimes I’ll be looking at a motor, or ESC, or something and I’ll check around for reviews on multiple sites, and then by the 3rd site I find out it’s a 1/10th scale item even though I’m specifically searching for 1/24th scale electronics. Quick rundown of what I currently have: Chassis: Drift Art 2.6ex Chassis Drift Art 3s Chassis (on pre-order currently) Electronics: DriftArt DVF-AFRC V3 Servo DA-SV-D1 DriftArt HGV4 gyro with Shell Red DA-GYSL-4CR Controller: Futaba 10PX I am looking for some recommendations on any of my missing electronics. If they are compatible with the fancier features of the 10PX that would be great (the real time tuning and adjusting stuff). But even if it can’t be done with just the 10PX (I’ve learned most electronics with these features are 1/10th scale unfortunately ex. Acuvance Xarvis XX). I would like some real time way of making adjustments, I’ve seen some parts mentioning iOS apps and such with Hobby Wing and Furitek parts. I have a fairly good budget remaining for the rest of the electronics. I don’t mind spending extra for nice added features. such as real time adjusting and that stuff. I am in search of a quality ESC right now, looking for something sensored, brushless, and will play well with my 10PX for any added bells and whistles. Currently researching the “ATOMIC Mini 24A Sensored ESC”. I know the ESC I choose will determine my choices for possible batteries & motors so if their is a better option out there far as ESC’s go please drop the item or link below. Once I have ordered the ESC I will be looking for recommendations of motors & batteries, just don’t want to get ahead of myself and end up with parts that are incompatible. Thanks for any help/advice.
  6. Hello everyone, so i'm having some issues with a tamiya brushless combo, consisting out of a TBLM-01S motor, TBLE-04SR esc, TRU-07 reciever and TTU-07 sender. It started acting up after i soldered the on/off switch internally and soldered the ESC's wires directly to the motor which i have done in the past with electronics from other brands succesfully. When you power it up everything seems to work correctly, you can give it 100% throttle no issues, however as soon as you touch the brakes or release the throttle it just stops really abruptly, beeps, and a red/orange light flickers briefly. After that everything works again, but only for like halve a second. After that it beeps and stops as soon as you hit the throttle or reverse. After a while the red led starts flickering fast indicating that somethings wrong/broken/overheating, or the orange led starts flickering which would indicate that the sensor cable is broken/disconnected(?), or the green light starts flickering, no idea what that would mean. So i'm thinking i damaged something in the esc whilst shorting the power button internally, or the motor got too hot whilst soldering, however if anyone has some ideas of what i could still try i'd love to hear it. I already tried changing some of the settings, charged the batteries, and changed the sensor cable but to no avail.
  7. Hi guys, Had a bit of a mad moment the other day, and without much research I grabbed the Grand Hauler kit and some other bits and pieces (not all here yet) Thing is, I suspect I made mistakes with the servos and esc etc and would like some recommendations and pointers please. I have the carson reflex stick 2 (will get a flyski s6 in the future) a couple of carson 6kg servos and a hobbywing quickrun 1060 esc, all of which I suspect are poor choices. However, I will be doing a Scania model and possibly a couple of cars in the future so will be fine hanging onto these items for the moment, but really would like a better chosen esc and servos. I don’t imagine the truck will be getting a huge amount of use, but it will be used on carpet so don’t think the servos are up to snuff for that tbh. Can anyone suggest some solid servos and esc that are not the bare minimum requirements and can give a bit of headroom in terms of capability? Oh, also I grabbed a carson poison motor, any better suggestions for a 80t or even 35t motor that people get solid results from? As an aside, what batteries and specs are people using? Also ordered the mfc 03 which I know may offend some sensibilities seeing as it is euro style but tbh, I am not entirely convinced I will install it and may save for a euro truck later down the line…everything is up in the air at the minute but I realise servos are pretty much the first thing you start to get fitted to the truck so would like to get those sorted in time for it’s arrival Cheers all p.s I am UK based if that makes a difference regarding recommendations and availability etc
  8. Hi All! Newbie here! I bought a Sand Rover about 10 years ago and have only just got round to building it! The kit did NOT include a ESC so I purchased that a few weeks ago, along with an extra servo and Carson RC controller. Now, I might be missing something here, or things might have come on a bit since I last built one of these kits, but I can't see where the forward and reverse servo goes. There's nothing in the instruction manual to show it, and there isn't any kind of metal 'throttle' piece in the kit that the servo connects to, like I have in my 90s Blitzer Beetle. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as my 4 year old is becoming very impatient as to why the car isn't finished yet (yeah, yeah, it's my toy really...) :-D Thanks in advance!
