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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, Going through a periodic obsession of Formula 1 RC cars and picked this abomination up for 60 bucks; figured it would be fun restoring it and also learn a little more about these F1 chassis' and their simplicity; From what I can tell it's an F102, but interestingly it has a vertical steering servo position. Mechanically it seems really sound and nothing needs to be replaced chassis wise, but the bodywork is a mess mainly because of the paint job. It's supposed to be a Mclaren MP4/6 but the previous owner decided a fluorescent green / white mix would be his preferred choice. It also has a Footwork Mugen Honda rear wing somehow. I've started stripping it all down and cleaning it, which took about 5 minutes given how simple they are. Dusty but all in good condition. The plan: restore it to a reasonable example of a Mclaren MP4/6, by stripping the paint and repainting, and finding some good tire / wheel combination.
  2. Hi guys, long time no post on TC. Time to offload some of the collection. Sales terms: Prices are net to me. Paypal as friend, or bank wire only. No checks. Available in the lemanic are, F2F always welcome, the beer is on me Shipping from switzerland extra, at cost. Always happy to provide more pics on request, but only if interested in purchasing, no tyre kickers please. Pease PM me if interested. Thank you! Paul Brand Spanking New In Box F201 kit #58094 - USD349 The original quirky design from Shizuoka. As unopened as you will ever find (if you ever find one). Actually Theborder has one for EUR499 here: https://www.the-border.com/Tamiya-4WD-F1-Chassis-w-Orig-Body-F201-58294.html Mine is a lot less
  3. I came across this on eBay. I had never heard of the F201 chassis before and did some quick googling. From what I have read, it wasn't popular because racing rules only allow 2WD F1 cars. It had a very short production cycle, and not many people liked it due to the limited gearing options and lack of electronics space. Looking at the chassis, it's pretty close to scale to a normal F1 with the inboard cantilever shocks. I chose to give this underdog car a chance and went all impulse on it. It needs wheels/tires and body mounts from what I can see so far. The motor is loose and it has an ESC in it, along with a Futaba receiver that I won't be using as I married into Spektrum. It came with the instruction manual, and I plan to fully disassemble it and rebuild it. I don't care much for the paint work, and will be finding another body to fit. Will any Tamiya F1 body fit this chassis? Compare that front suspension to a 1:1 suspension. Anybody recognize that motor? What about the ESC? I'll update this thread as I rebuild it and bring it back to life.
  4. Hi everyone, For sale is my Tamiya Williams FW24 (#58303) on the F201 Chassis. This is a very rare chassis and kit now and this is a lovely example. It has been used, but the chassis has just been fully rebuilt and is like new. The only part that shows some sign of use is the underside of the chassis, which has scratches. The body is a nice condition with some signs of use, but there are no cracks or splits. It really would make a lovely shelf queen or perhaps a good runner. The car has some hop-up parts too. It has full ball bearings along with a Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor and also a larger pinion. It also has Futaba ESC along with Acoms radio gear. Apart from a battery, the car is ready to run. Also included in the box is a few spare parts including some gears. I'm looking for £185 + postage (ONO)
  5. Looking for the following F201 parts: 53519 - Aluminium shock rockers 53513 - Turnbuckle Set 53552 - Speed Tuned Gears 49370 - Racing Steering Set Please drop me a PM if you have any of these unwanted / for sale.
  6. Selling up my collection over the next few months,please do keep an eye open for some very rare and sought after Tamiya items. Feel free to PM me any questions. Thanks for looking. Very best of luck. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/anchordriver/m.html?item=182155358527&hash=item2a694e313f%3Ag%3AauQAAOSw3R1XTta5&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  7. Hi everyone, I recently picked up an F201 for pocket change, but it needs some repairs. Most important is the front gear case (B parts) which is broken into a jigsaw puzzle. Next up would be any hop ups people have on offer. Idea is that she will be a shelf queen as its a car i always wanted as a kid but could never get. Located in the UK thanks guys
  8. I have a F201 Tuned Chassis with new chassis plate, 4 sets of tires (some new, some used), a new in box Ferrari F2001 Bodyset (clear body, rear wing, front wing, sticker, driver) and lots of spare parts, used bodies. I`m looking for $300 $250 shipped anywhere in the world.
  9. No box, no manual, missing the front body mount. New chassis, several new arms, all the included hop-ups, lots of tires, the carbon body, painted body, will have pictures soon. Looking for $175USD Paypal (gifted) Shipped anywhere in the world.
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