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Found 2 results

  1. Just thinning down my nib collection slightly to free up some cash, all in superb condition.... PayPal gift please, prices Inc free UK shipping BUILT MODELS Isuzu Mu x cc-01 black chrome new built, never run £130 ARTR needs tx and batteries comes with tamiya teu-105bk ESC w/ traxxas battery connector and spektrum sr3100 receiver Steel pinion, ball bearings, tamiya CR tuned 35t motor, new servo, barrel springs, ball connector dust foam covers and grey CVA oil shocks Farm King WR-02G, was a brand new xb model when I got it. £95 ARTR needs tx and batteries Stripped to install ball bearings and steel pinion, added green comical buggy longer arms for a touch more stability comes with tamiya CVA oil shocks, tamiya teu-105bk esc w/ traxxas battery connector and spektrum dsm2 compatible receiver Very clean condition, run on tarmac only, body has a blob of shoo goo to protect it while wheeling! BOTH SOLD
  2. Until recently, my fleet consisted of Tamiya buggies, cars and trucks, but no stunt cars. That changed last week with the arrival of a WR-02G Farm King - possibly the most Marmite of Tamiya's recent releases. I chose the Farm King because of its scale - 1/10 like the rest of my fleet, unlike the Lunch Box, Midnight Pumpkin, Wild Willy II and others that are 1/12 scale or smaller. Plus, I found the looks appealing. Love it or hate it, you can't deny it has personality! When placing my order, I also ordered an Etronix Sport Tuned 27t motor, an 18-tooth RW Racing steel pinion, a waterproof HPI SF-10W servo, a set of Ansmann alloy oil shocks, a Spektrum SR301 RX and a can of PS-6 yellow paint. I chose yellow as my model is going to have a JCB Fastrac decal theme, partially inspired by the JCB GT - the only full-size wheelie digger I know of. Unusually for me, I started the build by cutting out the bodyshell. This is my least favourite part of the build, so usually I leave it until the end. This time I thought to get it out of the way early so that I could enjoy the rest of the build process. The task wasn't an arduous one - the cutlines are clearly moulded and were easily followed using the score-and-snap technique. The cab is a separate moulding, and was also easy to cut out. During the planning stages, I had already decided that I was going to do away with the strange protuberance at the back of the shell. Some say it is meant to be a plough, others say it is a mower or rotovator cover. All I know is that I didn't like the look of it. I also suspected that it would catch on the ground when popping wheelies on anything other than smooth tarmac, so I trimmed it off. I kept it to one side as I had a cunning plan for it later in the build. I started the chassis build by disassembling and ballracing the gearbox. The kit included eight metal-shielded bearings - enough for either the gearbox or the wheel hubs, but not both. I used six of the metal-shielded bearings in the gearbox, but substituted two rubber-sealed ones for the diff outdrives to improve dirt resistance. When reassembling the gearbox, I fitted the Etronix motor and RW Racing pinion. I use this combo on several of my buggies, and I find it works well, giving a significant improvement over the stock silver can and butter pinion, without necessitating the purchase of a different ESC. The rest of the chassis went together easily enough, with more rubber-sealed bearings going into the wheel hubs. Apart from the front hubs, the WR-02G is no different from any other WR-02 as far as I could tell. The front wheels on the Farm King use a hex fitment, so the front hubs are simpler than the usual WR-02 arrangement. They utilise a standard TL01 knuckle and a slightly longer-than-standard axle and hex, like so: Instead of the stock friction shocks, I used a set of Ansmann alloy oil shocks. These are very good value, but need a bit of prepping prior to fitment. The hard red plastic shaft seals need to be replaced with nice soft Tamiya red O-rings otherwise they leak very easily, and the piston needs to be checked for moulding flash. I went for 55mm shocks rather than the more usual 60mm items in order to lower the CoG a bit. I anticipated that the Farm King bodyshell wouldn't appreciate rollovers, so wanted to reduce their likelyhood as much as possible. This led to a distinct lack of room between the tall rear tyres and the wide rear body mounts, so rear suspension travel had to be curtailed somewhat. This picture shows the area where clearance may become an issue: Another consequence of the large rear tyres is that the standard WR-02 wheelie bar isn't quite long enough to be effective. Tamiya have overcome this by providing four aluminium standoffs and some extra-long screws to attach it. This solution seems to work well: The completed chassis looks like this: I mounted the large front bumper, as while it looks a bit odd, I anticipate that it will be very useful for nudging my wife's buggy out of trouble when it gets stuck on our Geocaching bashes. I also mounted the RX up front, as I am thinking the little bit of extra weight will calm the wheelies a little and make for a more useful tractor. With the chassis complete, I turned my attention back to the bodyshell. Now was the time to put my cunning plan into action regarding the thing from the back end. I flipped it upside-down, trimmed a little off what were now the top front corners, and drilled it to accept a pair of HPI wing mounts that I had in my bits box. I don't think it makes a very good rotovator, but it doesn't look half bad as a wing! After applying the supplied window masks, I set about spraying the main shell, cabin and wing with the yellow PS-6. There was just enough paint in a single can to achieve acceptable coverage. If I was to paint another one, I would either choose a deeper colour, get two cans of paint, or get a can of white or silver to back the yellow with, as a single can doesn't leave any room for error. I think it looks quite good in yellow. I left the paint to dry overnight, and this morning I set about applying the decals. I used many of the ones from the kit, but I am also going to add my custom JCB Fastrac ones when they arrive. With the cabin decals in place, I was able to assemble the shell and bolt the exhausts into place. This is how it looks so far: It isn't quite finished yet. There are the custom decals to come, and I need to finish assembling and painting the driver. I think it is close enough to completion for a test run though, so that is what I'll be doing tomorrow. Should be fun!
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