  9. Tamiya Volac - BL2 Brushless Esc - 42144 - Brand New and unopened. Other sellers sometimes only order from Tamiya when you’ve paid! If it’s out of stock you then face a very long wait, and then sometimes disappointment when it can’t be supplied. Save the worry and be reassured of a quick and guaranteed delivery. In the UK now so no waiting or disappointment. Took months to get and not cheap, but fast becoming collectable. This is the ESC that Marc Rheinland used to win the 2008 IRMAR World Championship. For expert use: £320.00
  10. Hi, I have a few Tamiya, TRF tools and parts for sale: 1x Tamiya - 45057 TBLE-O2S Brushless ESC - £22.00 1x Tamiya TRF - 42147 Hex Wrench 2.5mm - £28.00 1x Tamiya TRF - 42161 Screwdriver M - £28.00 4x Tamiya TRF - 42351 Centre Pully - £22.00 each All plus postage. Feel free to respond here or email me directly: helenstott17@yahoo.co.uk
  11. Hi guys, I'd like your advice on this: Yesterday I've powered up my Manta Ray, a couple weeks since last time I ran it. As usual I've checked that everything worked while holding the car in my hand before driving it, everything ok. So I put it on the ground and started driving it around but, almost immediately, the car stopped working. I've checked to find out that the ESC was the culprit: it beeps and flashes red like when the BEC is activated, but there's no current at all going to the receiver (and therefore the servo). Most important, it smells awful like something short circuited inside the ESC. Something must have gove awfully wrong, but I've no idea what. The esc is the TBLE02S supplied with the kit, worked well for over two years with both brushed and brushless motors. I currently run a 13.5 bluebottle on NiMh batteries, had this setup for 8 months now and never had a problem. It was cold and humid when this happened, but again I drove it in much harsher temperatures so I doubt the issue is in any way weather related. Now the questions: -does anybody have an idea on what might have happened? I would love to know, if there's any theory or not... I know that ESCs like the TBLE02S act out like that sometimes, heard a few stories of all sorts so maybe I will never know what went wrong -should I even bother trying to fix it? By the smell I guess I can answer my own self on this one ahah -any advice on what ESC to get now? I would like something reliable and affordable, I don't need anything too fancy but I don't have much experience with ESCs as I guess I've been lucky with the ones supplied so far. Thank you in advance chaps for any insight ✌
  12. Here’s the info shown on the back of Tamiya’s, forward only, Volac BL2 ESC.
  13. I would like to get my Hi-Lux Monster Racer up and running after 25 years. I want to continue using the original acoms radio gear (AP-227 MK3). Can I connect an ESC into the acoms receiver? If so, what ESC would be suitable? The current receiver does not have BEC on it and is sealed so cannot plug/unplug wires into it. I assume that definitely means I will need a different acoms receiver? All new to me!
  14. Hi, another noob question I'm afraid. I have had a look through the discussion threads and couldn't see my exact question answered so please forgive me if I've missed it and I'll happily be redirected. I have bought a plasma edge 2 for my son and I to work on together, admittedly it is a basic electronics pack that I ordered as a bundle to get us going. All has gone well until right near the end. We did an original bind between the transmitter/receiver, all fine with correct response to input. We then fitted everything into the chassis and since then there is nothing except a flashing green light and beeping from the esc once it has power. I have checked the battery has power, checked that I didn't snap the wiring whilst fitting into chassis, changed the servo and esc channels in case that identified a problem with either. There is also no light on the receiver anymore, so can't even rebind as I assume at least part of the problem is that the receiver is not working or at the very least his no power to it. I've attached a couple of pictures to show how things are currently set up but can upload more specifics if that would help. I'm sure it's probably something I just haven't considered, hence asking for a more experienced opinion. Many thanks for any help offered.
