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Found 4 results

  1. I have started experiencing overheating issues with my blitzer beetle and was wondering if any of you guys can point me in the direction of a fix... Spec: EZRun 35a ESC 9T Motor 13T Steel Pinion. 2S LiPO 30C Extension leads connecting ESC to Motor System is about a month old and has probably had about 12 packs run through it, used to barely break a sweat but about a week ago I hit the beach, didn't relalise how open the motor really is and it got filled with sand, I stripped it and cleaned it up and it seemed ok but it seemed to be getting hotter than usual but ran fine. This weekend just gone I was using it, worked fine but again motor was getting very very hot, I picked the car up by the rear end and dropped it as I scolded my finger on the motor so obviously not right. Gearbox and all running gear is fine and not binding as I stripped it all down last week so it is nice and smooth. Now after about 10 minutes of running it starts cogging and I have to turn it off to cool down, the ESC isn't hot though so is the thermal shut off relevant to the ESC or the motor? I have purchased some wire so I can remove the extension cables but have I killed the motor when I got it full of sand? I spins freely and doesn't appear to have any binding but I can't inspect the state of the coil inside. I have actually purchased a new motor as I stumbled across a replacement for £10 so seemed a worthwhile investment but I have a desire to know what went / is going wrong. Thanks.
  2. I just want to check this before I set it on mine as I am weary of ruining any of my batteries... Should the cut off voltage on my EZrun be set at 3.2v for 2S batteries? I had it set to 3.4v but the voltage cut off was kicking in as soon as I gave it a burst of acceleration. I have been using it with no lipo cut off recently but just using a 3rd party alarm to alert me but I would rather use the built in function if possible. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm having a clear out of my Tamiya M05s. I really haven't used the cars, but this is still a reluctant sale. The price may seem high, but for it all new it would be around £1,000! M05 Pro: Fantastic condition, used a handful of times, like new! Tamiya Carbon Front Damper Stay Tamiya Blue Alloy Front Hubs 3Racung BlueAlloy C Hubs Tamiya Universal Shafts 3Racing Differential Tamiya Ball Bearings 3Racing Blue Alloy Steering Link Tamiya Blue Alloy Steering Set Tamiya Silver Alloy Steering Posts (Slight Issue with screw, doesn't effect steering) Tamiya Alloy Rear Hubs Tamiya Stabiliser Kit Carbon Rear Damper Stay Tamiya BlueAlloy Motor Mount 3Racing Blue Alloy Motor Heatsink TRF Bronze Dampers (Not Silver Dampers pictured on car) Electronics: Savox 1251 Servo Hobbywing Xerun 60a 2S ESC Hobbywing Programming Box Hobbywing Ezrun 13t Motor Tamiya TRF Bronze Dampers (Not Silver Dampers pictured on car) M05RA: Great Condition, fairly new gears and shafts, not used often. Ball Bearings 3Racing Universal Joints 3Racing Alloy Motor Mount 3Racing Alloy Steering Set Electronics: LRP Spin Super ESC HPI Flux Motor 13.5t Futaba Servo (Please not, Oil Dampers on the front of the M05RA are not included) M05: Good condition, spare car, hasn't been used much by me. 1 Crack on front of chassis, doesn't effect performance. Tamiya Silver M03 Alloy Front Hubs Tamiya New Driveshafts Tamiya TRF Bronze Dampers Ball Bearings 3Racjng Alloy Rear Hubs Electronics: Savox Water Proof Servo Podium Brushed ESC HPI Saturn 20t Motor Spares: Carbon Front Bumper x4 Front Wishbones x1 Rear Wishbone x4 Friction Dampers x4 Roll Bars x1 Steering Bar x1 M03 Battery Holder x3 M05 Front Uprights x1 M03 Front Ipright x3 M05 Rear Hubs x2 M03 Rear Hubs x1 M05 Rear Suspension Block x3 M05 C Hubs x2 M03 C Hubs x7 M05 Rear Suspension Mounts x1 M05 Battery Holder x1 M05 Front Bumper x2 M05 Electrics Trays x1 Transponder Holder x4 Battery Bars x1 Compete Chassis Set minus Right Side x1 B Parts (Minus a Plastic motor mount) x2 C Parts (Minus a few parts) x1 3Racing Ball diff x2 Standard Tamiya Diff x1 Spare Gear x4 Bushings Shells: Tamiya Swift S1600: Good condition, few scuffs, minor cracks (under 1cm) Blitz Mini C30: Raced condition, paint scuffed under tape and 2 cracks over arches (Still useable though) Blitz Mini RS4 (Spider-Man): Shoo-Gooed and sticker under the paint on inside. No cracks. HPI Blue Mini: Used once, well painted, 1 dent. Looks great on a car, stripes painted not stickers. HPI Flame Mini: Shoo-gooed, race condition, glitter in paint, flames painted not stickers. Wheels: 1 Set of used Grey Minilite wheels, Tamiya Tyres. 1 Set of used 3Racing wheels with Tamiya Tyres. 1 Pair of used Sweep wheels and tyres 1 Set of new Sweep Racing Wheels in Packet. 1 Set of used Tamiya Rally blocks on Swift Wheels (On M05RA) Also: Etronix Stick Transmitter (Great Condition) Etronix Receiver (Case around bottom cracked and stuck back together, works fine). Tamiya M05 Manual (please note, the Spektrem receivers pictures are not included.) Will not split unless the price is right. £520 (ono) collected (will post, but due to vast amount of stuff I would rather it collected!) Thanks for reading Sam
  4. Thought I'd post this as it might of interest to TXT-1 owners out there (and possibly TXT-02 and Jugg owners too). I recently bought an EzRun 4274 combo from Ebay, to fit either in my TXT-1 or the half track I'm building (In the big rigs forum). I did a trial fitment in the TXT-1 and with the aid of a home made spacer it fits quite well: Before and after, the 2 Trinity chameleon motors for size comparison against the 4274. The 4274 also has an extra 4mm on the diameter: I used a RW racing pinion, and 15tooth for 5mm shaft. It was a bit of a tight fit, but running a 5mm drill bit through the centre removed the slight high spots around the grub screw hole and now it slides on smoothly. It also has the advantage over the pinions on the standard size motors of having wider teeth which match the counter gear width perfectly. Spacer is clearly visible here. It's made from a 5mm thick aluminium plate, and gives perfect separation for fitment of the pinion. It's circular, 40mm diameter, 14mm centre hole, with motor holes 25mm apart. Fits in the chassis quite nicely: Although it is a very close fit to the suspension cantilever. If I'm going to fit it I still need to cut a couple of pieces out of the spacer plate to accommodate the countersunk screw that holds the centre counter gear shaft, and also the bottom mounting screw closest to the motor, but it's a fairly simple fitment to fit what is a motor that is quite larger than normal. The motor is only 2000KV, but the combo is rated for 4S, which would make the performance quite lively, although I would probably only use it with 3S at the most. Still can't decide whether to put it in this or the half track though....
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