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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys! HISTORY: So the Tamiya DT01 or more specifically Fighter Buggy RX was my first and only ever Tamiya back in the day (so it holds a lot of sentimental value). My goal is to create the ultimate version of the chassis to make it a little more capable, modern and just generally improve it. THE PLAN: At its current state, my Fighter Buggy RC is bone stock and I plan to improve it with general bolt on parts, some 3D printed ones and also some hand made parts too using a 2.5mm carbon sheet. Here is my plan for the build down to the detail; ELECTRONICS: Servo: Yeah Racing Hackgear Low Profile (YE-0033BU) ESC: Tamiya TBLE02 (45057) or Quicrun 1060 Motor: Tamiya Torque Tuned 25T / Dirt Tuned 27T (what would be better?) Pinion: 17T or 19T ? (What do we think would be best for the selected motor and ESC to not over heat?) HARDWARE: Carbon Fibre 2.5mm plate: For front shock tower support brace & upper chassis with permanent servo mount Set of blue Anodised screws (where possible) Set of blue ball connectors (for shock mounting) Set of blue turnbuckles (for steering linkages & servo link) Alloy threaded link pipe (for rear shock tower support brace) WHEELS: Front Tires: Tamiya Rib-Spike 2WD (54896) Rear Tires: Tamiya Square Spike (53084) UPGRADES: Full set of ball bearings: Metal Sealed Front alloy shocks 75mm blue (using kit springs) 300cst oil Rear alloy shocks 95mm blue (using kit springs) 200cst oil 3D printed double wishbone A arms (Multijet Plastic PA12) 3D printed double wishbone shock tower (Multijet Plastic PA12) 3D printed double wishbone C hubs (Multijet Plastic PA12) Front A Arms: Heatshrink mod Jazzrider alloy uprights / steering arms blue T4 Works Alloy blue motor cover My biggest concerns are the 3D printed parts and the material selected, will it be durable enough? I plan on using the DT01 as a light runner on and off track, anyone with 3D printed experience can verify its durablility? Or add anything to the build that I may have missed? Many Thanks,
  2. Hi all, I'm fairly new here and wanted to share what I've been doing with like minded individuals. Recently had to stay back home to look after my mum who has recently undergone surgery (it went well and she's all good) but I decided to dig my old childhood Tamiya and work on it to pass the spare time I had off work. It started off by just giving a fresh paint job but then learnt that I could still get hold of parts and such for it so I went on a mission to refurbish and modernise it. I started by replacing the battery from an old Nickel Metal Hydride that felt like it might catch fire during charging to a new Nickel Cadmiun battery and I tearing out the classic Manual speed control for a new ESC. After I got that all in and tested it and it was working fine I went to do some chassis repairs, I filled in all the points where the shocks/dampers mount with expoy resin, this was due to them all having cracks and splits in them from years of childhood use. Once that had dried I then redrilled the holes in them but instead of returning them be used with self tapping screws, I went with using M3 nuts and bolts to mount the shocks, taking away pressure from the points that had split. After that I went with slight upgrade to the shell by gluing in some spare plastic sheeting to fill window holes, I plan on taking this to the beach and don't want the inside to become a massive sand trap, I also went and replaced the aged antenna tube with a nice new gloss black one. After all that was done I went ahead with doing some upgrading. (Parts listed below) Carson 2wd all terrain tyre set Absima 75mm Aluminium Dampers x2 (front) Absima 95mm Aluminium Dampers x2 (rear) Tamiya RS 540 Torque Tuned Motor WoMart 12mm Hex Paddle Tyre and Wheel 2pc set. (Painted black by myself) After all that was done the last touch was a custom number plate I had made up with my birthday on. (shoutout to eBay seller: dimensionrc). Anyway, let me know what you think and if anyone could suggest any more advanced buggy kits to build that would be great as I really want to get back into this as I had tonnes of fun doing this. Or if anyone could suggest any RC groups or places in Kent (UK) that would also be great.
  3. hey guys - continuing to prune my collection and have several really neat things up on the bay at the moment. links and some pics... http://www.ebay.com/itm/330941634758 http://www.ebay.com/itm/330941642406 http://www.ebay.com/itm/330941649168 http://www.ebay.com/itm/330941656380
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