  15. Hi there, As you can see from the title, my Tamiya Audi V8 set on fire this evening whilst out for a bash and I'm at a loss as to what caused it I had just turned the car on and found that the steering trim was out after driving a few meters so I adjusted it so the wheels were central and pressed the throttle to which there was no response. I tried cycling the switches on the receiver and checking the throttle trim was still at 0 but the car still wouldn't respond to throttle input. After trying this I turned the car and transmitter off and after a few seconds the wheels started turning slowly. A few moments later smoke started coming out the car so i quickly disconnected the battery and blew on the end of the motor which was glowing. I am running the stock ESC which comes with the torque tuned motor with this kit. Has anyone got any ideas as to what happened? Cheers, Seb
  16. Probably a recursive question, so apologies in advance and thanks for any replay on that topic. Car: Tamiya DT-03 full of hop-up parts, as many that I think buying an Egress would have been cheaper. Use: Occasional, just for fun, a bit of bashing but nothing extreme, just a way to disconnect. motor: Hobbywing xerun Justock 3650 13.5T G2.1 ESC: Currently for brushless only the Tamiya TBL-E02S, but not ready for Lipo's ( I have the alarm thing but I don't like it ) and the classic Tamiya aluminium plugs for the motor don't fit the 3.5mm golden banana males of the motor.. so I should have to cut and replace and I am not whiling to do it and prefer to keep it as it is and use it with NIMH + brushed stuff Battery: Gens Ace 4000Mah 50C Lipo ( tamiya connector ) Soldering skills: Almost none, but watched lots of youtube tutorials, so no skills. Based on all that data, I was thinking of the natural matching companion, the Hobbywing xerun XR10 justock, which is 60A and uses to be sold together as a combo ( I got the motor new from a guy but half the price ) The thing is, this ESC is not particularly expensive, around 60€, but based on my non competition use I was wondering if I could go for something cheaper, maybe also hobbywing? Would other brands work well too? What about Hoobywing clones? This combination seems to be designed to perfectly match together, the esc comes with banana connectors that fit the males in the motor, so no soldering is required apparently, at least esc-motor, and I guess I will have to figure out a way to connect to the tamiya battery. The ESC also claims something I can't understand about TimeZero.. Any suggestions on what should I go for? Thanks!
  17. So, i have decided to upgrade to a 10.5T Tamiya BLM for my WT-01. What should I consider for choosing the correct battery? I am using a TBLE-02S ESC. Suggestions are most welcome. Thanks
  18. Old Fart STUMPED! 😖 This is not a single Vehicle issue.... Two with HW 1060, and two with Axial AE-5 ESCs (a 1060 rebrand). Forward is fine, full range, smooth. BRAKE is fine, no issues... When going into REVERSE on all of them, the Motor BUCKS and shudders, until about 3/4 Throttle. 😲 All the time, all 4 ESCs! I've asked Friends, some of which have been in the Hobby almost as long as I have (37 years), and they're STUMPED too. Am I overlooking something simple and stupid?? If you know, or have experienced this, Please let me know. Thanks. 😉
  19. I have a standard TBLE 02s ESC in a Monster Beetle which works perfectly when the transmitter (an FS-GT3C) is on. However, if I turn the Monster Beetle on before the transmitter, then the car zooms off at full speed. I haven't encountered this with three other TBLE 02s's I have in other cars. I have just been through the manual to see if changing any of the setup options (high point setup, low voltage protection, reverse set up) make a difference, but with no luck. It's a standard 540 motor, and the TBLE is set to brushed mode. I have moved the receiver (an FS-GR3E) antenna away from the motor wires and separated the servo and motor wires, which were previously zip-tied together in places, but that has made no difference either. I've already once turned the car on before the transmitter and had it zoom off with no immediate way of stopping it, and sooner or later it's going to result in a crash. Does anyone know what could be causing the problem and whether it's possible to fix it?
