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Found 22 results

  1. I've kind of got to the point where I look around my basement and realize just how deep into this RC hobby I've gotten. I've been enamored with RC since I was about 15 and as I sail past my mid 40's every now and again I take a step back and look at the horde I've accumulated. Pretty much my entire basement is now a hobby shop, and stuff just keeps coming in. It occurred to me that if I got hit by a runaway chicken truck tomorrow, how on earth would my wife sort out this mess? To that end, I've put a hold on new purchases for now, and embarked on a project to sort, categorize, and assign approximate value to everything I own.... it's quite the project and something I wish I had been doing as I went! As I've been sorting though stuff, I've been finding all kinds of bits that are leftover from previous builds - partial kits that I've robbed, plundered, or parted out over the years. Not to mention quite a few restoration projects that I started and got distracted by some other shiny new object and just never finished. About 1/3 of my collection is projects that are "in progress.." So in-between sorting, I've been tinkering with some of the projects I've forgotten I had. Messing around with a Tamiya always brings a smile to my face, and reminds me of the simple fun I had when I first got into this hobby - something I'm sure many of you feel as well. So, to that end, I'd like to post up some of the Tamiya projects I come across. I used to buy and restore vintage Tamiya quite often - tearing down a car, cleaning it and rebuilding/modifying is one of my absolute favorite things to do in this hobby! However prices lately seem to have gone through the roof, and parts have been slowly drying up since the MAP price increase years ago - I guess there's no more profit in parting out anymore, so I've since stopped and stick to new kits. Thankfully, I've accumulated enough stuff to keep me busy for quite a while. So instead of posting several different threads, I thought I'd create just one and post up projects as I go. Updates will be somewhat sporadic as my main goal is my spreadsheet, but I DO want to finish these if nothing else as it makes them easier to classify. So far I've found a Bearhawk, Falcon, King Cab, most of a King Blackfoot, Thunder Dragon, Bruiser, and a dual motor M02. Not to mention about a dozen newer kits in bits I can piece together, and some that just need some paint - CC01, TA03, DF03RA, and more. About 20 in all that I hope to have finished by Spring. Drop in once in a while and see what's cooking! ------------------------ Alright, enough blather - let's see some pics! First thing that caught my eye was this poor Monster Beetle Trail. I stole the portals for my TL01 and the body and gearbox were built and sitting on the shelf. Sorting though my TL/MF/WT/GF parts box (since they all intermix) I found a simple TL01 suspension and grafted it on. (Note the unfinished WW2, Konghead, and TL. More fodder for later builds. :)) However, the wheel wells on this body don't line up at all. Not sure if this was a re-pop from something or a newly designed body, but it's not even close. Without the portals, the tires hit the body terribly. Normally I would shave the body to accommodate, but instead I messed around a bit and come up with...Tada! TL01B arms move the wheels out much further. With the short WB and wide stance it looked silly with the stock wheels so I slapped on some SC wheels with a bunch of positive offset to bring the width back in. I think the stance is spot on! I'm undecided on wheels and tires just yet, but going with SC wheels and tires gives me a lot of options. It's just mocked up for now, but I like it. Need to figure out some electronics, sort out some details and do some painting.
  2. Hi! First post but looking forward to being part of the community. Hoping for a little help, I have started recommissioning my Falcon. It’s defo never going to be mint, after being thrashed and crashed through the 80s but to get it running would be awesome. Have already got a new battery, and all working perfectly until I ground the counter gear . I know it’s not available as re re, but does anyone know where I could source one of these counter gears? Seems like one of only a couple of parts that is very specific to the Falcon. Many thanks, J
  3. Hey there, during the Corona-Situation I cleaned up the attic…what I found was my old vintage Tamiya Falcon… It was like staring at a time machine… unfortunately a lot of parts are broken. Now I´m trying to fix the whole thing (just to get the feeling of a happy young boy…😉). It´s been so long...and a lot has change since then. I read about ESC and thought about changing the old speed controller to a Hobbywing Quicrun 1060. What do you guys think? Then I stumbled over Ampro and his engineered 3D improvement parts. That really made my day! Unfortunately one of the dog bones every now and then slips out of the cup. I read about the Thorp Dirt Burners and was on fire right away. Now I´m looking everywhere to get the whole set. I already had the possibility to get the dog bones and the cups, the axles are still missing. Does any of you guys know, where I could get them? I could trade the cups in as I have two sets of cups.... And does anybody know the market price for those (vintage) things? Is there any possibility to use any other axle from another car? Would really appreciate a suggestion... Body shell and decals are the next things on my list. I´m looking forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks in advance and stay safe!
