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Found 3 results

  1. Hi TC folks! This is my first thread on the forum. A quick r/c biography: I admired the Hornet in the late 80's and finally got my first kit, the Madcap in the early 90's. I gave nitro a go with a Thunder Tiger Celica rally car (hated it with a passion), then came back to electric cars with a second Madcap. My last car was on-road, a TA02 upgraded special edition Calsonic Skyline - awesome car, loved it! Sadly my Madcaps are long gone but I still have the TA02 and hope to rebuild it as a runner in the near future - keep an eye out for that thread! I started looking at r/c cars again (+20 years on) when my son was old enough to become interested (a common scenario, I'm sure!) I fell in love with the FJ40 (CC01) probably thanks to my grandfather having one back in the 80's. I did a LOAD of reading of online forums (a little too much perhaps) in anticipation of the build. There is so much info out there on the CC01 chassis. I found @XV Pilot's CC01 Pajero Project thread a great resource and kept coming back to it. I also became addicted to Matteo's Youtube channel - every time I hear that backing music in his videos I reach for my wallet and want to buy another kit or upgrade something....anything. I've been reading these pages for about a year now. What a great community and resource it is! I thought I would share the love and upload a build thread of my FJ40 (CC01) as I learnt a thing or two along the way. Unfortunately I didn't photograph a lot of the initial build but there are already a bunch of CC01 build threads out there. I thought I'd highlight some of the changes and upgrades I've made over the past few months. The plan was to keep it stock and upgrade slowly to appreciate the difference of each modification. From all my reading, the following areas needed some attention: Tyres - stock ones look scale but are way too hard. Steering - the stock plastic steering is pretty crude and develops quite a lot of slop. Suspension - the rear plastic links are fairly soft and interfere with the engagement of the shocks. Motor and pinion - something a bit slower than the stock 540 would give it a more "scale speed" and I heard steel pinions are the way to go. I remember chewing through the aluminium ones on my Madcap and TA02 regularly. Bearings - the first thing I learnt back in the day was to get rid of those plastic bearings and bushings ASAP. Better run times and no slop with wear. Scale accessories - that FJ40 body looks fantastic but I was really looking forward to adding some cool scale accessories. So I took the plunge and picked up the following gear from my local hobby shop: Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 (CC01 chassis) Futaba 3PRKA 3 channel radio. Hitech D645MW servo 4700 NiMH battery Paint for the body (white roof, black fenders and main colour) I ordered the bearing kit online around the same time so I had to slow the build down (rather than use the stock plastic "bearings") and wait for them to arrive. In the meantime I built everything I could that didn't need bearings. It was pretty exciting unpacking another Tamiya kit after all these years....(that smell).... The bearings finally arrived so I got stuck into the build. All wired up and ready for a test run around the house... To be continued.... Next - body trimming, washing, masking, painting and decals!
  2. I have decided to move onto something else R/C wise, so I am selling my 2015 Tamiya Monster Beetle. Its been ran approx 8-10 times at most, but has def been alot of fun. Was built as per the manual, but the diff has been locked (so there is no clicking etc), full bearings were used on the whole chassis in place of the useless plastic bushings, also has carbon fibre battery stays fitted, custom wheelie bar, also included is a used LRP Quantum ESC, Reedy 12x2 KR motor and a standard Steering servo. Also comes with all the small spare parts that were left from the built, spare body mounts etc. Original build manual and original box too, complete with insert. Also comes with a full set of spare diff parts (brand new) and a spare spur gear (brand new). Also included is the Tamiya Land Cruiser FJ40 bodyset I painted and fitted last week to make it more scale like. The black wings/fenders and silver runners on the body were painted using Tamiya X paints on the outside of the body, but in no way detracts from the look. The wheels have been painted gloss black with a silver lip. The tyres are not glued and surprisingly stay on with no issues even with the 12x2 motor powering it. Now the slightly bad points. All of which are on the bodies. 1 - The Monster Beetle body hasn't been painted, the decals were applied and it was laquered, its looks ok for a runner. But the finish has turned very orange peely over time. 2 - The Monster Beetle body has a tiny crack above the side windows (as pictured) and one of the side windows has a crack in it (again pictured) and both mirrors are missing and the wipers are now CA glued in place (as pictured) 3 - The Land Cruiser FJ40 Body has some blemishes on it as I stupidly ran out of metallic red before backing it with silver (as pictured) All in all it would make a great runner, or a good shelf car to add a mint body too as the chassis is in almost mint condition. Due to weight and size I would prefer to post within the UK. Price is £120 posted, or I can split and do just the MB for £100. It will all be very well packed up inside another large box so as not to damage the kit box or anything else. Any questions, or any other pictures needed please feel free to ask. Many thanks James
  3. We went out to explore a new spot..:
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