  20. I'm just getting back in to the RC world as an adult. We just recently got two of the kids off-road trucks and after having to repair them a few times my tinkering fire was stoked. I have an extreme love for road racing in general, so decided I would get a little project for myself. I picked up a TT02R chassis kit and that is where I am at. I am literally starting from scratch with this. I've been reading/researching and getting great information, but the more I'm doing the farther down the rabbit hole I'm going and finding myself getting a bit more confused. I have a couple questions that I'm hoping can get answered here...or at least start me down the right path that I can follow up on. Motor? I'm pretty sure I want to go brushless, but not sure what size would be too much for this chassis. I would like it to be fast, but I also don't want to have to be constantly replacing parts because the motor is too much for the build. I had come across the Speed Passion Reventon R combo reviews a few places and it appears to be a good combo (based on user reviews). But very much open to recommendations at suggestions. Servo? I honestly haven't done much research on this component yet as I've been stuck on the motor/esc. Transmitter/Receiver? I haven't done much research in to this yet either. Although I keep seeing Futaba mentioned as being good???? Those are the main things that I am honestly stuck on and keep going in circles. Body, tires extras I can probably narrow down, although the choices seem to be very vast. I have a couple of tracks out here, so my main objective with this is to make it as fast as possible, without sacrificing the integrity of the chassis (too much), handle/corner well and enjoy myself while doing it. I'm not really interested in any serious racing, or clubs or anything at the moment. That could possibly be down the road, but right now I want to learn, research, tinker, upgrade, test and get accustomed to this style of RC'n. Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions or roasts because I'm a newbie with basic questions haha. Looking forward to this build and future Tamiya builds.
  21. So I've been running my old Futaba 70mhz transmitter and receiver with a new Tble-02 ESC. I've been getting tons of interference with the transmitter and receiver so the car will speed off at times. Either there is inference between the ESC and transmitter or there is just too much noise out there in the neighborhood with all the other frequencies bouncing around out there Probably time to upgrade to. 2.4GhZ transmitter and receiver. So for my education would you all give some suggestions for a good set up for a new 2.4ghz radio? I'm sorta partial to Futaba but only because that's what I've always had. I'm open to new manufactures. I plan on build another Hornet and probably a Sand Scorcher or Super Champ so they will be getting new 2.4ghz radios for sure. So whatever suggestions you all have that would be helpful thanks! One other concern, I have several original Futaba servos that are in perfect working condition that I could reuse in my new builds. The issues however is that they are so old they have the original 3 pin male connector at the end. I see that all new receivers, ESCs, and servos now have the 3 pin connection reversed. The receiver is now the male and all that connect to it have the female end. Would someone suggest an adapter? Or just purchase new servos? I did find an adapter that allowed me to us the new Tble-02 ESC with the old Futaba receiver but I don't think that connector will fit into a new receiver? Or will it? Pictures attached.
  22. Dear racers, builders and collectors To BEC or not to BEC... THAT is the question... :/ I have recently joined your wonderful club, mainly because I fell in love with Tamiya and all the wonders and joys of RC's again. So, like many I had the Grasshopper as a kid and nostalgia made me reinvest in the reissued version which was a great joy to build as well as owning it once more. Since that time, I've bought the HotShot, Neo Fighter and a few others. The latest is Monster Beetle, however, since it's been a while since I built one again, I noticed my Carson's Reflex Wheel Ultimate Touch 2.4G's (this is the one Carson Reflex-Wheel-Ultimate) has a BEC that is a bit hard to find these days and anywhere I find it costs a bundle not to mention the shipping costs is astronomical. I need one so I may bind the Monster Beetle to my Remote Controller, I have the HotShot, Neo Fighter to bind perfectly, but I am now looking for another BEC to put into the Monster Beetle and maybe even upgrade my Grasshopper for the same reason. I have found these, which I don't know will bind with my Reflex Wheel Ultimate Touch Remote Controller: Carson 500501533 - Reflex Wheel Receiver PRO 3, 2.4 GHz Press for Info and this one Carson 500501536 - empfangerrefle xwheel Pro3, 2.4 GHz V.2 Press for Info My question and hope here is to have someone explain to me if this is a possibility that my controller will bind with these two or do I explicitly need the one that came with the controller like this one (Sorry no image only description), or can I simply buy any of the above mentioned alternatives and they will bind with the remote controller without problems? I sure hope you guys might have an answer to this, it's a little frustrating as I'm still not entirely sure how these things work, I had tons of problems with brushless non-brushless Tamiya ESC, I couldn't figure out the differences and it didn't work... I'm sure I did something wrong, heck it took me three hours to put the Grasshopper's rubber wheels together... when I was a kid, I did it in 20min... I don't know what that means, but let's just leave it at that... I hope you guys can help me cause I'm at a loss here, I wish to buy it via Amazon, if possible, but since they don't have the one I use exactly I was hoping I might be able to use one of these. Here is the manual for the Controller from Carson I use for the RC's I have. User Manual for the Carson Reflex Wheel Ultimate Touch The one place I found that might be okay but I don't know them, never ordered from them is this one: The Alternative however, the shipping is kind of a stab in the feelers, but, if this is the only place I can get it, or Tamico, then I guess I have to buy it... but please let me know if I can use those from amazon. Thanks a lot guys PS. Sorry guys for some reason, it posted my topic twice...
