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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all.I have recently become very interested in the tamiya f chasiss.I like quirky,weird cars and the idea of a fwd rc car really excites me.Was wondering which f chassis is the most fun (and cost friendly).Would want to race at my carpet track one day
  2. Hi all, Have recently returned to the hobby after 25 years or so after my wife bought me a Hornet kit for my recent birthday. Never built my own as a kid - my dad built a Schumacher Cougar for me which I took racing briefly as a young-teen. However, after building the Hornet I'm now hooked and looking at additional purchases to expand the fleet! I definitely have Blackfoot, the mkII Escort and now the newly released mkVI escort on my list for the future, but have just won a fair example of an FF02 Peugeot 306 Maxi WRC on eBay. Chassis seems in reasonable condition by all accounts (don't pick it up until this evening), but the body has seen better days - it has had a fibreglass repair to the front and is in overall 'well-used' condition. Ideally, I'd like to buy a replacement shell that will simply be a straight fit. Not concerned about it being a 306, would be happy to put something else on. I'm a bit of a Ford nut so Focus would be ideal but will consider other nice-looking alternatives (Tamiya or non-Tamiya). I've spent some time trawling through the forum, other sites and the web in general and have only found limited info (mainly old posts). Are any of you experts able to advise of any off-the-shelf and readily-available alternative shells that are a perfect fit for the FF02 chassis? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, new to the forum. I've been wanting a Peugeot 306 Maxi for a long time and finally got one after a bit of drunken eBaying a couple of weeks ago! I have a real 306 race car hence why I particularly wanted the Maxi Here's how it arrived: The link between the servo and the horn is broken so there is quite a lot of play in the steering making it fairly unpredictable to drive! I've stripped down the front end and cleaned it all up. I noticed the chassis has cracked a little around where the top of the shocks bolt on so think I might replace it for peace of mind. I also then lowered the shell as it was sitting too high for my liking: Plans are to fix the steering then set about upgrading bits. I'd like a 19T motor and to replace the speed controller as it's a bit old now. Any advice on what ESC and motor to go for would be great! Once that's done I'll start adding extra hop up bits to make it a bit more fun to drive. Thanks for any help in advance
  4. I've always loved the Peugeot 306 Maxi. It looks great and sounds fantastic! Tamiya's recreation is perfect and I thought how I just had to have one! After searching for a car for a while I found a kit without a body on eBay. From the pictures, the car looked in reasonable condition, but far from mint. It arrived a few days later and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found under all the grime! As soon as I got my hands on it, I took it apart. It was in fantastic condition and looked hardly used. It was as if it was used many years ago a few times, and put on a shelf to collect grime! I added many new parts from my M03 spares box. New Tamiya diff, new Bearings throughout, new shafts from diff to wheel, new steering hubs, new ball joints, new servo saver, new battery trays, new rear hubs, new rear axles to name a few of the parts added to the FF02 chassis. I took out the ugly manual speed controller and added a new TEU-104BK which is definitely more pleasing to the eye! The car also had Acoms radio gear and silver can motor. I noticed that the beautiful Speedline wheels had yellowed, so I plan to replace those in the future. Perhaps with a set from the FF03 Honda Accord Aero-Custom? For the chassis, I obviously needed a body. £65 for a Maxi body on eBay I feel is rather excessive, so I didn't want to pay that! After surfing the Internet, I emailed Stella Models to see if they had one. They managed to find one for me and I payed a far more reasonable price. Fantastic service from Stella Models, and it arrived in just over a week from Hong Kong! Now I just need to get the body painted and the new wheels bought. It should be finished soon, so I will update the thread when it is complete. Expect a lot of photos! Thanks Sam
  5. As above, after a Tamiya FF02 chassis spacer. Thanks, Sam
  6. Hi, I'm after a Tamiya 306 Maxi FF02 Kit (NIB) or a someone's shelf queen. Equally, I will be open to body sheets and cars in reasonable condition. I'm also looking for a NIB Xsara and Focus WRC kit but am still open to good condition built cars and body sets. Thanks for reading, Sam
  7. Posting this up for poolozz as he doesn't come on here that often, you can contact him or me, you will get a faster reply from me but I will need to phone him to discuss any offers. It has box, instructions, radio set, 20t (I think it's 20t) ESC, all ready to go as far as I know. Can't remember if it has bearings, so better assume it has plastic bushings. He did say collection only but I think he will post it at cost. He is looking for £80 or nearest offer.
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