  4. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum as a member. Reason for joining was my recent discovery in a very old storage box of my childhood love, the Tamiya Falcon. I got the car from my dad for my birthday when i was just a little kid. It was the start of a lot of RC car joy in my childhood and eventually the move to 1/8 Nitro stockcar racing. (http://www.modelstockcar.nl/) After going to college i left it al behind just to rediscover it this month after 30 years. So i came across the Falcon and it inmediately sparkled joy on my face. although most components would probably be broken I really wanted to get the car running again. First thing was ordering several batteries. For the transmitter and receiver, and for the motor on the Falcon. Once the batteries arrived I had quite some work cleaning all the contacts and stuff, but the transmitter and receiver, a very old Robbe Compact 27Mhz, still worked! so there was a first run! and it felt great! after a few minutes though i had a runaway. The falcon was still equiped with a fysical speed controller and the receiver apparantly went out of range, so without safety measures built in the old 27Mhz equipment the throttle kept open and the car went away, unfortunately crashing into a wall.\ I did some searching into the new stuff, and am still not sure why the old 27Mhz equipment only works for about 70Meters, but i did find that a modern ESC could help me implement some easy safety measures. I bought a Hobbywing 1060 ESC. This will stop throttle once the receiver is out of range. (more about the hobbywing in a next post). Some of the things to do are finding or making new rear rim's (i think i will try to 3d print one). I want to find some tyres that have grip on asphalt as the current ones are slicks with no grip at all anymore. I want to fix the steering. There is a lot of free play in the steering, like in the balljoints. But also a lot of free play on the axle and the bearings of the frontwheel. The wheels have been upgraded with steel ballbearings at some point, but the axles were never replaced so the old nylon bearings really have worn those down. If anyone has suggestions or advice, please let me know!
  5. Having trouble finding a source for a Hot-Shot body in the US - or a falcon body reproduction - Does anyone have any links or directions? I saw them years ago, like Team Blue Groove, but they only have 2 Tamiya bodies now on their website. I know MCI racing is selling the stickers, but looking for just a few bodies Any help is appreciated -
  6. Embarking on a 3 way with some falcons Falcon #3 - rolling chassis in need of a clean up Falcon #1 - filthy wrecked chassis in need of cleaning and repair Falcon #2 - brand new chassis, gearbox, wheels and loads of other bits (about 75% there) I’ll post some pics shortly JJ
  7. G'day peeps Need help with restoring my Falcon plastics Firstly I have a practice bumper (see pic) so I am willing to try different methods. I know I'm not going to get the deep scratches out and have so far sanded half the bumper with 400, 1200 and 2000 grit wet and dry. I am happy with the smoothness however as you can see in the pic it has a milky white appearance now. Have I done something wrong or is there a way of restoring the black finish? Will the same thing happen with the chassis and other harder plastic parts? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Chris
  8. Both of mine are cracked trying to finish my restore anyone got a pair ? i don’t need the front suspension parts just the rear lower suspension arms thanks Simon
  9. got my "new" falcon in house but the tires are dry rotten and hard as can be. measured the rims and they are around 1.75inch at the beat front and rear? correct? what tire alternatives are out there? and what cars use the same size? (for reference for others with the same size wheels) found for the rear jconceps 1.7. will these fit? and the jconcept 1.9 ribbed for the front? (to big but maybe they stretch a litlle on 1.9) really want to stick with the stock wheels and rather make tires fit than change to a decent size wheel.
  10. hi, not new to the hobby or site but first post on this forum. i recently aquired a falcon and was planning to make it a bit more competitive against the newer (stock) buggy's and entry traxxas models etc a the local off road track so need some help on what to do with the suspension,engine and weight stuf? -offcourse the first thing to do is change the dogbones -was planning on some custom cf braces and front skitplate to stiffen up the chassis and possibly build a cf chassis. (not sure how much weight i need to lose) -suspension need to be changed with some modern dual rate shocks still need to decide what engine i'm gonna run, got a sport tuned laying around somewhere but was thinking to go hotter. how fast can i go without shattering the gearbox? and what brushed engine is best? any other tips? do's and dont's? what tires do i need to run? will post some pic's as soon as i got delivered and update the progress
  11. Hi fellow tc members, looking for an original tamiya falcon decal sheet. anybody out there who can help me out? thanks a million
  12. The off-brand cereal of R/C cars... behold the Sky Hawk!! - "Almost like the real thing!" - "It turns on!" - "Has real rubber tires... FOUR of them!" Seymore pics at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brandsmart-USA-Sky-Hawk-Radio-Controlled-car-/121892008953
  13. Hi everyone, quick question... I have a brand new striker gear bag but its missing the differential spur gear (the part that the 3 small bevel gears go into) Apart from the sonic fighter and falcon, is there any models which share the exact same part? There are plenty of hornet, wild willy and lunchbox gear bags about, could I used just this part from these sets????? Thanks!
