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Found 2 results

  1. Many moons ago I worked at Time Tunnel Models in Stevenage, Herts. This is where my affliction with Tamiya started. At the time I had a very small fleet - a TL-01 and a TT01D. When the F103GT chassis was announced, I was intrigued. I was really taken with the bright red kit box too. For the unfamiliar, this is what an F103GT looks like: Pretty cool, right? Thing is, it was really hard to drive. Especially for someone ham-fisted and very impatient. It would regularly spear off towards the nearest kerb under my control. So my F103GT sat languishing on top of my wardrobe for a long, long time. Over 13 years in fact (and a few different wardrobes ) Today, that changed. I retrieved the sorry car and began cleaning it up: That's 13 years (give-or-take) of dust What's that tucked away inside the motor cage? No wonder it was a bit of a handful to drive! I've put this motor away as it's a bit special, I'll put it in one of my older more appropriate cars... For this car my objective is simple; fast, straight-line speed. Car park zinger if you will. The gearing means you can go a bit nuts on this, so I have. I also went a bit mad with the power, keeping it brushed: It's an LRP GT2 11x2 brushed motor. The thinking here is that - a] I already had this motor kicking around, from god-knows where b] It should be fun, right? Onwards with the refresh. You'll be pleased to know I gave it a good clean. I also finally found an excuse to use this stuff, which (much like the chassis) has been sitting in the bottom of my pit box for years and years. It's basically a sticky grease, which you install in a fine layer between the friction 'discs' mounted to the T-bar at the back of the chassis. The discs are then under adjustable pressure via two tiny springs. Allegedly this works - although I'm expecting all this will do is attract dirt. Because this is all about top-end speed I fitted the largest pinion I had (29T) and the smallest spur (93T) resulting in a final drive ratio of 3.20:1 The LRP motor has a manufacturer RPM of 41,600 (@ 7.2v, no load). Theoretically, I believe this gives me a top speed in the region of 97mph So all assembled, trusty Hobbywing 1060 ESC and HobbyKing radio gear, Acoms AS16 servo (I really don't want a fast servo in this, given the objective). Adjusted all the end points and got the tracking straight (as far as my 8 foot back-and-forth through my kitchen would show me anyway). Now at this stage it really was bed time. But I had a fully-charged LiPo (2S) installed and that top speed calculated seemed pretty amazing. "I wonder what that would make the tyres look like under full throttle?" Well I couldn't tell you. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not exactly one for thinking-before-doing. I knew the tyres should have 'ballooned' out (who hasn't done this before?!!) Without second thought, I pulled that trigger to full-throttle Within just a split-second of having done that: BANG The tyre literally exploded. A flying piece hit me smack on the ear (like being flicked reaaaallllly hard) Cries from upstairs "What the badword was that? Are you OK?" Of course once I explained what had happened I was promptly laughed at. These were a nice set of Tamiya Reinforced 1-Piece Spoke wheels with M2 radial tyres and inserts. Not a cheap setup by any means, and not cheap to replace. The moulded tyre reinforcement literally flew across the room and even now I don't know where the piece of tyre went that hit me in the ear. So that was my evening pretty ruined. Finally; I fitted the car with a bodyshell. This NSX will be slippery and I messed-up the paint job on it so I'm not too precious of it. It looks pretty good though don't you think? Notice the rear wheels are now some old pre-glued HPI wheels and tyres I had kicking around. That rear spoiler isn't going to do much for aerodynamics either (it's a drift wing). What's the point in going fast if it doesn't look good? And at least this way if it ends in a barrel-roll it will look cool! Next-up - Let's take it out on the currently-empty roads...
  2. I have a few projects going on at the moment and I've been meaning to start a build thread for a while. I will post about the cars as I'm working on them, some may take much longer than others and some may never get finished . Here's what I currently have in the fleet, if anyone would like to see or ask a question about a specific car just shout. TT01 - Countersteer drift car. TA02 SW - Built chassis intended as a shelf queen but I messed up the body so need to buy another. Bruiser - Part assembled for almost a year. CC01 - Built chassis (stalled camera car project). TA02 SW - 40th Anniversary still in box. FF03 - Speed run car (*worlds fastest FF03 82Mph) F103 GT - Built chassis with Mugen body currently a shelf queen but intended for speed runs. TRF 419x - Built chassis planned for 17.5T blinky club racing. M05r vII - In progress. TT02 - Stalled speed project, either TT02s conversion or shelf. TB04 Evo IV - Silver can challenge car, current fastest silver can powered Tamiya at (44.8Mph) TRF 418 - Speed run project car going for triple digits and current fastest Tamiya Club Car (85.5Mph) (94.8Mph) I'll start with the M05. I'm working on a Swift body for it and at the decal stage but need to visit my friend and get some more vinyl cut but here it is as of today. It's a V2 R kit with lots of nice Hop Ups included from Tamiya so the only additional parts are carbon towers, hollow carbon gear shaft and 3Racing graphite side trays. I ordered the towers before I built the car and have discovered that the front tower is completely pointless. I just noticed that to fit the 3Racing side trays I need to drill the chassis holes for the mount to sit flush . The pointless front shock tower: The side tray problem: Chassis: It was a nice build overall and I'm very much looking forward to running it. My current plan is to finish the body and then decide on the motor but at the moment I'm thinking about a 2s, 3.5T setup . EDIT *Wild claims relating to having the worlds fastest 2s FF03 are to the best of my knowledge correct at time of posting.
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