  23. I have a Tekin 410K ESC which has not been used since about 1994 mounted in one of my old cars. It worked perfectly when it was last used so I am considering reusing it with a different chassis. I am a little concerned about batteries, though, as the last time it was used we were still using NiCads. I would not use it with LiPos, but would it be safe to use with NiMh packs? I have no idea about the relative outputs for NiCads and NiMhs, (besides the obvious capacity benefits for NiMhs) so I don't know if it is a straight swap between the two.
  24. Hello, I have recently started acquiring parts again to rebuild a car which I bought in a drunken eBay binge about ten years ago. This should present no serious problems as I used to race 1/10 RC buggies when I was a teenager and the old-school technology is familiar to me. I was looking through all my old gear to see what was reusable, though, and realised there was some stuff I didn't know about the box of old brushed motors I had. If anyone can help with any of my queries here, I would be very grateful. 1. I have a purpose-made padded box containing eight old brushed motors of various kinds, including at least one 27T stocker and a number of old modifieds. I suspect the stock motor is probably worn out, but would it be possible to potentially recommission the modifieds? The commutators on some of the armatures might need skimming, but would the static can magnets still be viable, or do they demagnetise over time? Some of these motors have not been used for approaching thirty years, so if time is a factor in them still being useable then I fear it may have run out. 2. I remember BiTD that in the UK there used to be a maximum price limit for modified motors, which was the most which could be charged for them to be legal for BRCA competition (£40, rising later to £45 and then £50, if I remember correctly). These motors used to be described as hand-wound and were markedly superior wind-for-wind to the machine-wound modifieds which you could get for considerably less money. Looking on eBay now, it seems these expensive hand-wound motors have all but disappeared from the market, presumably due to cheap Chinese imports and the advent of brushless motors. I have a number of hand-wound armatures without cans to put them in, so would it be worth getting some cheap new brushed motors and putting the old armatures in them, or will the cans be of too low quality to make it worthwhile? Also, if it is worth trying, would I have to use a can from a motor of similar wind to the arm I a putting in, or are can magnets all pretty much the same? 3. Back when I was driving in the late 80s and early 90s, i managed to fry a number of Futaba ESCs by trying to run motors through them which were clearly too much. I have bought a new modern ESC to fit in my rebuild, but given that it cost about £15 and was bult in China, I have no idea if it has an upper limit for brushed motor winds which it is safe to use with it. It's a Hobbywing QuicRun Brushed Electronic Speed Controller ESC 60A 1060. Does anyone have a suggestion for an upper wind limit, or has technology come on so much in the intervening time that this will safely handle whatever I throw at it? 4. I still have a Tekin 410K ESC from my old car which would probably still work and have plenty of headroom for hot brushed winds. Would this work with the new 2.4GHz radio gear, though? It has the correct Futaba-pattern plug to fit the receiver, but I have no idea if the receiver-to-ESC signal path has changed along with the transmitter-to-receiver one. 5. Does anyone still even make brushed motor spares for these old modified beasts anymore? Stuff like brushes and brush springs? Thank you in advance if anyone has any answers to any of the above. I realise that the obvious answer to all of this would be "just buy a brushless set-up", but I still find the idea of them somewhat baffling and I am attempting to ease myself back into RC gently, before I start trying to comprehend impossible machines which run on unicorn tears. Cheers!
  25. need advise on motor , esc combos and links if possible ebay / amazon / ect ... thanks
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