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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I would like to get a vintage F1, probably an F101. The goal would be to run it and use foam tires. I would also like the tires to be correct in terms of diameter and width i.e. F104 foam tires wouldn't do. My understanding is that the outside dimensions of tires are the same between an F101/2/3 although the rims and therefore the inside bore inside the tires at the front of the F101 are different. In other words, F103 wheels and tires when assembled together would fit the F101. Having asked the detailed questions above about such rare cars as these, I suppose I should have asked first: are there any members here who might still be running these beauties from the past? 😅 Is it realistic to plan on sourcing foam tires on a regular basis or are we limited to expensive NOS lucky finds? Many thanks in advance.
  2. I am playing around with wheel/tyre combinations on my wild one. I have hex adapters for the rear but what I really want is a longer version of 50395 for the front any thoughts??
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of stripping down my F103RS for a rebuild - it's a 1999 Ferrari F310B (58213) and has been sat in it's box for about 19 years! It's in pretty good nick with only some o rings having perished completely and the foam tires looking cracked and hard. Bodywork needs some TLC but it's probably salvageable for bashing. I want to go to rubber vs foam as it'll get run on tarmac/car park rather than any smooth or indoor surface ... but It seems that F103 wheels and rubber slicks are very hard to come by now; so I'm wondering if it is simple to use rims and tires designed for the F104? I've looked at the manual for a F104 and it appears the thrust bearing sequence is essentially the same but it sits directly on the diff joint with the wheel rather than being built inside the wheel. Is it as simple as that? Does anyone have experience of putting F104 wheels on an F103? Many thanks in advance, Mike
  4. Hi I picked up a F103 and would like to find a manual for it in PDF format. Also it has been sat for many years so going to have to spend some time cleaning it up and a service. Any advice or tips greatly appreciated.!
  5. Can anyone help me identify this chassis? The front looks to be F103w and the rear axle looks to be F103 with a graphite shaft. I have not found a diamond shaped chassis with holes for a longitudinal pack in this vintage. I also have never seen a T shaped top deck like this one. I believe it to be at least 8 yrs old. Construction lacks the weave I expect from graphite, but the all metal gearbox and axle look like some nice hop up. Any thoughts?
  6. Greetings, I wanted to introduce my Tamiya F103 build, the original build was the Renault Damon Hill edition. The main plan is to make a conversion to F104 with a sick brushless setup and gyro. first setup was as I got it, really old foam tires, silver can with 3000mah nimh. right now it is running with a LRP RUNNER 2 23T, cheap china esc, and a 5000mah LRP bat. All upgrades are visible on the pics, the rear motor mount is from a F103GT. I have a brushless setup coming from hobby king and also the f104 alu dif, front end f104, low profil servo... will keep the topic updated
  7. Hey guys I was hoping someone with some F1 / F103 expertise might be able to help me out here. I'm trying to rebuild my Sauber C12 F103 chassis car and I'm having trouble with the last piece which is the shock ./ dampner in the rear of the car. I'm missing some pieces and I can't figure out which parts bag they are in. Can anyone help me out here? I've attached some pics. I have the friction plate and the shock itself. I am missing the metal pole that goes trough the friction plate and the necessary bolts and washers. see pics. Thanks for the help!
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