  14. These are Marui Hunter ... ahem... Falcon/Striker front tires for under $10 (obo) if anyone needs a pair. Only one left: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-MARUI-Pair-of-OFF-ROADER-Dune-Buggy-Front-Tires-Brand-New-Never-Used-/371400449157
  15. Nobody wants a couple bundles of hen's teeth NIP/NOS parts that are immediately worth more than you paid? If I wasn't selling them I'd definitely buy them, the Falcon parts at the very least! Let's do some math... 1) Falcon Parts Bundle: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331699188811 $55 obo w/ free shipping -- make me an offer, tell me u r from here and I'll accept any offer, on any item, for $10+ less than listed price... so $45 w/ free shipping Included parts: X9901 A Parts (Bumper Tree)ebay price range = ~$23 (min) to ~$33 (max) X9905 F Parts (Suspension Arms)ebay price range = ~$51 (min) to ~$106 (max) X9902 B Parts (Yellow Parts) ebay price range = ~$12 (min) to $12 (max) Total price range of ~$86 (min) to ~$151 (max) So at $45 they are immediately worth about $40 to $100 more than you paid 2) Sonic Fighter Parts Bundle: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331699296644 $45 obo w/ free shipping... so $35 w/ free shipping Included parts: X10003 B Parts (Bumper Tree)ebay price range = ~$7 (min) to ~$18 (max) X10161 C Parts (Yellow Parts)ebay price range = ~$15 (min) to ~$19 (max) X10162 D Parts (White Parts)ebay price range = ~$31 (min) to ~$40 (max) X10163 F Parts (Front Shock Tower + Arms) ebay price range = ~$22 (min) to ~$32 (max) Total price range of ~$75 (min) to ~$109 (max) So at $35 they are immediately worth about $40 to $70 more than you paid
  16. With the Australian dollar in decline these days, overseas buyers may find some good value here. My full list and photos - http://rctoymemories.com/items-for-sale/ All items are 100% vintage and original, as I have zero reissue items. A few examples... Vintage Original NIB Cox/Kyosho Tomahawk... Tamiya Hotshot trump cards. Rare 1980s promo item. Update: I have 2 left (1 sold) Vintage Original 1982 1/10 Nikko HiLux 4WD (Mk2) with remote gearshift and remote headlights. Near mint. Update: This item is sold. Vintage Original 1987 Taiyo Jet Fighter. Near new. Update: This item is sold. Vintage Original NIB Tamiya Wild One... Vintage Original 1982 1/10 Nikko HiLux 4WD (Mk1) with remote gearshift and remote headlights. Boxed with all inserts and paperwork. 99% New in box (zero wear, a couple of tiny marks).Update: This item is sold. Vintage Original NIB Tamiya Hornet... Vintage Original Nikko Alaska Polar Expedition Mercedes Unimog (clean/restored)... And lots more (and more to come). Thanks for looking.
  17. Hello, as mentioned in a previous post I just got back into the hobby after an 8 year hiatus. I had sold all my RC stuff so I had to start from scratch. Since I am a vintage only buff, I picked up this Tamiya Falcon on CL for $40. I really wanted a Frog or Blackfoot, which I also picked up dirt cheap along with another Faclon Parts car dirt cheap on Ebay after buying this one, but those are future projects or will be sold. I first went to Ebay and bought a whole Laundry list of stuff, Three Falcon parts lots, including the one already mentioned, a used Airtronics MX-3 Transmitter and reciever for only $23 shipped, I chose this because its what I used when I was in the Hobby back when, A new Airtonics BL Racer ESC, A new Aitronics standard servo, full bearing set, shock oil and grease, CRP dogbones, CRP chassis stiffener and bumper, a Fireball 19 turn modified motor, four 5300 Nimh battery packs, a Radio Shack dual trickle charger, body clips, etc. To date I have spent a grand total of $430 for everything, but I do not think thats too bad, since in the end I will have two Faclons with parts to spare, a Blackfoot, pretty much complete, and a Frog, needs wheels and tires. I can always swap the electronics from one to another, so with the exception of a couple of new motors and the wheels and tires foe the Frog, I am done spending money. I totally tore down the Falcon, cleaned and replaced broken parts and rebuilt. I have taken pics and show the before and after of the Falcon, I have not yet run it but will do so as soon as I get the chance.
  18. Want Falcon rolling chassis, abused and battered prefered. Don't want a minter, nor any electrics apart from maybe a steering servo. Don't need body either. Paypal awaits
  19. Looking for Falcon decals; the bits that go on either side of the car. Theyre numbered on the sheet as 1, 2, 27 and 28. Must be in very good condition. Will possibly buy whole sheet to get them . Cheers
  20. I need 2 parts to repair my falcon. I have MANY other Falcon parts I can trade. Some parts have never been used. Most parts have been pulled from assembled Falcons. I have a whole bag of nothing but broken parts... I'm hoping there is another crazy Falcon hoarder like me and we can trade some extras. Here's what I need. C3 and F4: Here's what I have: Thanks, Ryan
  21. Thinking about the ugly Fox and Falcon shafts. Frog UJs seems good for the Falcon but no, they are not. The wheel axle is too long. But if I disassemble the Frog UJs and use a normal short axle can it works? The Frog and Falcon half shafts are the same length? And what about the Fox? Somebody knows the length of the Fox half shafts? Can something be similar? Max
  22. As per title. Thanks Max
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